Fortunes Unfolding

Have you ever had your fortune told?

Though I’m generally a pretty scientifically-minded person, I love the strange and supernatural and I’ve always enjoyed such things even if I don’t truly believe in them. A while back I was fascinated with tarot cards, and after a friend bought me a deck for Christmas I spent a good bit of time trying to learn the ins and outs of them. But even before that I went to a “professional” fortune teller with my mother and a family friend.

Now, I went in with the mindset of having a bit of fun and not really taking her too seriously. She didn’t make it difficult to keep an objective mind; she was an older lady telling fortunes with a deck of playing cards in her older-style kitchen. In other words, she wasn’t terribly believable. But it was still fun.

As part of the experience, I took a portable recorder and taped the session. That recording has been long lost, but recently when I was poking around some old files on my computer I came across the Word file in which I had transcribed my reading. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get around to transcribing my mother’s and the family friend’s, but it was definitely interesting to go back through mine.

So, keeping an objective mind, did anything she foretell come to pass? Well, of course, it’s all in your interpretation, and I really don’t believe in fortune telling at all, but as I read through the transcription I did come across several things that made me raise my eyebrows.

  • In a time when I still lived at home with my parents, she told me that I would soon be living with a close friend, that it would come to an ending very quickly. Less than a year later my best friend and I moved in together with our boyfriends, and less than a year after that my boyfriend and I moved out and found our own place.
  • Long before my future husband and I were ever engaged, she told me that she was seeing two weddings, with lots of stress surrounding them, and a pregnancy shortly following. In the future my cousin and I would both get married two months apart, during a time when my extended family was having a nasty feud, and my cousin got pregnant with her daughter two months after her wedding.
  • She kept insisting that I was eventually going to have to leave Nova Scotia for work, which isn’t exactly an outrageous statement given the state of the economy in Nova Scotia. However, it was the way she worded it all that was interesting. She mentioned that it was “my fella” who would leave first, but that he wouldn’t be gone long. Then she said that there was going to be a lot of distance between us because of my work, and that she could see him being worried about other men while I was away, but that there would be lots of communication, we’d still be together. She also mentioned that when my father popped up in the cards she didn’t see the same distance. My husband was the first one to venture out West for work, but he soon returned when I got the better offer. There’s been plenty of distance between us during my work, and while I’m working I live in camps that are about 85% men (in other words, what husband wouldn’t worry?). I call with Skype every day, of course. And the fact that there was no distance between me and my father? Well he came out West too, eventually, and to the exact same site.

There were other little things as well, little descriptions she gave about people in my life and the like, but these three things were the ones that stood out to me when I read through the transcription. Of course, as I said, all of this is extremely subjective and dependent upon interpretation. I could have lived with a friend in a dorm situation before one of us decided to quit school. If things hadn’t worked out between my husband and I the two weddings could have both been my own with the stress of divorce set between them. And the distance-for-work thing could have gone in any number of directions because everyone leaves Nova Scotia in search of work.

But isn’t it a little fun to think, just for a moment, that maybe she actually got some stuff right?

Maybe I’ll dust off those tarot cards after all…^_~

2 thoughts on “Fortunes Unfolding

  1. I had my fortune read once with tarot cards, and it just so happened that a friend who I was interested in dating went with me and had her fortune read too. It was a freaky experience. I don’t remember what exactly our fortunes were, but we got almost the same cards. I think only one card was different. Shortly afterward, we did end up dating and were together for several years.

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