Doctor Who & Game of Thrones Pop Haul

There are more than a few TV shows that I enjoy immensely, but Doctor Who and Game of Thrones are two that I’m borderline obsessed with. My husband and I devour the short seasons of Game of Thrones when they are released, only to then have to wait almost ten months before the next one. Doctor Who is something I’ve by-and-large watched myself, but oh boy have I watched… I only actually got into it about 2 years ago and I’ve gobbled up Doctors 9 through 12 (accounting for approximately 125 hour-long episodes) and gone back to watch the adventures of the First Doctor (accounting for approximately 143 episodes, including the recreations of the lost footage).

Point being, I have a deep love for both of these shows and think they’re a couple of the best shows on TV, so it’s unsurprising that I have a few Funko Pops of the characters. (Were you surprised? Nah, I didn’t think so.) Recently I did a Pop haul featuring some of my new pickups from these two lines, so today I thought I’d share that video. Who’s your favorite character?

5 thoughts on “Doctor Who & Game of Thrones Pop Haul

  1. You got my 3 favorites from GoT. I’m very excited for this season. Mainly because I’m curious to see where they take the show since the 6th book hasn’t come out yet. They haven’t stuck to the books, which is nice. I know a little bit of what’s going to happen, but not all of it. Winter is coming!

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