NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenge #2: “The Intermediaries”

So, I was going to wait until “Flash Fiction Friday” to make this post, but, well, I don’t want to! We just got our confirmation e-mails that our Challenge #2 stories into the Flash Fiction Challenge have been accepted, which means that we can officially share our stories with the world and, more specifically, each other. Woo! (Also, *cough cough*, even though I’m posting this late Tuesday night, please consider it to be Wednesday’s blog post *cough cough*.)

So, my first challenge was a little difficult, requiring me to write an action/adventure story set in a sewer, while incorporating a canteen somewhere. That challenge wound up getting me 10 points (out of a possible 15), so I was pretty happy and you can read that story here if you’d like.

This challenge was a complete change-up. The genre was “ghost story”, the setting was “a school bus”, and somewhere in the story I was required to incorporate “a dirty bag of laundry”.

Honestly? I pretty much had the idea figured out right away, but it was surprisingly difficult to stick to the 1000 word limit! With the first challenge I just had to trim a little, but this story required some major hacking and rewriting, so I hope I managed to keep the overall story in one piece!

Anyway, without further ado, please enjoy “The Intermediaries”…

This story has been removed and is now an exclusive gift for supporters of my “Buy Me a Coffee” page. 

4 thoughts on “NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenge #2: “The Intermediaries”

  1. Oooh, I love what you did there! That was fantastic! Nothing like a few evil ghosts to help you change your mind 🙂 Great story. You better get more than 10 points for this one!

    • Thanks! Reading some of the other stories from my group I’m thinking that I might actually get significantly fewer points than the last one, but there’s no sense worrying about it yet since the results don’t come until late October!

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