Authors Answer, Consolidated

Most of you probably know that I’m a part of the “Authors Answer” panel over at Jay Dee Archer’s blog, I Read Encyclopedias. Every week 11 authors, including both myself and Jay, answer questions about our process, our experiences, or whatever the readers decide to ask. In the past I’ve reblogged many of these posts here, but I’ve often forgot to as well, given that Jay usually posts our answers at an odd time of day for me (he’s in Japan, while I’m in Canada). To make up for the ones I’ve missed, I’m taking today’s post to link to each of the questions we’ve already answered. I hope you’ll check them out, and don’t forget that there will be an new question and answers tomorrow!

Question 1: If you could design your dream writing studio/office, what would it be like?

Question 2: Is there an author who is often criticized that you love to read? Who is it?

Question 3: How difficult do you find it to write characters who have vastly different beliefs than you?

Question 4: If you could interview any author, who would it be, and what question would you ask?

Question 5: Have you read any foreign language novels, translated or not? What would you recommend?

Question 6: Which mistake or bad habit in writing is the most difficult for you to stop doing?

Question 7: Christmas is coming! In your opinion, what would be the perfect gift for a writer?

Question 8: The New Year is coming soon. What are your plans for 2015 in terms of writing?

Question 9: What are your favourite genres to read?

Question 10: What are your least favourite genres to read?

Question 11: If you were going to write in a genre other than what you normally write, what would you like to try?

Question 12: My daughter’s third birthday is on January 25th. What children’s books did you read when you were a child?

Question 13: Can you recommend an author you enjoy that is not well-known? Why did you choose them?

Question 14: When coming up with a new story, what comes first, the character or the plot?

Question 15: All of us write prose fiction (unless I’m mistaken) in an era that has an astounding variety of storytelling media. Has your writing been significantly influenced by any works of newer media?

Question 16: What are your favorite online resources/websites for writers?

Question 17: What authors, styles or intellectual movements have most influenced your writing?

Question 18: Have you ever wanted to rewrite the ending of another author’s published book? How would you change it?

Question 19: How did you get into writing and what made you select your genre of choice?

Question 20: What element of writing (setting, characterization, plot development, etc.) do you find most challenging?

Question 21: What is your ultimate goal with your writing?  Fame, fortune, changing the world?

Question 22: Barring a zombie apocalypse, is there anything that could make you stop writing?

Question 23: What is your favourite point of view and tense to write in? Why?

Question 24: How important is it to you to continue learning and brushing up on basic skills such as grammar? For instance, would you pay to take a course?

Question 25: Would you rather write one book that’s hugely popular or many books with little recognition?

Question 26: If you could date any fictional character, who would you date?

Question 27: Do you think there are any books that have changed history?

Question 28: Vanity Publishing? Indie Publishing? Self Publishing? Traditional Publishing? Author Publishing? What is the difference? What do you recommend?

Question 29: How do adult authors write from the point of view of children/teenagers so well?

Question 30: What do you think of fan fiction as a writing medium? Do you think it has credibility despite the subject matter?

Question 31: What is your current work in progress? What’s it about?

Question 32: Do you write about any controversial topics?

Question 33: Can you briefly describe your writing process?

Question 34: What software do you recommend for writing books?

Question 35: How do you feel about movie novelizations?

Question 36: How do you deal with sex in your writing?

Question 37: Do you use beta readers? How many?

Question 38: It’s summer, so what’s on your summer reading list?

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