A-to-Z Challenge: “O” is for “Other Worlds”


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2016, I am blogging info on my current work-in-progress, a YA fantasy/adventure mini-series tentatively titled “The Other World”.

Okay, so we’ve been talking about The Other World for fourteen days now, so I’m sure that most of you have figured this out by now, but today I’m going to explicitly say it: this story is about “other” worlds. Specifically, it all takes place in two worlds – ours, and the “other” – but an important plot point stems on the fact that there are an infinite number of other worlds out there.

The Other World‘s existence hinges on the multiverse theory, which essentially states that there could be an infinite number of universes – what many people would thinking of as “parallel” worlds. There are a number of thoughts on this theory, but within the world of my story it is described as thus: for every possibility – for every situation that could have occurred, choice that could have been made, or chance that might have happened – there is a separate universe. This means that there are infinitely spawning universes, a never-ending, outward-spiraling cloud of existence. And because of the limitless number of possibilities and combinations thereof, any two universes could be identical aside from one tiny difference, or they could be so different so as to be unrecognizable from each other.

This multitude of possible worlds is very important, because at some point during the events of the story, Eden needs to hide something from Iryen, in a place where he could never possibly find it. She accomplishes this feat by reaching out to a universe in which the being that is known as Iryen in her world never existed. The reasoning here is that each individual universe knows itself, and will reject anything that doesn’t belong there. Therefore, a person who exists – however different those two manners of existence may be – in both worlds may travel between the two freely. But a person who never existed in the other world (say, because their parents died before getting the chance to birth them) cannot touch that other world.

It is because of this crossing between parallel universes – “other” worlds – that our protagonist finds herself transported away from her home and into a strange place with strange people that she can’t begin to comprehend.

I hope you’re enjoying the A-to-Z Challenge and my little snippets of ‘The Other World’! If you’re interested in what else I’ve written, please be sure to check out ‘Nowhere to Hide‘, available on Amazon in both hard copy and e-book versions!

5 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge: “O” is for “Other Worlds”

  1. An interesting take on things. You may already know this, but matter in neighboring universes might have gravitational effects on our universe. That’s one highly theoretical explanation for the phenomenon that, at least in our universe, we call dark matter.

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