When it Rains, it Pours, but, You Know…Rainbows and All That (An IWSG Post)

IWSG badgeThis post is going up a lot later in the day that I usually put up my posts, and that’s very in tune with the sort of time I’ve been having lately. Let’s go through a quick list, shall we?

  • Around the middle of September I had to suck it up and purchase a new vehicle. It wasn’t because the old one had crapped out on me, but rather because my daughter started school. Because of my work schedule (two weeks on the other side of the country, then two weeks home) and the fact that all my flights leave at “you’ve got to be kidding” o’clock in the morning, we became in need of two vehicles so that my daughter wouldn’t miss school every single time I flew. So that was the starting point…handing over fistfuls of cash for a very large purchase.
  • Around the same time we bought the new car, I had started working on my daughter’s Halloween costume, which I make myself every year. But because, again, of my work schedule, I was not able to finish back then and had to go two weeks (16 days when you count the days of flight) without being able to work on it…keep this in mind for a few moments.
  • Then, while I was on shift at work, our washing machine crapped out completely. My husband tried his best to get it up and running again, but it turned out that the required part was the most expensive one, making it pretty much pointless. And since our dryer was just as old as the washer, it didn’t make a lot of sense to get just a washing machine and then just be waiting for the dryer to die…so we ended up buying a brand new washer and dryer set, and although it’s not like we couldn’t afford it, it always sucks to have to make purchases like that so suddenly.
  • So I got home, and I had precisely four days to finish my daughter’s costume, along with helping my husband go crazy decorating the house, because we do Halloween right in this family. It was an extremely busy few days, which is always a little stressful.
  • Of course, after Halloween we did our traditional drive around to look for discounted candy, costumes, and decorations…and while we were out a big truck flung a rock at our windshield, putting an enormous crack in it. We were driving the brand new car. To make matters even worse, my insurance deductible is enormous, so it actually cost less to pay for it out of pocket, and it hasn’t even been fixed yet because the part that Speedy ordered arrived damaged.
  • So now I’ve only got a few more days before I head back out to work, and once I come home again it’s not only my daughter’s birthday, but I’ve got to get all of the Christmas stuff done in those two weeks because the next time I’ll be home after that won’t be until December 19th.

The point of all this? Just that this is a stressful time of the year for me, and it’s not going to be over for quite a while yet.

The upside? Well, there’s always writing.

This time of year – specifically, November – is National Novel Writing Month, and even when I’m stressed out and busier than I can possibly deal with, I always have fun during National Novel Writing Month.

This year I’m doing something purely for fun, not worrying about epic plots or anything like that. I’m writing a series of short, erotic stories based on fairy- and folk-tales. It’s silly, strange, probably reads like the worst drivel you can imagine, and it’s a ton of fun. In fact, I’ve written almost as much in the past four days as I wrote during all of October.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember when you’re trying to create a masterpiece, but writing should be fun. It should be relaxing, and a release from reality, and you should enjoy doing it. So maybe, just maybe, when things are getting out of control and it feels like your brain is about to explode, maybe you should just sit down and write some really raunchy sex scenes.

Or, you know, whatever kinds of scenes are fun for you to write. XD

And with that said, it’s time to get back to my dirty scenes…and I’m telling all of you fellow IWSG writers to do the same! Get out there and write whatever makes you happy! Do it now! ^_^

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