Authors Answer 125 – Is Short Better?

It’s another one of those things that gets discussed among authors, and there are a lot of strong opinions on either side. Is shorter better? Should your words, sentences, and paragraphs be short, quick, and go immediately to the point, or is it okay to stretch things out?

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You know the advice where authors are told they should be as brief as possible? Cut out any unnecessary words. Keep it simple. Everything short. Easy. Yes? No? How did this paragraph sound? We talk about this very topic.

Question 125 – Use short words, sentences, and paragraphs. Do you agree or disagree, and why?

Elizabeth Rhodes

Exclusively? No. You need variation in your sentence length, or your writing will sound monotonous.

Paul B. Spence

Only if you are writing for children. I assume my audience to be thinking adults with at least average IQ, probably even educated. If they can’t handle a word like existential or thermodynamic, they aren’t going to understand my stories anyway.

H. Anthe Davis

If this was a law, I would be in jail for life.  I have to consciously control the amount of dashes in my work — lest I end up with six…

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3 thoughts on “Authors Answer 125 – Is Short Better?

  1. Most interesting subject…can become rather ‘heated’ at times. There is good reason for any/every format…..Balance is should always be the ‘benchmark’….. There is a time and place for everything! ;)Hugs!

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