Big Girl School: A New Chapter

It’s the big day, the day I’ve known was coming for a long time. Since the day my tiny little baby daughter was born I knew that one day I’d blink and she’d be staring school. Today is a big deal.

Except that it actually isn’t a big deal, not really. After all, the little missy already had a year of kindergarten (pre-school, to some of you). She was a little nervous on that first day, but she loved it, learned lots, and had tons of fun. Then came “orientation day” last June, during which the kindergarteners got introduced to the future of grade primary that laid ahead for them. She was super-nervous that day (I was out West, but my understanding is that she bawled her eyes out), but she had tons of fun again and didn’t want to leave at the end of the day. Since then she’s been bouncy as a jumping bean about the prospect of starting “big girl school”.

And today is the day. My husband and I just dropped our little girl off to her school, where she ran down the hall and showed us her classroom, excited to show us the “castle” where the books live and the big dollhouses and the blocks. She was sure to let her teacher know that her name has two ‘n’s, thank you very much, and she helped us pile all of her stuff into her new desk.

And then she hugged us and kissed us and said good-bye. Not a tear to be seen.

My big girl is tougher than I was on my first day of “big girl school”. But then, my big girl is tougher than me at pretty much everything. ^_^

Proud as a peacock and tough as nails. <3
Proud as a peacock and tough as nails. ❤

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