POP, goes the Funko

Have you ever been tormented for your hobbies? That’s probably a silly question; I’m willing to bet that nearly everyone has been tormented at least once or twice for something they enjoy. The key, of course, is to flip those people the bird ignore those people and enjoy what you enjoy, because no one gets to tell you what makes you happy. ^_^

I get a mixture of awe, appreciation, and disgust for my Funko Pop Haul videos because there are a lot of people like me who love them and collect the hell out of them, a lot of people who would love to collect the hell out of them but live vicariously through my videos because they can’t for whatever reason, and then a smattering of people who seemingly watch the videos only so they can comment on how stupid I must be and what a horrible waste of money my hobby is.

Can you say “lol”?

I always get a kick out of those people, because, #1. how I spend my money is so little of your concern that it doesn’t even register on the concern scale, and #2. the overwhelming majority of people with any kind of disposable cash spend it on something that other people thing is a stupid waste of money. That’s human nature; we don’t all enjoy or prioritize the same things.

So with that note in mind, who wants to see some more of my new Funko Pops? XD


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