My “Funko Mystery Box” Experience at GameStop


Okay, so for those of you who didn’t know, GameStop (EB Games in Canada) had a special going on this Black Friday with Funko. There were a bunch of special “Funko Mystery Boxes” made just for the occasion, and inside there was a number of Funko items. Each box contained two random ReAction figures, one random Pocket Pop keychain, one random Pop pin, and one random exclusive Funko Pop. The Pops in question were black versions of Batman, Batgirl, Superman, the Fallout Power Armor, and ClapTrap, with a 1 in 8 chance of actually getting a GOLD version of one of these five figures.

I was excited about this. I really was. We have to drive over an hour and a half to get to an EB Games, but we got up early and ran out to try to be the first in line to get some of them. I wasn’t first in line, but I did get a bunch; all in all my husband and I left with 15 boxes, confident that we would get at least one of each of the possible black figures.

That’s not how things went.

I was super excited when we first started opening the boxes because I was lucky enough that the very first box contained a gold version of the Batman Pop, and if I was going to get any gold ones, that would be the one for me to get. The second and third boxes were pretty good too, as I got a black Superman and a black Power Armor. Not bad! Then it all went downhill. In the remainder of the boxes there were nothing but Superman and Power Armour. All in all we ended up with FIVE Power Armor Pops and NINE freakin’ Superman Pops. Not to mention I only got two different pins between the fifteen boxes, about 8 or 9 of a particular ReAction figure, and multiple doubles of the keychains.

And as it turns out, it doesn’t sound like it was just bad luck. There are stories popping up all over the place about how much of a failure this program really was. People in other parts of the country are saying they bought as many boxes as me but got all ClapTraps or all Batmans, so clearly the boxes were not at ALL randomized when sent out to stores. But to make matters even worse, there are lots of reports coming in of boxes with the stickers falling off, or bent at the top (there were no side-flaps, so bowing the top of the box would allow you to see what is inside) so it is highly suspected that store employees were breaking in to the boxes and swapping out for the ones they personally wanted. There was even one reported case of a guy who bought a box and got a Bill Compton Pop, which you may recognize as NOT ONE OF THE POPS THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THERE.

So all in all, as you may be able to tell from my tone, I am highly displeased with the entire situation. I’m very very happy that I ended up with a gold Batman, but I’m disgusted that I bought fifteen of these freakin’ boxes and didn’t even get the five basic options.

So the moral of the story, I guess, is don’t be an avid collector because you’ll get screwed over? That’s pretty horrible, but it’s kinda how I feel at the moment.

So to close off this post of anger and despair, here’s a couple of photos of the Pops that I have buttloads of extras of. (Excuse the purple text; it’s there for a reason…lol) I’m looking to trade for the two Pops I didn’t get (Batgirl and ClapTrap) or possibly sell off some of the extras, so if anyone is interested, please contact me! Together maybe we can make this whole thing not such a gong-show. >.>



4 thoughts on “My “Funko Mystery Box” Experience at GameStop

    • No joke, eh? I mean, I was super happy to have gotten the golden Batman, and I’m happy to have the Superman and Power Armor too, but the amount of money I spent to get those three things…. I felt like a bit of an ass. I’m feeling a little better now because I managed to find trades to complete the black collection, but it was still, undoubtedly, a major waste of money.

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