Loot Crate Unboxing and Review for October 2015

It’s a new week and we’re leaving the “Nerd Block Family” of subscription boxes behind to move on to all the other stuff I have left to share. Today we have the Loot Crate for October, for which they decided to skip any kind of Halloween theme and went with “Time”. I was fairly hopeful about this box because it was set to have a Doctor Who item as well as a vinyl figure, which are two of my very favorite things. So let’s just go ahead and check out the unboxing video, shall we?

“Time” can be a pretty fun theme, I think, and I feel like Loot Crate did a pretty decent job with it. Let’s have a breakdown:

“Be Excellent to Each Other” t-shirt:
Right off the bat we have a very different t-shirt from many of the ones I’ve gotten in the past. It’s blue, right off the bat, which is a strangely uncommon color for geeky t-shirts (unless they’re Doctor Who ones, obviously). I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Bill and Ted, but I do enjoy the movies and I think they definitely picked the best possible quote for a t-shirt featuring them. Of all the time-related fandoms they could have sent a t-shirt of, this is not the one I would have picked first, but I do think the shirt is pretty cool and I will happily wear it. Approximate value: $15

Loot Crate “Time” pin:
I don’t always include these little collectible pins in my breakdowns, but this particular crate has a low item count so I thought I’d throw it in. This one features a picture of a flux capacitor. Approximate value: $1

“Back to the Future Part II” 1:5 scale hoverboard:
This is a neat idea for a collectible; not something I would necessarily go looking for, but a neat idea. It’s actually a rather nicely-made replica of the hover board from the movies, and it comes mounted with plastic pegs on a glass base to give the illusion that it actually is hovering. Approximate value: this is a box exclusive and thus difficult to put a value on, but it seems to be going for an average of $15 by people and sites that are reselling.

“Doctor Who” Sonic Spork:
This item, I have to admit, is a little disappointing. I love Doctor Who, so I was excited that there was going to be an item from this awesome fandom in Loot Crate, but what we got is something that just isn’t that impressive to me. It’s kinda cute and funny, being as it looks like a sonic screwdriver and all, but I’m just not going to use a spork, and it’s not exactly the kind of item that you would display among the rest of your geekery. It’s a big “Meh” to me, basically, which is sad because Doctor Who is my jam. Approximate value: this is another exclusive item, so I have to go by the resellers, who seem to be ditching it for an average of $12

“Dr Emmett Brown” Exclusive Funko Pop:
Guys, I love this Pop, I really do. He is significantly different from the original series Dr Brown I’ve got, which I love because so many exclusives/variants/second series’/etc are practically exact copies of the originals. Plus he’s just so well done! I love the little clear blue plastic electricity running between the cables, and the detail in the goggles, and the little battery standing behind him… It’s all just super-nicely done and I love it. This little dude made the whole box for me, no argument. Approximate value: $19, according to PopPriceGuide.com

Total approximate value of box: $62
Total approximate cost to me: $40

So, okay, right off the value is fairly average; it’s neither the best nor worst-valued box I’ve gotten from Loot Crate, so there’s not much to say there. Even though the value is decent though, one thing that bothered me a bit about this box is that it didn’t feel like there was much in it. I suppose that’s mostly because the items that were there are fairly sizable (a Pop takes up half the box, after all), but still, if you don’t count the little Loot Crate pin, this box only had four items in it, which is pretty unusual for these subscription boxes. I might be wrong, because my memory isn’t exactly the most top-notch thing in the world, but I feel like I’ve never gotten a nerdy subscription box with less than five items, not including the little service-specific extras.

That said, those four items are pretty cool. The Pop is a big, big, BIG plus to this box, being not only just a Pop but also a pretty awesome Pop. The hover board replica isn’t my usual kind of collectible, but it’s pretty neat and will look great next to my other BttF stuff. And the shirt is different and quite excellent (ha ha). The only thing that’s a little disappointing is the “sonic spork”, which is just something I’m not going to use at all. Maybe I’ll give it to my daughter to help get her into Doctor Who. 😛

When all is said and done, this was a pretty good box. I would have preferred a different (*cough*cooler*cough*) Doctor Who item, but everything else gets two thumbs up and even though the box felt a bit light on items, I can’t really argue with the value. So I guess it’s a thumbs up for this one!

What did you guys think? Favorite item? Least favorite? What do you think of the sonic spork? Isn’t that Dr Brown Pop just awesome? Were you surprised that Loot Crate didn’t do a Halloween theme for October? Please share!