Marvel Collector Corps “Deadpool” Unboxing and Review

Yay, Deadpool! You guys might not realize this as much as my YouTube subscribers, but I’m a pretty huge fan of Deadpool, and I’m also a pretty huge fan of the Marvel Collector Corps subscription box, therefore I was super excited when I first found out that MCC was going to be doing a Deadpool box. 100% Deadpool, curated by Funko? Hells yeah!

And before I even got the box I was hearing so many good things…my subscribers were teasing me, telling me how awesome it was and how they couldn’t wait to see me open it, my husband (who opened it while I was at work) was telling me that it was the best MCC box ever, and my fellow YouTubers were making their own unboxing videos with titles like, “AWESOME DEADPOOL BOX!” It almost killed me, it really did. So, of course, when I got home from my shift it was the first thing that I decided to film.

BOOM! Deadpool-gasm. Breakdown time!

“Deadpool” pin and patch:
As always, the little patch and pin come attached to the inner flap and commemorate the theme of the box. The pin has a bit of a raise-eyed, cocky-looking Deadpool, and the patch has a more “I’m about to stab you in the face”-looking Deadpool. Cute little things to start the box off with.
Approximate value: $2 for the pin, $5 for the patch

“Inverse Deadpool” Funko Pop t-shirt:
There were four different possible shirts to get, all the same design but in different colors. I got the “inverse” one that has Deadpool’s colors reversed, whereas you could have also gotten original Deadpool, yellow-and-blue Deadpool, or X-Force-coloring Deadpool. I would have been okay with any of them, but I am kinda glad I didn’t get the yellow-and-blue one because I just don’t think the design looks as nice with those colors. Anyway, long story short, it’s a cute design, nothing terribly special, but I’ll definitely wear it.
Approximate value: $15

Variant cover #001 “Deadpool” comic:
As with the patch, pin, and shirt, every Collector Corps box comes with a comic related to the theme, with a variant cover that is usually designed to reflect Funko products. This one features Deadpool with a ripped mask, standing atop a mountain of chimichangas and tacos, which is just too perfect.
Approximate value: $6

“Inverse Deadpool” Mopeez plush:
SO FRIKKIN CUTE. As I said in the video, I don’t really have any intention of collecting Mopeez, but I do think that they’re adorable, and this one especially so. He’s one of the least, well…mopey-looking Mopeez, but that’s okay because I love his big eyes and fat little body. TOO CUTE. I can’t get that across strongly enough.
Approximate value: $8

“Cowboy Deadpool” Dorbz figure:
And there’s even more adorable-ness in the box with this Dorbz figure, which is based on the Funko Pop “Cowboy Deadpool” figure. This thing is just too cute. He’s got the happy little face that all Dorbz have, a well-crafted cowboy hat, and the part that really got me: a little stick-horsey held at his side. How goddamn adorable is that? I can’t even get over it. Like Mopeez I don’t really intend to collect a large number of Dorbz, but I do think they’re awesome and I love getting them in these boxes.
Approximate value: $10

Exclusive, Leaping “Deadpool” Funko Pop! figure:
And last, but definitely not least, the best part of these boxes: an exclusive Funko Pop! figure. This one is awesome. The head and the paint job are basically the same as every other red-suited Deadpool Pop, but he’s in this great leaping-attack pose, with his legs pulled up close to his body and a sword held out in both the front of and back. A clear stand attached to his back keeps him  held aloft in “death-from-above” position. It’s just too cool; I absolutely love it and I think it might be the best Pop! to come in a Collector Corps box since the Hulkbuster.
Approximate value: $20

Approximate total value of box: $66
Approximate cost to me: $39

So, without even having to go into any real detail, I totally adored this box. I LOVE Deadpool, so I was bound to like it no matter what, but I also loved the variety of items in the box. There was the usual stuff that is (almost) always in these boxes, but there were also three separate, different types of Funko items, which really made the box feel more impressive than previous ones. Even if it hadn’t been Deadpool, just the fact that there was a Mopeez, AND a Dorbz, AND a Pop, PLUS the other stuff is awesome to me. Definitely, without a doubt, the best box yet.

The value was also there, of course, although I do have to mention that said value is going to be a bit skewed from now on, since this was the last box that I had prepaid for, back when the Canadian dollar wasn’t in the toilet. Now it’s time for me to resubscribe, and unfortunately that will mean that the cost-per-box is going to go up considerably. Sucks, but it’s unavoidable if I want to continue subscribing, and it’s all the fault of the Canadian dollar, not the service itself.

So, all in all, I’m definitely very happy, although I little depressed about the future cost of the service. Now, excuse me while I go snuggle my Mopeez for a while.

What did you think of the “Deadpool” Collector Corps box? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? Are you even a fan of Deadpool? WHY THE HELL NOT? Please share!

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