“I” is for “Imposter Syndrome” – An A-to-Z Blogging Challenge Post


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2017 I’m writing all about myself. Every post will be some random fact or bit of information about me that you may or may not have already known. Maybe you’ll learn something! Feel free to let me know! ^_^

Show of hands: who here has ever heard of something called “Imposter Syndrome”? I know I certainly hadn’t, until maybe six or seven months ago, but like the anxiety that I mentioned coming to terms with back in my “A” post, once I knew that this was a thing, I realized immediately that I suffer from it in a big way.

Basically, what “Imposter Syndrome” is, is a mental condition in which high-achieving individuals are unable to internalize their own achievements and accomplishments and suffer from a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud. It tends to afflict adults who were “naturals” as children; the kinds of kids who got perfect grades with very little effort, or were just naturally talented at things like sports, the arts, and so on. As adults, those children feel, for whatever reason, that the things they accomplish are mere luck, that they aren’t truly accomplishing anything at all, and that one day the people around them are going to wake up and realize that they’ve just been tricking everyone into thinking they’re anything other than a charlatan.

It might sound weird to someone who has never experienced it, but the second I had someone explain to me what this phenomena is all about I knew that it described me perfectly, and it explained a great deal about the random bouts of anxiety and depression that I’ve had on a regular basis for the past decade or more.

As a kid I was a total nerd, naturally intelligent and moderately talented musically and artistically. I regularly had the highest grades in my classes, read the most books, won awards, and so on and so on. In that sense I held myself in high regard. I knew I was smart, I knew I was talented. I knew that I was going to be the kid who grew up to do great things, one way or the other. Even though I was teased for my geekiness, tormented for being a nerd, and was kinda socially awkward, I always had that knowledge in the back of my head that I was a winner.

And I can pretty much pinpoint the moment when that all fell apart.

Our school system does not properly prepare young people for college, in my opinion. There’s so much hand-holding and pushing-through in the K-12 system that once you hit college, where your decisions have real world consequences (fail class – lose money, etc), a lot of young people fall apart. For me the moment was second-semester Calculus. My program didn’t require Calculus, but after seeing my excellent Pre-Cal marks from high school, the dean suggested that I take the two semesters of Calculus rather than the four semesters of required “Technical Math” in order to save both time and money. I thought that sounded totally logical, so I went for it. Unfortunately, our university happened to have two of the worst Calculus teachers a student could possibly imagine, and they were the only options. My professor, in particular, refused to answer questions in class (because it would disturb his precious plan), and failed to ever be available outside of class hours to help students who were having trouble. I’d always been excellent at math – my high school marks averaged around 98 – so at first it wasn’t a problem, but by the time I hit the second semester the vast quantity of new information that was being thrown at me began to pile up, get confused in my head, and everything began to fall apart. All of a sudden I had no idea what the heck was going on. Math didn’t make sense anymore, and I couldn’t wrangle two seconds with my professor to  help me figure things out. My fellow students were just as confused, so I had no one to help me, and I began flunking quizzes and doing miserably on assignments. I wrote several tests that I barely passed by the skin of my teeth. It was all going to hell in a handbasket.

And then the moment of truth happened. It was the night before the final exam. I was cramming like crazy, but it didn’t seem like anything was sinking in. At some point I took a break and looked through all my quiz/assignment/test scores to figure out what kind of score I needed on the exam in order to pass the course. I don’t remember what the exact number was, but it was  higher than I thought I could manage. In that moment, my brain kinda broke. I know now that it was hardly the end of the world, but as someone who had never failed anything before in her life up until that point, I had a total nervous breakdown.

I won’t go into the details about what happened after that, but in the end I just managed to pass Calculus with a mark of 52, and I considered it both the biggest failure and biggest relief of my life.

