Blogging from A to Z – 2017’s Theme

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]

I am, on occasion, the Queen of Procrastination and Doing Things at the Last Minute. Thus, it probably doesn’t come as any surprise to you guys that I waited until the absolute last possible day to decide that I’m going to participate in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge again this year. Hey, at least it means there will finally be more on the blog than just links to the YouTube channel!

So what am I going to blog about for this year’s challenge? Well, I briefly considered doing A-to-Z posts all about my recently-released novel, The Other World: Book One, until I remember that that’s what I did for last year’s challenge, and even though it would be a good excuse to promote the book, I didn’t really want to basically redo the challenge with near identical posts. So I considered, instead, doing a similar challenge with posts about my previously-released book, Nowhere to Hide, but I just wasn’t really feeling it. A few other ideas passed through my mind that I turned aside for various reasons – too boring, too difficult, etc – until I finally decided on something that I think will be easy and enjoyable for me, hopefully interesting for those who visit to read, and will still allow me to pimp out my books at one point or another.

Basically, my A to Z Challenge this year is going to be all about…me! 26 posts that are about me in one way or another, from information you might not have known about me, to things I love and want to talk about, to things I’m just plain keen to share. Learn a little more about me this April! I hope you guys enjoy it, because these will be the first non-goal-update and non-IWSG posts that I’ve written in quite a while. 😛

It starts tomorrow! Come learn a little about me via the letter “A”!

Taking part in the A to Z Challenge this year yourself? Feel free to share your blog in the comment section so I can go take a look and see what you’re up to this April!

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