Collector Corps “Guardians of the Galaxy” Unboxing and Review

If you guys watch my unboxing videos or read these review posts, you know that I’ve been calling “Collector Corps” my absolute favorite subscription box for a while now. It combines two of my things – Marvel and Funko – and I’ve never personally experienced any of the issues that other people have (like shipping problems and broken contents), so I’ve been more than happy with the service in general.

Then I started hearing stories about this particular box…nothing specific, just about how people were not impressed at all, and I began to wonder how it could possibly be that bad. So let’s go ahead and check it out together, shall we?

“Collector Corps” patch and pin:
As usual, these are the little box-specific collectibles that come in every Collector Corps. They’re always cute – this time the patch features Rocket and the pin features Groot – but not worth spending a lot of time talking about.
Approximate value: $5 for the patch, $2 for the pin

“Guardians of Infinity” comic with variant cover:
Every box includes a comic that relates to the theme of the box and has a variant cover of some kind, and as a side note I’d like to know what people are thinking about these variant covers, which more often than not feature the characters of the comic in Funko Pop form. I personally think they’re cute, but I can see how some comic collectors would dislike them. This particular comic features a chibi-Rocket decorating a chibi-Groot, and in retrospect I think that would make a really adorable Christmas decoration if it was a little statue of some kind.
Approximate value: $6

“Guardians of the Galaxy” scarf:
I know I was doing a bad job of hiding my disappointment with the fact that there was no shirt in this box, but I do, honestly, like the scarf. It was definitely a cute idea for an item for the Christmas box, and it’ll keep me nice and toasty once the really cold weather starts. I especially like the long, potted Groot on the one side.
Approximate value: this item is exclusive to the box, so I have to go with something based on the price of other scarfs…we’ll say about $15

“Star Lord” Funko Home mug:
Again, this is cute, but I just really don’t have the room to add any more enormous mugs to my collection. In fact, there are mugs I’ve gotten in other boxes that aren’t in my collection right now for that very reason. Also, as a side note, I don’t really consider the “Funko Home” stuff to be “collectibles”. They’re the kind of thing that a specific kind of person buys for themselves, whereas the people subscribing to this box are looking for collectibles. That’s just my opinion.
Approximate value: $10

“Rocket and Groot” Bobblers tree ornaments:
And finally, as I said in the video, these guys are super-cute and I do like them, but they lose points because they are NOT an exclusive Funko Pop. I do think my daughter will get a huge kick out of adding them to her tree, and they were definitely an adorable idea for an item for the Christmas-time box, but I just can’t accept the fact that they chose to not put in an exclusive Pop in favor of these two little mini-figures.
Approximate value: again, they’re exclusive, and there really isn’t anything like them for sale, so I’m guessing approximately $20…$10 per mini-fig

Approximate total value of box: $58
Approximate total cost to me: $39

So there are a couple of things to consider with this box. One thing is that although the value is pretty much on par with the other boxes we’ve gotten, this box was advertised such that I was expecting more. They kept repeating how it was the “biggest box ever” and all this nonsense, and the truth is that yes, the box itself was the biggest yet, but it didn’t have any more in it than any other box. Plus, to be honest, if you really look at the box and everything that was in it…the box didn’t actually need to be that big. They could have fit everything into a smaller box. So yeah, the whole “biggest box ever” thing feels like total BS for multiple reasons.

Second, as I mentioned several times in the video, is the fact that there was neither a shirt nor an exclusive Funko Pop in this box, which are the two things that everyone expects. Many, many people were very disappointed by this, and I’m definitely one of them. When push comes to shove I could do without one shirt, but the exclusive Pop is the main reason I subscribe to this service, and they chose not to give us one this time, which is extremely frustrating.

Then there’s the mug…as I’ve already said above, this is not a collectible, which is what subscribers are looking for. People who subscribe to this box want stuff they can put on a shelf, not housewares. And on that note, I just want to throw out there that I am not at all a fan of the “Funko Home” stuff. I could deal with the shirts because I do think some of them are really cute, but the “Home” stuff just feels like they’re pushing Pop-looking junk on us to try and cash in even more on an already-saturated craze.

So that’s my opinion. The stuff in the box was cute, but not what we’ve come to expect from a Collector Corps box, and although my daughter seems to really like the little Rocket and Groot decorations, I am not at all impressed that Collector Corps sacrificed an exclusive Pop in order to include these. For shame.

What did you guys think? Was this box a hit or a miss? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? What do you think of the fact that there was neither a shirt nor a Pop? Please share!

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