And after that, my mindset just seemed to do a 180. I no longer considered myself to be a “winner”. From then on, in the back of my mind, I always had this little voice telling me that I’d only ever been lucky, that I’d never really been smart or talented, and that it had all come to a head with that Calculus class. Practically everything in my life after that seemed like I was just acting. In my work I’ve often considered myself to be the least-knowledgeable and least-useful member of the crew, even when I was doing good work. In my writing I’ve regularly told myself that everyone who ever liked my books was just lying to make me feel good. Even in day-to-day life I’ve found that voice telling me that my friends and family were just humoring me, and that someday everyone I’ve ever known would turn around and finally start treating me like the useless failure I really am.

Logically I know that this line of thinking is ridiculous. I’ve done some great things with my adult life, not the least of which has been raising a smart, beautiful daughter, publishing two books, and making a ton of awesome friends through my YouTube channel. But that voice is still there, all the time, whispering horrible things in my ear, telling me that I’m a fraud, a failure, and a miserable imposter, and that everyone around me can see it too. And every time I fail anything in the slightest or do something that my boss/a friend/a family member scolds me for, that voice gets twice as loud and twice as bold.

The good side to all of this? Once I knew what it was called, it became a hell of a lot easier to deal with. Because, for the past decade, it’s just been the voice in my brain, but now I know that it’s something that’s been studied, something that lots of people deal with every day, just like anxiety or depression. And knowing that takes some of the loneliness out of it, even if I know that I’ll probably always be this way.

What do you think of “Imposter Syndrome”? Have you ever suffered from it, or do you know someone who you think might suffer from it? Please feel free to leave a comment!

“H” is for “Horror Addict” – An A-to-Z Blogging Challenge Post


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2017 I’m writing all about myself. Every post will be some random fact or bit of information about me that you may or may not have already known. Maybe you’ll learn something! Feel free to let me know! ^_^

Let’s get one thing out of the way right here and now: when I was a kid I was an epic wuss. The scariest thing I used to watch was “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, and the scariest things I used to read were the “Goosebumps” books, and both would occasionally give me nightmares. I enjoyed kid-level scary stuff, but in general I couldn’t much handle horror. I remember I once, when I was about 8 or 9, I walked in on a friend of mine while she was watching Child’s Play, and I was absolutely petrified of dolls for months afterward.

That said, as I got older I got a little bit tougher and a little bit tougher…and then I started dating Jason, and things went from 0 to 60 real quick. You see, Jason was, is, and probably always will be, a horror aficionado. One of the first dates we had, he got me to watch Evil Dead 2 with him, and things just progressed from there. Before I even knew what was happening I’d seen more horror movies than most people I know combined. We went to the theater to watch them, we rented them (back when you still could rent movies), we picked them up on VHS when old rental places were getting rid of them, and bit by bit we amassed a collection of them on VHS, DVD, and Bluray, which now numbers in somewhere between 4- and 500 (I’ve lost count).

On top of that, being thrust so fully into the world of horror movies, I found myself gravitating more toward other forms of horror as well. I fell in love with Stephen King, among other horror authors, and began writing horror of my own. Jason and I would even play horror video games together sometimes, and although I’d become a little less sensitive to the genre by that time, playing Fatal Frame 2 nearly gave me numerous heart attacks.

Over the years I’ve become so desensitized to horror that very little really genuinely frightens me anymore, and believe it or not, I’m not necessarily happy about that outcome. Although it wasn’t the greatest being a little wuss who had nightmares all the time, the truth of the matter is that it can be very fun to be scared sometimes, under the right conditions, and I hardly ever experience that anymore now. There have been a few movies to genuinely freak me out in more recent years – Shutter, the original version from Thailand, scared the crap out of me – but there have also been plenty of supposedly super-scary movies that didn’t faze me in the slightest.

Mind you, that doesn’t change how much I’ve grown to love horror. It’s a part of me now, and I don’t think that’s ever going to change. Everything from the genuinely terrifying to the absolutely ridiculous (I’m lookin’ at you, Apocalypse Cow) tickles my fancy, and I imagine it’s going to be that way for pretty much the rest of my days.

