Horror Block Unboxing and Review for October 2015

So, as I mentioned in my Nerd Block unboxing, in addition to my resubscribing to Nerd Block for a month for the vinyl figures, my husband thought it would be a good idea to resubscribe to Horror Block for a month because they were advertising a “Friday the 13th” item. My husband is an enormous horror nerd and “Friday the 13th” is one of his absolute favorite franchises, so I thought, “Why not?” and we gave it a try.

Check out the (not-so-)spooky unboxing video:

So was he happy with the “Friday the 13th” item, and was the rest of the box worth getting? Let’s go to the breakdown:

“Jason Voorhees/Camp Crystal Lake” t-shirt:
Unsurprisingly (call me jaded) the item that my husband was looking for turned out to be the t-shirt. I don’t think he was necessarily disappointed because it does happen to be a half-decent shirt, but I’m pretty sure he was hoping it would be a collectible of some kind. Still, the design is pretty cool, so it’s not like it’s a loss, and I’m pretty certain that he’ll wear it. Approximate value: $15

“Chucky” plush doll:
Though they’re not as cool as vinyls (call me biased), but plush character collectibles are pretty cool too. This “Chucky” one kinda freaks me out a little, but I guess that’s actually the point, right? I’m sure that my husband, being the horror nerd, won’t mind having this little guy sitting up on the shelves with his other horror figures. Or maybe I’ll steal him and sit him next to my Chucky Funko Pop. Bwa ha ha. Approximate value: $20

Argento’s “Dracula” on DVD:
As I mentioned in the video, I’m not against putting movies in these boxes, but I’m just a bit against DVDs. I’m sure lots of people who got this in their Horror Block will probably be quite happy with it, but I would have been much happy with a Blu-ray, simply because that’s what we watch, when we watch physical media at all. I suppose it can go on the shelf with all the other horror movies (we do have a rather large collection of both crap and not crap), but I just wasn’t particularly impressed with this item, sorry! Approximate value: it depends on where you look, but I found it as low as $10

“Ouija Board” mouse pad:
My feelings are mixed on this because on the one hand it’s a pretty cute idea, but on the other hand it’s a mouse pad. As I mentioned in the video my husband and I both have laptops and neither of us use anything other than the pad right on those laptops, so we have absolutely no use for a mouse pad, and this is not the first one we’ve gotten in a subscription box. Meh, maybe I’ll stick it to the wall above my horror Pops or something. Approximate value: the prices I’ve seen vary wildly, so I’m averaging it out at about $5.

“Zombies” mini-poster:
First, I’ll say that I appreciate that this is a poster-board poster rather than a loose paper one. Just throwing that out there; I prefer the board posters. Secondly, this is a fairly neat one, full of all kinds of pop-culture zombie figures from many different walks of…after-life. Was that too silly? Anyway, moving on. This isn’t a bad little poster. It doesn’t add much to the value of the box, of course, but it’s definitely an interesting idea. Approximate value: it’s hard to put a value on these prints, and I’ve seen people value them much higher, but I feel like the absolute best I can do is $5 since it’s just a printed sheet of 8×10 poster board.

Rue Morgue’s “Cryptic Collectibles” book:
Even though I’m not into the magazines, I actually rather enjoy these Rue Morgue books that we’ve gotten in a number of Horror Blocks. They’re always full of interesting facts, stories, and so on, and this one is really quite amusing because it’s full of horror collectibles. I’m sure my husband will probably take a good look through it and come up with a list of things he wants, although I don’t know if the collectibles in this book are really attainable. Either way, it should be an interesting read! Approximate value: $15

Approximate value of box: $70
Approximate cost to me: $40

So what’s interesting right off the bat is that even with me low-balling the mouse pad, taking the lowest value I saw for the DVD, and valuing the mini-poster much lower than most people I’ve seen, this box still had the highest overall value of any other Horror Block I’ve gotten. I’m not 100% positive, but I think it may have been the highest value for any Nerd Block family box I’ve ever gotten. That’s pretty interesting. Mind you, I do feel like some of the items aren’t worth what their market value is…the Chucky doll, for instance, is cool, but given the size of it I don’t feel that it’s worth $20. That said, it’s definitely nice to see that number be so high, because it makes me feel a heck of a lot better about what I’m spending on the box.

All in all, it’s a pretty decent box, and I’m not upset that my husband decided to get it. Between the shirt, the Chucky doll, and the Rue Morgue book I definitely think the box was worth the price, with the other items just being interesting little add-ins. I’ve no major complaints, although I do still wish the DVD had been a Blu-ray, but that’s a picky thing I think. I guess I have to admit that Horror Block did a good job on the October box. If I sound hesitant to say that, it’s because I am…because when they actually do a good job it makes me sad that I’ve decided not to subscribe full-time anymore. 😛

And that’s that. What did you guys think? Did you pick up a Horror Block for October? What did you think of the Chucky doll…pretty creepy, right? Is there anything in the book that you’d love to have? Where are you going to hang your zombie poster? Please share!

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