I’ve mentioned many times before that blogging is a community “sport”, and that a big part of being in that community is sharing some love every now and then. The same is true for any community, including the YouTube one. Yes, you heard me say it: YouTube is a community. It’s full of a lot of morons and people being jackasses just for the sake of being jackasses, but there are also lots of awesome people who take care of each other and have lots of fun doing it. With that in mind, today I want to share with you some of my all-time favorite YouTubers.


Plenty of you have probably already heard of Cinnemassacre, and those of you who have probably automatically equate the YouTube channel with the Angry Video Game Nerd. I love the Nerd’s game “reviews” and those videos have definitely skyrocketed Cinnemassacre’s popularity, but the channel is more than just that. I love their newest series – “Board James” – which features over-the-top reviews of old board games, and there’s something strangely amusing to me about the “James and Mike Mondays” feature, in which you simply watch two dudes play and talk about old video games. Long story short: if you’re a gamer, and enjoy a bit of a chuckle, you’ll probably get a kick out of perusing this channel.

The Grumpy Nerd

I don’t know why I (and tons and tons of other people) enjoy “unboxing” and “haul” videos so much, but we do, and one of my favorite people to watch doing these kinds of videos is the Grumpy Nerd. He does subscription boxes and tons of Funko Pop hauls, which I love, and despite referring to himself as “grumpy”, he actually gets adorably super-excited about some stuff, and that excitement is totally contagious.

Coffee Break With Dani

Despite all beliefs to the contrary, I can actually get super-girly at times, and at those times I love watching Dani’s channel. She is so cute and sweet as candy, and she’s also majorly knowledgeable about beauty and fashion. I look to her channel whenever I want to learn how to properly apply makeup, or if I’m just in the mood to listen to someone happily show off their awesome new jewelry. She’s also one of the happiest, most down-to-earth people I’ve ever seen, and that just makes her so easy to love that sometimes I even watch videos for which I have absolutely no interest in the topic, just to listen to her talk.

PixelDan Eardley

Dan is another subscription box fiend, but in addition to unboxing and haul videos he also does a lot of toy and collectible reviews. I really enjoy these reviews because he’s very detailed and gives you a really good idea of just what the item is all about; his videos are a great way to learn about something you might be considering ordering online, so that you have an idea of whether it’s actually a quality product before you go and spend your money on it. Plus, he’s just a really fun, happy guy who has a nerd collection that I would kill for.


I can never figure out how to properly pronounce this girly’s name (or remember how to spell it, for that matter), but she is a super-cutie who I just love to listen to. She does mostly beauty hauls and subscriptions, but she also does lots of excellent tutorials for makeup application. Her channel is definitely another mega-girly one, but I love it because she’s so cute and sweet and just seems like someone I would be able to be good friends with.

So that’s it for me, at least for now. Why not check out some of these channels and see what you think for yourself? And why not share some of your own favorites? I’d love to hear about them!

2 thoughts on “YouTube-a-palooza!

  1. I don’t generally subscribe to anything except FailArmy, which is dumb people doing dumb things.

    Anyway, on a side note… This is the perfect commercial on YouTube for zombie fans. Not sure if it ever ran in Canada.

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