A-to-Z Challenge: “T” is for “Tori”


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2016, I am blogging info on my current work-in-progress, a YA fantasy/adventure mini-series tentatively titled “The Other World”.

Wow, we’re getting down to the last week of the challenge, so I guess it’s time to finally, finally introduce you all to the protagonist of The Other World, Tori.

Her full name is Victoria Elizabeth MacKinnon, but she’s gone by Tori for pretty much as long as she can remember. Tori came into the world with a bang, technically stillborn but miraculously revived before any damage was done. After that first major event, her life went pretty smoothly for seventeen years. She had a happy childhood, lots of friends, and wonderful parents who loved her. She was never the top of her class, but she made good grades, and throughout the years she managed to remain moderately popular. By the time she’d hit high school she was the very definition of a teen movie character: the bubbly cheerleader dating the school football team’s star.

She had it all, but then she made one mistake. It was a common mistake – one that plenty of kids her age make on a regular basis – but for her it happened to be the beginning of something horrible. Because of the series of events that followed, Tori’s parents were killed in an accident, and it is at this point in her life that we enter her story…

I hope you’re enjoying the A-to-Z Challenge and my little snippets of ‘The Other World’! If you’re interested in what else I’ve written, please be sure to check out ‘Nowhere to Hide‘, available on Amazon in both hard copy and e-book versions!

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