“G” is for “Glorified Grease-Monkey” – An A-to-Z Blogging Challenge Post


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2017 I’m writing all about myself. Every post will be some random fact or bit of information about me that you may or may not have already known. Maybe you’ll learn something! Feel free to let me know! ^_^

For those of you who don’t know: I make approximately none of the money through books and/or YouTube. That’s not even a joke; the two things combined make me less money per month than it would cost to take my husband and daughter out for a night at the movies. For that reason, until the world smartens up and starts buying significantly more of my books, or YouTube’s ad revenue system becomes significantly more lucrative, I have a day job. Strictly speaking I don’t have one now (the nature of my work is that a job finishes and I’m unemployed for a while until the next one pops up), but what I am is an Industrial Instrumentation Technician. So why didn’t I use this topic for the letter “I”? Or “T”, even? Well, that’s because I often feel like what I really am is a Glorified Grease-Monkey.

Now, don’t get me wrong…instrumentation can be an extremely technical field. When you’re trying to work out flow coefficients and adjust factors for non-linear temperature curves and stuff like that, it can be really brainy work. But, more often than not it involves a large amount of loosening bolts, tightening bolts, greasing gaskets, tweaking set screws, and sometimes even just taking an extremely large mallet to an extremely large valve body and wailing on the sonuva- until whatever is causing it to stick cracks and allows the internal mechanism to move again.

And there’s lots of dirt, and lots of grease. LOTS of it.

I’m not necessarily complaining; sometimes good old fashioned nigh-brainless physical work can actually be very cathartic. That said, it’s often difficult to explain to people what I do when one day I’m doing derivative calculus to create a proper flow curve for a multi-state process, and the next day I’m wailing on a $75,000 piece of equipment with a mall-hammer like a madwoman.

There is one caveat to this post. On my last job, it was discovered that I was the only person on the crew who had even the slightest talent for not completely screwing up all the required paperwork. So for many months I was actually assigned to locating, printing, and organizing all our paperwork, being the caretaker for it, and keeping track of everything that got handed over to the parent company and when so that we wouldn’t lose any of it. So instead of being a Glorified Grease-Monkey I was instead a Glorified Secretary. Go me!

“F” is for “Fangirl” – An A-to-Z Blogging Challenge Post


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2017 I’m writing all about myself. Every post will be some random fact or bit of information about me that you may or may not have already known. Maybe you’ll learn something! Feel free to let me know! ^_^

I am an enormous fangirl in every sense of the word. I’ve often been teased – both on and off of my YouTube channel – for the massive number of Funko Pops I’ve amassed, but the fact of the matter is that it’s less about the Pop figures themselves and more about the fact that I love so many franchises. Let’s just try to list a few, shall we?

We’ve got… Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, some of the DC television universe (Arrow, Flash), pretty much all of the Marvel cinematic universe (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Avengers, etc.), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a ton of anime (Sailor Moon, Dragonball, Attack on Titan, Gintama, etc.), lots of comics – specifically Deadpool, tons of video game franchises (Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Gears of War, etc.), X-Files, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Predator, Die Hard, Alien, Disney in general, Harry Potter (movies and books), Stranger Things, Power Rangers, horror stuff in general (but 80’s slashers specifically)…

Need I go on?

Basically, I just love so many things, and I rarely ever stop loving something. I’m still hooked on stuff today that I first discovered when I was a kid, and the list is always growing with new (and new-to-me) discoveries, to the point that I’m practically the definition of FANGIRL nowadays. And I wear that badge with pride. XD

Are you a fanboy/fangirl for any particular franchises, or a million of them like me? Feel free to leave a comment!

“E” is for “Evil Author” – An A-to-Z Blogging Challenge Post


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2017 I’m writing all about myself. Every post will be some random fact or bit of information about me that you may or may not have already known. Maybe you’ll learn something! Feel free to let me know! ^_^

Every author has parts of the process that they enjoy more or less than others, and just as we have things that we hate (editing, oh my god, the editing…), we obviously also have things that we love, things that define why we became authors in the first place. One of those things for me – and the reason I titled this post as I did – makes me look like a really, really EVIL author.

love writing torment. I don’t know what it is or why, but I think part of it is that I’m addicted to very strong, powerful emotions, and while things like lust, true love, elation, and so on can definitely fall under that category, I prefer the negative ones: terror, misery, pain.

