Well…That’s That (Writing Contest Updates)

Some time very early this morning the results of the second part of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge were announced. I was excited to see the results, but disappointed when I actually saw them. You’ll remember that I recieved ten points for my first story (out of a max of fifteen), but my second story only got me three points, which unfortunately was not enough for me to move on to the next round.


I’m really quite disappointed because I was enjoying the challenge, but also not surprised as I knew my second story wasn’t as good as the first one. I was really really hoping when I opened the website this morning…but I guess “them’s the breaks”. Congrats and good luck to everyone who gets to move on to round 2!

So that’s one disappointment, but just wait, there’s another. I also just recently got a notification from the Writers Digest Self-Published Book contest letting me know that I was not, in fact, amongst the winner’s circle. I wasn’t expecting much from that particular contest as I was up against possible thousands of authors, but two failures on top of each other kinda really sucks, you know?

So that’s that…time to go lick my wounds. How’s your day going? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Well…That’s That (Writing Contest Updates)

  1. I feel like writing consists of getting a bajillion no’s before getting a yes. Each failure is a chance to analyze our work, revise and improve, and then try again.
    I think it was brave of you to even try.

  2. What Eric said!

    As for me, my sister just left to go back to Canada today. It was 2 weeks, but it went by too quickly. Oh well, just a bit over 5 months until we go to Canada. The thing I hate is having to look for a job. And trying to decide which books to throw away. Ugh.

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