For Every Question There is an Answer

Memoir Mondays

Given the exact definition of the word “Memoir”, “Memoir Mondays” might not be a perfect description to use for the day of the week when I just talk about myself and my life in general. By definition, a memoir is supposed to be a written record of events, from the point of view of someone who has intimate knowledge of them based on personal experience. Thus, sometimes what I write on Mondays could be considered a memoir (reliving an awesome moment in my past, for example), and sometimes what I write doesn’t truly fit the bill (talking about my opinions on society in general, for instance, rather than talking about a specific event).

So why am I sharing this tidbit of definitive information? Well, mainly because what I’m about to share doesn’t really fall under the right category, but I don’t care. “Memoir Mondays” for me are just days to talk about me, so there. 😛

So today, instead of rambling on in text, I thought I’d share a video I recently posted on YouTube in which I ramble on in my actual voice.

In January I asked my YouTube followers for questions, and this past week I finally posted the answers. They asked me about my collectibles, certain fandoms, my writing, opinions on a number of things, and one saucy little devil asked me where I found my “wonderful and loving” husband. I had a lot of fun answering said questions, so I figured why not share it with you guys today so you can actually listen to my nonsense for a change. 🙂 Enjoy!

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