Some of my favorite scenes to write in a book are the ones where a character has just sustained an extremely painful injury, or has just been absolutely shredded emotionally. I love delving into the psychological, feeling out the character’s mind, and expressing just what the character is feeling on any level that I can get my hands on. For that reason I also love torturing my characters, putting them into absolutely horrifying situations, dangling happiness in front of them and then snatching it away. I live for those scenes. I thrive on those scenes.

And if that doesn’t make me sound totally evil, I really don’t know what would. >:D

Mind you, I’m not a psychotic person. I’m fairly certain I lean pretty much as far away from the sociopath scale as you can get. But I’ve always thrived on those types of moments, both in my own writing and in the fictional creations of others. Perhaps it’s a cathartic thing – the real world seems a little less scary when the fictional world is made out to be beyond horrible – but I’ll probably never know for sure exactly what it is that attracts me to these kinds of moments. For now I’ll just accept that perhaps, just maybe, I’ve got a little bit of evil in me at any given time.

So…what do you think? Am I evil? Go on. You can tell me. I won’t get upset. 😐 Feel free to leave a comment!

“D” is for “Daredevil” – An A-to-Z Blogging Challenge Post


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2017 I’m writing all about myself. Every post will be some random fact or bit of information about me that you may or may not have already known. Maybe you’ll learn something! Feel free to let me know! ^_^

No, I’m not talking about the comic-book character or any of the iterations thereof. I’m still talking about me, here. 🙂

A lot of the people I know and love at this point in my life probably wouldn’t believe it since I’m such a lazy, cat-in-the-sun kind of person, but when I was a kid I was quite the daredevil. Nowadays I like to sit on the couch and write, curl up in bed and read or watch TV, and it’s a great bit of effort to even get me to go outside in the sun during the summer, but go back about 25 years and I was scaling everything in site and generally putting my limbs at risk on a daily basis.

Every kid thinks that they’re invincible – that’s just one of those things that the still-developing brain convinces itself of – but when I look back now I seriously cringe at some of the things that I used to do without even thinking about it. There were the common things, like climbing too-high trees or leaping from said too-tall trees into piles of not-so-soft snow. But there were also significantly more dangerous things, like doing flips and hanging upside-down from the monkey bars, or standing on one side of the see-saw and getting my friends to jump on the other side and launch me into the air. More than a few of the things I used to do make me genuinely wonder how I never killed myself, such as how I used to shimmy down the cliff face along the water near where I grew up and hop from slippery-wet stone to slippery-wet stone, looking for fossils.

The worst thing that I can think of, however, is climbing the barracks. Near where I grew up there are a number of abandoned stone war barracks that kids have always loved to explore. There’s one that lays underground, and you have to descend a pitch-black set of stairs to get into it, and there are several along the cliff that are like circular tunnels with little windows poking out to watch for approaching ships. But there’s one that is like a tower that was the most fun to explore because there were no ladders or stairs and the entire thing had to be traversed by climbing, boosting or pulling up your friends, and a fair bit of insanity.

This is the barracks in question:


For scale, see that door on the front, to the far right of the picture? That door is about eight feet tall. Now see right above the door, on what would be the second level of the building, where that long window opening is? Okay, here’s the fun part… See the third and fourth levels that are the tower bit? Well there was no access to those, so as kids we used to get up there by climbing on the ledge of that second level window, getting our friends to give us a boost, and climbing up on that second-level roof, then into the third-level window. Similarly, we’d boost ourselves from the third level window onto that tiny, super-skinny ledge, and then shimmy up to the fourth-level window.

At the time it was great fun, and I can really remember it being this amazing adventure that I wouldn’t have given up for the world, but looking back now I gasp at my own stupidity. How incredibly easy it would have been to fall from any of those levels. How easily I could have broken my neck or worse.

