“U” is for “Uber-Nerd” – An A-to-Z Blogging Challenge Post


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2017 I’m writing all about myself. Every post will be some random fact or bit of information about me that you may or may not have already known. Maybe you’ll learn something! Feel free to let me know! ^_^

Yeah yeah, okay, this is kinda cheating, but screw you guys! “U” is a hard letter, and I really was an “uber” nerd all through school!

For those of you who might not know, “uber” is added to another descriptor to imply “excess” or something that “exceeds usual limits”. And in reference to being a nerd back in school, that totally applies to me.

I was the very definition of a nerd pretty much straight through from kindergarten to 12th grade. I was the kid who always knew the answer, the kid who read ten times as many books as any other in the class and actually enjoyed writing book reports, and the kid who did so well on every test and assignment that it was actually a shock if I got less than a perfect mark. I’m not bragging or anything – in fact, I’ll readily admit that I was sorely lacking in other fields, such as athleticism – but I was absolutely the star pupil for many years. Moving through into the teenage years I definitely allowed myself to slip a bit, but right up to high school graduation I was well-known for being one of those kids who had an average in the high 90’s and was genuinely loved by every teacher.

That changed sometime during college when it seemed like my brain just suddenly decided that it was done absorbing anything, but for the first thirteen years of my educational career one would definitely not have been amiss to refer to me as an “uber-nerd”.

Were you a nerd in school? Or were you the kind of kid who made fun of kids like me? Feel free to leave a comment!

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