“She’s Lost Everything” – A Flash Fiction Friday Post

Flash Fiction FridaysNote: The following is a tiny piece of flash fiction featuring a scene from the background story of The Other World: Book One. This part of the story does not actually occur as a scene in the book, but I thought it would be interesting to write. Enjoy!

There was no white light, no choir singing for her to join them in eternity. There was no gentle crossing over into another, more simple existence.

There was noise and confusion and pain.

Her body screamed and her mind wept; it wanted to shut down, to drift away and relieve her of this misery, but something inside her struggled to find its way back to reality. She grasped for her name, desperate to maintain herself in this sea of shrieking, burning horror, but it was just outside her grasp. Vi-? Victor? Victoria.

She could hear the way her mother’s voice had enunciated the name and she let out a horrible cry.

She thought she was in a hospital now. It was so bright and white, and so very, very loud. There were people all around her, poking and prodding, sticking her skin with needles and splinting her bones back together. The sounds were terrifying. She thought she should have been unconscious for all this. Why, oh why wasn’t she unconscious for all this?

“Heart rate rising,” said one voice.

“I need a hand here now!” cried another one.

Machines beeped and whirred as the people worked. She listened to them and wanted to scream because she didn’t understand what was happening, where she was, or where she was headed.

But yes, you do, said a little voice in the back of her mind. You remember the blood, the crying. You remember your parents rushing you into the car. You remember the headlights of the transfer truck and the shattering of glass. You remember-

“The baby…” whispered a sad voice, muffled through a medical mask. For a second that voice was the only sound Victoria could hear. “The poor girl…she’s lost everything now.”

And then all was chaos again, and she couldn’t struggle against the tide any longer. She felt herself sink deep, deep down, and truly prayed that she would never break the surface again.


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