And yet at the same time, I feel lame as hell just speaking like that, because I can still remember it being the best. I guess even a cat-in-the-sun adult like me still has a small sliver of daredevil hiding in the back of my mind somewhere.

Were you a daredevil as a kid? Did you do anything back then that you look back on now and cringe about? Please feel free to leave a comment!

“C” is for “Cats!” – An A-to-Z Blogging Challenge Post


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2017 I’m writing all about myself. Every post will be some random fact or bit of information about me that you may or may not have already known. Maybe you’ll learn something! Feel free to let me know! ^_^

How about a silly post for today? Cats! Let’s talk about cats!

I was obsessed with cats when I was a kid. Part of that was because we didn’t have any pets and nearly everyone I knew growing up had either a cat or a dog (sometimes both). There was a perfectly good reason that we didn’t have pets – my mom and I are both allergic to pet dander, her so much so that she can have trouble breathing – but as a kid you don’t care about logic, and all I wanted, desperately, was a cat. I had so many stuffed cats, all with names, and at one point I even had imaginary pet cats…take that as you will.

Eventually I did something that was technically very, very stupid, and went out and adopted two kittens while I was in college and still living at my parents’ house. They had a dual-reaction of wanting to murder me and also kinda falling in love with the kitties, so I survived that particular event, luckily. I also lived in that basement at that point, so that helped with the non-murder.

I named my two kitties – who were brothers – Maximus and Commadus, because I loved the movie Gladiator at the time, and shortened them to Max and Comma (and there were plenty of jokes about that, I assure you). Later on when my husband and I were first living together as boyfriend and girlfriend, we adopted another kitty we happened to find on the streets, looking for food and picking a fight with a really, really big dog. No one ever claimed her, so we ended up keeping her, and she wound up with the auspicious name “Little Bitch” because that’s what we were constantly calling her when she kept picking fights with the two boys.

Unfortunately Max died quite suddenly one night – we’re not sure what happened, but he’d been finding places other than the litter box to hide and pee, so we assume he had some kind of health problem – but Comma and Little B are still with us today. My daughter loves them, which is going to bring up some difficulties soon since they’re both at least ten years old now. I can’t wait for that discussion. Ugh.

In fact, she loves cats at least as much – and possibly more – than I ever did. It makes me see a little bit of myself in her, but also makes me groan because, as much as I’ve loved my cats, when they’re gone I don’t ever plan on getting any more of them. That’s okay though…I’ll just keep drowning her in kitty plushies like I’m already doing, and I’m sure that will keep her happy…at least until she hits college. ^_~

Do you have any pets? What kind? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

“B” is for “B12” – An A-to-Z Blogging Challenge Post


For the A-to-Z Challenge 2017 I’m writing all about myself. Every post will be some random fact or bit of information about me that you may or may not have already known. Maybe you’ll learn something! Feel free to let me know! ^_^

Have you ever experienced some kind of medical issue that no one could explain? Honestly I’m sure everyone has at one point or another because there are so many things that can wrong with a human body, and it’s a sad fact that doctors these days are rushed to the point of barely caring to look at you for more than five minutes.

With that cheery opening out of the way, let me get into today’s “About Me” topic: I have had low B12 for a long time. I first found out in college, and got shots for it for a while because the supplements didn’t seem to help. Later on I started taking supplements again, but eventually went off them, until a few months ago when I got some blood work done and found out that my B12 levels were literally through the floor. Not just low, but “how the hell is this even possible” low.

Now, first off, some of you are probably thinking, “Psh, big deal, it’s just a vitamin. How bad could it be?” But the truth is that B12 is surprisingly important to a healthy body and mind. Being deficient in B12 can cause anemia and extreme fatigue, along with contributing to such things as depression, balance issues, confusion and poor memory, and neurological issues that cause soreness and numbness in the hands, feet, and mouth. It can even contribute to heart problems. In short, it can screw  you up just a wee bit.

