I Don’t Wanna Grow Up…I’m a Disney Kid!

I was definitely the very definition of a Disney kid, growing up. I lived and breathed the movies and TV shows, some of which I watched so much so often that I can still quote giant chunks of the scripts to this day. In fact, I can still sing every word of every song from The Little Mermaid – on key, thank you very much – no problem. You might say that Disney was a rather large part of my childhood.

Of course, now I’ve got a kid of my own and I can honestly tell you that things haven’t changed very much. I still love watching all that good Disney stuff. I’ve seen Tangled at least a dozen times (half of those by myself), and I can sing almost every word from all the songs in Frozen (the repetitiveness of the kid helped a little on that front, as you can probably imagine).

Anyway, long story short, it’s totally unsurprising that I’ve got a growing collection of Disney Funko Pops, and I recently added a few to that collection. I thought I’d share the haul video with you guys today because I know that lots of you are big Disney fans yourselves. Oh, and do try to make it right to end of the video, because there’s one helluva cute little guest star peeking in to show off her newest Pop!

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up…I’m a Disney Kid!

  1. Your mini-me is just adorable! I agree with Mickey. I bought him for my step-daughter and he just felt off. I think it’s the white vs black ratio on his head. Still cute, though!

    • Definitely still cute, just a little strange. ^_^ We’ve been saying that Mickey looks like he’s been Tim-Burton-ized, and maybe that’s what’s so off about him. lol

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