NaNo Ahoy! (And a Reminder for November’s Posts and “Goals Review”)

NaNo-2015-Participant-BannerAhoy fellow writers (and lovely readers)! It’s November 2nd, which means that NaNoWriMo 2015 is on it’s way! November 1st is always a bit difficult for me because we do Halloween pretty big in my family, and we also usually go out shopping and scouring for discounted Halloween stuff the next day… BUT, I did managed to write almost 1700 words last night, which puts me right on track for the beginning of the challenge! Hopefully I can get a little bit ahead today and we’ll really be rolling!

But the real reason for this post is to remind you all that I plan to take it easy on the blog this month. The point, of course, is mainly to be able to focus on NaNo, because life is busy and I do hope to actually complete the challenge this year. So the first post I’ll be skipping is my monthly goals review post. I’ll just tell you quickly that I haven’t been taking very good care of myself, and that I wrote 11,161 words in October. BAM, you’re updated. XD

There won’t, however, be NO activity on the blog this month. I do still plan to do the Insecure Writers Support Group post this Wednesday, and I will be doing “unboxing and review” posts throughout the month to coordinate with YouTube videos that I’ll hopefully be posting over the next couple of weeks…I have a ton of unboxings to do this month, so I can’t possibly let those slide while I’m doing NaNo.

But that’s it! Other than that it’s all about the writing! So with that in mind, leave me alone you guys! I need to be writing! D:

8 thoughts on “NaNo Ahoy! (And a Reminder for November’s Posts and “Goals Review”)

      • Erotic fairytales? Is that you?! Not that I have anything against erotic fairytales – I actually think that’s pretty cool – but I was certain I had the wrong person before I read the bio. I didn’t think you wrote that kind of stuff!

        • Ha ha ha… Yeah, that’s me. XD I do tend to write more PC kind of stuff, but I do love to write a good love/sex scene, and so I thought I’d give the erotic genre a try. I read somewhere that one of the rules of erotic fiction is to find a genre you can write well and stick with it, so I thought…hey, fairy tales…I could do that. XD

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