(Non-)Fiction Fragment Fridays: The 5-Year Diary

I thought I’d do something a little different today, so this is the first ever NON-Fiction Fragment Friday. Aren’t I just so clever?

A while back a fellow blogger (apologies, but I can’t recall who it was) mentioned a little “journal” called the “Q&A-a-day 5 Year Journal“. The neat little book asks 365 questions – one for each day of the year – and provides you enough space to answer each question five times…in other words, the goal is to answer each of the 365 questions once a year for five years. Presumably, as you’re answering the questions again and again (and again and again), you get to see how your thoughts and feelings have changed on different topics. The journal asks questions as in depth as, “If you could spend a day with any dead person, who would it be?”, and as simple as, “What did you wear today?”


Now, my original plan had been to share and answer some of the questions that I’ve come across in the book so far. I had the post written. I had the post scheduled. Unfortunately, I am writing this section of this post at 4:30 am as I wait for the work bus to leave, because I opened the post to add the picture above and found that somehow, AGAIN, half of my post had vanished. So today’s “Non-Fiction” Fragment Friday is sadly going to be more of a suggestion for how you can write some fun and quick non-fiction, miniature-autobiography style.

And in the meantime, if someone (I’m looking at you, WordPress) would like to explain why transferring between the WordPress app on my tablet and the one on my phone regularly makes my posts spontaneously combust. It’s starting to get pretty goddamn old.