“So what? Just take the damn supplements and be done with it then!” Ah, but it’s not necessarily that simple, because B12 deficiency can be caused by the body’s refusal to actually absorb the vitamin. Take myself, for example. B12 is naturally found in animal products – meat, chicken, eggs, etc – which is why vegetarians often end up deficient. But I get plenty of those. At a minimum I have some kind of chicken, beef, or pork once a day, and it’s usually a generous portion. By all rights my B12 should be at very healthy levels, and yet it’s not, which means my body probably just doesn’t want to absorb it.

“So…the shots then? Because that goes right in to the muscle, right?” Yes, this is true, and in actual fact I’ve also found that taking an extremely large supplement (far more than a normal person would need) works as well. So there’s no problem, right?

Strictly speaking, yeah, just pumping myself full of the vitamin daily helps, but it’s one of those band-aid situations where you’re not really fixing the problem, because the real issue is why won’t my body absorb the vitamin properly? And so we come back to the opening sentences of this post, because no one has been able to tell me. It could be caused by gastrointestinal issues – which I, granted, have suffered from but mostly got under control by increasing my fiber intake quite a lot. It could also be caused by anemia, but I’ve been tested for that and nothing was found. Then you get into the domino effect possibilities. This causes this, which causes that, which leads to B12 not being absorbed properly…but to be honest, no one seems to be interested enough in the issue to dig that deep.

So for now, I sit here and pop my vitamin daily, feeling better but also painfully curious. Why does my body hate B12 so much?

Do you have any deficiencies or issues like this that are unexplained? Please feel free to comment down below!

Goals and Aspirations in Review – March 2017


March has come and gone – even if Winter damn well refuses to do so – so it’s time for another update. Let’s just get right into it, shall we? Here’s how my goals and aspirations went for March 2017:

You’re not going to believe this, but I have decent news to report this month around! March was far from my best month ever when it comes to writing, but it was MUCH better than both January and February were this year so far. I did equal parts blog posts (mostly advance writing for April’s A-to-Z Blogging Challenge) and fiction writing toward “The Other World: Book Two”, and managed to put together 9435 words in March. That’s nearly twice January and February combined! Go me! Mind you I don’t want to get cocky. I want to do better in April, for sure. But I also feel a little proud to have finally had my first good month in a long time, as far as writing is concerned.

Mini-Goal #1.a. Publish more erotic fairy tales.
As far as this mini-goal is concerned, things have ground to a halt. I do still intend to move forward with this one, but most of February and March was very focused on getting “The Other World: Book One” out and available, and once that happened I became more focused on writing “The Other World: Book Two”, so the erotic fairy tales just got pushed onto the back burner. That said, I do hope to go back and finish the one that’s been sitting in waiting sometime soon.

Mini-Goal #1.b. Start writing blog posts again.
I’m working toward this one, I swear! Ha ha ha… Actually, April will be the month, since I am, in fact, doing the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge again. In addition to that, though, I’m also pretty much caught up on posting videos, so soon I should actually have an empty slot here and there with which to try doing some actual blogging again. Wish me luck!

Mini-Goal #1.c. Find ways to promote the book(s).
Still waiting on some advice for this one, especially now that I have two books to promote. I’ve had a suggestion here and there, but nothing that’s really going to be doable. I’ve been staring at Goodreads for months, waiting for them to make their ebook giveaway option available outside the US, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen any time soon, and I’m not in a spot financially right now where I can afford to ship out free paperbacks in return for reviews and the like. So, yeah, again, if anyone has any suggestions, please hit me up.

#2. Get healthier.
Remember that 30-day program that I mentioned I was going to do last month? *cough cough* I made it about six days in, I think. But that just gives me another chance to try it this month! That’s called staying positive people, STAYING POSITIVE!

Mini-Goal #2.a. Walk/run 10k 8k 
steps per day.
In all seriousness though, I am continually impressed/disgusted by my inability to get my steps in. It’s sick. I managed 6 days this month during which I hit my 8k-steps goal, and the average overall was 6485 steps per day. That’s so pathetic.

