Reading Challenges Ahoy: A Novel Suggestion

New years are always a time for resolutions, goals, and (sometimes overly-)enthusiastic plans to get stuff done. One of the most popular of these types of enterprises that I’ve been seeing all over the internet the past few days is the “reading challenge”. There’s no particular set one that everyone seems to be jumping on, but rather a number of them floating around in tweets and Facebook status updates. Some people are making reading lists on Goodreads, some are making blanket goals to read x-number of books in 2016, and yet others are adhering to cute little lists designed to encourage you to read a variety of different kinds of books throughout the year.

I personally like this one because of the implications of “a book you SHOULD have read in school”.

But regardless of which challenge you choose to take up (should you choose to do so), the hardest part of these kinds of challenges can be figuring out which books to read. That’s why I’m here today to offer a (somewhat self-promoting) solution! Does your list require a horror book? A self-published book? A book written by someone you know? A book with monsters in it? A relatively new book? A book, perhaps, about the end of the world? Then why not add “Nowhere to Hide” to that list? πŸ˜€

Click on the link in the sidebar of this blog (hint: it’s the one that looks like the cover of the book) and you’ll be brought to an Amazon page where you can even sample the first chapter-and-a-half of the book for free! “Nowhere to Hide” is also enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program, so if you’re a subscriber you can download the entire book for free with your subscription!

Check it out, because if you’re going to take part in a reading challenge, why not support your local indie author in the process, right? Right. ^_~

Don’t forget to rate and review once you’ve had a chance to read it! Everyone who does so is added to a list of my favorite people ever. XD

Are you taking up a reading challenge for 2016? Do you plan to add “Nowhere to Hide” to your list? Which other books are you planning to read? Please share!

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