Arcade Block Unboxing and Review for September 2015

Here comes my second unboxing and review for September, and this one is my third Arcade Block. I had my fingers crossed for this one because they kept hyping it up as a special box for “The Legend of Zelda”‘s anniversary. It did have a couple of decent items in it, but it also had…well, you’ll see when you watch the video:

If you watched the video, you now understand. If you didn’t watch the video, well, you’ll figure it out soon in the breakdown…

“Boo” plushie:
The first item in the Arcade Block was truly adorable. It was this cute little stuffed “Boo” ghost from the Super Mario franchise. He’s a decent size and is sticking out his tongue in true Boo fashion, and he’s just all around pretty great. The two options for this item were “Boo” or a “Goomba”, and I’m glad I got Boo because I’ve actually already got a big Goomba and a Paragoomba. In other words, this little guy goes great with my collection! You can get your very own little stuffed Boo on a number of websites, including Amazon, for approximately $10.

“Wind Waker” t-shirt:
I’m on the fence about the t-shirt that was included in this Block. On the plus side, it’s a “Zelda” shirt, so that’s nice. On the negative side, it’s one of my least favorite Zelda games. Don’t get me wrong; “Wind Waker” was different and cute, but it just wasn’t one of my favorites. I would have preferred something from “A Link to the Past” or “Ocarina of Time”, or maybe even something from the very first original “Zelda” game. That said, the shirt is still acceptable, and I’ll still wear it. Standard value of $15 for this one.

“Cucco” Springz Dashboard Accessory:
Okay, this is kinda funny. I kept using the word “chicken” in my video, but what this is actually called is a “Cucco”, and it’s one of the chicken-like creatures from the “Zelda” universe. In several of the games if you’re crazy enough to attack these cuccos a number of times, they’ll team up and attack you right back, usually slaughtering you miserably. It’s a funny little dashboard accessory, but as I said in the video it’s a little bit dumb because as soon as you take it out of the box and out of the context it just looks like a chicken sitting in your car. This item also seems to be an exclusive, so it’s hard to put a value on, but the average price of similar items I can find is $10, so we’ll go with that.

“Hyrulean Shield” keychain:
This one is pretty cool, although my keys are pretty damn crowded at this point so I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit it on. It’s a silver keychain accessory in the design of Link’s shield from the “Zelda” series, and it’s not too bad looking at all, to be honest. I’m pretty okay with this item; I just don’t know where I’m going to put it since my keys take up half my purse already. This is supposed to be another exclusive item, but I’ve been finding keychains online that appear to be identical, so I don’t know what’s up with that. Those keychains retail for an average of $6, so that’s what I’m giving this item.

“Galak-Z” 7-inch record:
And here it is: the item that made my head explode. Right off the bat, I’ve never heard of this game, so I can’t really comment on that, but when I figured out that this music collection is actually a record I seriously almost had a breakdown. Two months in a row I was complaining that Arcade Block keeps sending CDs, a medium that is pretty rapidly dying out, and now all of a sudden…RECORD. This is a very niche item. There are definitely people out there who love records and collect them, but the chances that many Arcade Block subscribers both love records and are into this video game…they just don’t seem very good. To make it even more ridiculous, Arcade Block included a coupon code for 15% off a turntable at Crosley. Basically, they’re admitting that there is a better-than-excellent chance that you don’t have the equipment required to actually listen to this thing, so they gave us a code so that we can go buy said equipment. Guys, seriously, if I have to go buy something to be able to use the item, it’s kind of a horrible item.
I don’t even know what kind of value to assign to this because it’s exclusive AND it’s a freakin’ record. So, I’m just going to go with my gut and say $5. The 15% code adds a few more bucks, but I refuse to count it as value in the box because it’s something I would have to pay a ton of money for in order to make use of said value (the cheapest turntable on the site is about $90, before tax and shipping).

“Master Sword” canvas print:
I wasn’t terribly impressed when I first saw this item, but it’s actually grown on me. It’s a canvas print of a very minimalist portrait in which Link is standing in the forest, pulling the Master Sword from the Triforce-adorned stone. The reason I wasn’t impressed at first is because it’s so minimalist that at first glance you wouldn’t even really notice what it was. But I actually do like it, and I think it’ll look pretty nice next to some other nerdy pictures down in our geek room (once we get it all finished up). It’s a print from Russ Moore, and it’s another Arcade Block exclusive, so it’s hard to put a value on, but based on similar items (and working with the fact that those items are generally larger in size), I’d wager the value at approximately $15.

Total approximate value of box: $61
Total approximate cost to me: $41

So right off the bat, the value is there for this particular box, although as usual I have to say that a good part of that value comes from things that I would never, personally, pay that much money for. The “Cucco”, for instance, is pretty funny, but since it’s just a chicken once it’s out of the box I would definitely never waste $10 on it. So, okay, the value is technically there, but my personal assessment of the value isn’t that great.

The items themselves I’m up and down on. Five out of the six items were exclusives, which sounds pretty awesome, but are they really exclusives? As I mentioned, I found keychains online that look identical to this one, so it makes me wonder about some of the other items as well. The best item, in my opinion, was the only one that isn’t exclusive: the stuffed “Boo”. He’s definitely adorable. And the worst item? Obviously the record. I mean…seriously, what the hell? As one of my YouTube viewers commented: “They’ll be sending you an 8-track tape next!”

All in all, I give this box a hesitant one-thumb-up. There were three nice items, an okay t-shirt, one funny-but-ultimately-kind-of-dumb item, and one brain explosion that I may never get over. It was definitely a better box than the first one I received, and probably about on par with last month’s. At least they stuck pretty closely to their “Zelda Anniversary” theme, but there’s just absolutely no excuse for the record. šŸ˜›

So what did you guys think of September’s Arcade Block? If you got one of your own, did you get a Boo or a Goomba? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? Please share!

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