Let’s say it together, shall we? I. Must. Stop. Being. Such. A. Sedentary. BLOB!

Mini-Goal #2.b. Take daily “me time”.
I can’t say anything particularly good or bad about this one, but I think I’ve been doing okay. I had some hot baths, some snuggling-up and watching movies with the kid, a bit of lounging with a mobile game every so often. I’m not taking huge swathes of time to relax by any means, but I’m getting my moments in here and there.

#3. Work on my online presence – specifically, YouTube.
I’m never sure how to quantify this one, but I think it’s going okay. We grew a little over the past month because of an awesome giveaway we did with The Collectors Case, and I’ve been trying to be more active on things like Twitter and Instagram, which I’m pretty sure is working out well, so all in all, I’d say it was a pretty decent month. I’m also hoping that I might build my presence a little in the coming month with the Blogging Challenge, so fingers crossed for that. 

Mini-Goal #3.a. Learn to respond immediately.
This one may have taken a little nosedive this past month. I know for a fact that I’ve gotten better overall, but for whatever reason this past month felt really rushed and busy, and so there were definitely a number of times that I skipped responding to something and forgot about it for a couple of days. In fact, as I write this there’s an email that I’ve been meaning to get back to for at least 48 hours and I feel really bad about it. So yeah, I’m going to try to get back to it on this one in the coming month (and I’m going to respond to that email the second I finish this post)!

Mini-Goal #3.b. Focus more on daily social media.
I think this one is going to be one of those things that I struggle with right through to the end of the year, but I’m definitely getting better. Like I said earlier, I’ve been trying to focus a lot more on Twitter and Instagram, and it’s been going fairly well. Facebook is a little bit more of a drag, just because I find it harder to think of things that are interesting to post, whereas Tweets and random pics on Instagram are easier to come up with. Snapchat is right out there…ha ha ha…I enjoy it, but I often just flat-out forget about it for days at a time. I’m totally still trying though!

Mini-Goal #3.c. Come up with new video ideas.
And the response for this one is pretty much the same as last month’s: it more or less hasn’t happened. There’s been so much else going on! I will say, though, that Jason did come up with a few interesting ideas, and we might be using them as collaborations with a few other channels, so that could be interesting. Fingers crossed!

That was my March! How was yours? Did you get anything accomplished? Do anything awesome? Feel free to drop a comment!

Blogging from A to Z – 2017’s Theme

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]

I am, on occasion, the Queen of Procrastination and Doing Things at the Last Minute. Thus, it probably doesn’t come as any surprise to you guys that I waited until the absolute last possible day to decide that I’m going to participate in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge again this year. Hey, at least it means there will finally be more on the blog than just links to the YouTube channel!

So what am I going to blog about for this year’s challenge? Well, I briefly considered doing A-to-Z posts all about my recently-released novel, The Other World: Book One, until I remember that that’s what I did for last year’s challenge, and even though it would be a good excuse to promote the book, I didn’t really want to basically redo the challenge with near identical posts. So I considered, instead, doing a similar challenge with posts about my previously-released book, Nowhere to Hide, but I just wasn’t really feeling it. A few other ideas passed through my mind that I turned aside for various reasons – too boring, too difficult, etc – until I finally decided on something that I think will be easy and enjoyable for me, hopefully interesting for those who visit to read, and will still allow me to pimp out my books at one point or another.

Basically, my A to Z Challenge this year is going to be all about…me! 26 posts that are about me in one way or another, from information you might not have known about me, to things I love and want to talk about, to things I’m just plain keen to share. Learn a little more about me this April! I hope you guys enjoy it, because these will be the first non-goal-update and non-IWSG posts that I’ve written in quite a while. 😛

It starts tomorrow! Come learn a little about me via the letter “A”!

Taking part in the A to Z Challenge this year yourself? Feel free to share your blog in the comment section so I can go take a look and see what you’re up to this April!