Night Time Nuisances

Do you ever dream about struggling with a task that you just can’t accomplish?

I have lots of recurring dreams; they’re not necessarily always exactly the same, but certain key points pop up again and again, and one such dream is an exceptionally frustrating inability to get to the dentist’s office.

I’m not sure why it’s always a dentist, but that’s always how the dream starts. I’ll be off somewhere – it doesn’t really matter where – and recall that I have to get to the dentist. There’s always a fairly urgent reason for me to need to make this appointment; sometimes it’s because I’m in horrible pain, sometimes it’s because my teeth keep cracking or falling out, sometimes it’s because I’ve got some kind of dental surgery scheduled. So I’ll rush off to try and make my appointment, but the dentist’s office will not be where I expect it to be, and I’ll spend the rest of the dream panicking, trying to find it before the day ends and the office shuts down.

Does that sound frustrating or just ridiculous? Well, it’s both.

I had one of these such dreams a few nights ago. I started out in a park, spending time with my family, when I suddenly remembered that I had to get to the dentist because I was having a rotten tooth pulled. I didn’t have my car, but I did have a bike, so I hopped on it and took off down the road. In the dream I was riding down the Main Street in the town next to the one I grew up in, but it wasn’t really that street. I believed it was that street, but because dreams like to twist reality, the street was full of buildings that do not exist on the real street. I rode down this street and up again, searching for the building that I was sure was the dentist’s office, but it just wasn’t there. I took out my phone and called the office, explaining that I knew I was late, but that I was on my way and was going to be there any moment. It was only after I hung up that it occurred to me I could have asked for directions, or at least an address, so I tried to call back. That’s when things got really frustrating, because for some reason my phone denied any existence of the call. It was not in the log that usually records every ingoing or outgoing call, and the number itself had somehow erased itself from existence, both in my mind and in the phone. So I tried another method; I searched for the office using Google Maps. This method presented with multiple problems; first my fingers refused to be able to hit the keys properly, misspelling the office’s name over and over again, then Google denied any existence of said office, and finally it kept giving me directions to offices that weren’t even in the same province as me.

When I finally woke up I was actually beating the crap out of my phone, which was daring to try and wake me up with my alarm app and had subsequently earned my half-awake super-enraged ire.

What does a dream like this mean? I’m guessing stress, and feelings of helplessness or inadequacy. Why is it always a dentist appointment? Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

Isn’t the sleeping brain a curious thing?

Do you ever have any recurring dreams? Are they good ones or the kind that make you wake up angry, scared, or frustrated? Are the details always the same or are there just basic points that repeat within a new environment? Please share!

5 thoughts on “Night Time Nuisances

  1. According to rotting teeth symbolizes our anxieties and fears that we may be building up inside us for too long and could be more visible. The part about Google Maps I’m not sure about. Having trouble finding your way? 😀

  2. I have recurring nightmares about getting warnings in the mail that my homework from grade school is way, way overdue. If I don’t turn it in soon, these warnings say, I’ll lose my diplomas and will no longer be eligible to hold my current job.

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