A-to-Z Challenge: “A” is for “Ancient Magic”


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2016, I am blogging info on my current work-in-progress, a YA fantasy/adventure mini-series tentatively titled “The Other World”.

At its core, ‘The Other World’ is a fantasy-based adventure, and as such I’ve taken the opportunity to create a world that is rife with magic. But not just your everyday ordinary (haha) magic; we’re talking about ancient magic, the kind of magic that is older than anything else imaginable. We’re talking about the kind of magic that would have been responsible for the creation of the entire Universe.

Now, let me take a little step back, because there is no set creation myth in this story. There are no gods or all-powerful beings, nor is there any great scientific theory about how the world came to exist. It’s never even discussed, even for a moment, because the people of this story have greater concerns than how their world came to be in the first place. But this world does have magic, and that magic is the most ancient thing known to any living creature in that world.

And though it is never fully discussed in a “here’s what happened” kind of way, this ancient magic is the basis for all that is good and evil in the world. Think of the magic itself as a neutral energy, the starting point, the potential, if you will. And it is when that magic is used, how it is used, by whom, and for what specific purpose, that it becomes inherently one way or the other. The wielder, along with the situation, chooses the destiny.

For example, in the far past of this world, an ancient being saw that humanity was struggling to survive, and that being saw fit to bestow a hint of magical power upon humanity. That being’s intentions were good, and for a time humans used their gift for good as well. But, at some point a man with a rotten heart decides to use that ancient magic in a different way, and that, my friends, is basically where our story begins…

I hope you’re enjoying the A-to-Z Challenge and my little snippets of ‘The Other World’! If you’re interested in what else I’ve written, please be sure to check out ‘Nowhere to Hide‘, available on Amazon in both hard copy and e-book versions!



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