Loot Crate Unboxing and Review for June 2015

Next up on the unboxing list is a late Loot Crate from June!

The theme of the month was “Cyber”, and this particular Loot Crate is one of those ones that I’m iffy about because some stuff was cool but some stuff didn’t really do it for me. My husband thought it was pretty awesome though, so let’s take a look at the breakdown and see if I’m maybe being a little too harsh.

“Prime” t-shirt: Okay, right off the bat I have to admit that this is a pretty decent shirt. Transformers was a huge cartoon of my childhood, and though I’ve never even managed to sit through a Tron movie, the crossover is okay because it’s a pretty cool design for Optimus Prime. I’ll definitely wear it, is what I’m saying. And while we’re on that note, I don’t think Loot Crate has ever sent me a shirt that I didn’t like, and that’s a pretty decent record. Two thumbs up, Loot Crate. This shirt gets the usual value of $15.

Terminator Genisys “Endo Skull” replica: And this is kind of the star of the show right here. Though I know nothing at all about Genisys, I do know that the original two Terminator movies were all kinds of awesome, and it’s pretty neat to have this very detailed Terminator skull replica. It’s way, way lighter than it looks, which leads me to believe that it’s not a particularly high quality item, but it’s still pretty cool and has an awesome paint job. This is an exclusive item, so I can’t really find a value to apply to it. The only similar items I can find are super-high-quality, super-expensive stuff, so I don’t really have anything to compare with either. I’m going to have to go ahead and pick a number for myself, and just based on the size of the item and the feel of the material, I’m going to go with about $15.

Terminator Genisys “Brain Chip” key ring: My husband originally thought this was a USB drive, but no, it’s just a key ring. It’s still pretty neat, but less so, obviously. If given the chance I would have traded this forĀ  something from a different fandom, just because the Endo Skull is from Terminator too, but I can’t complain too much because it is a pretty neat little item. This is an exclusive item as well, and I can’t find anything similar at all, so we’re going to go ahead and give it a pretty standard key ring value of $5.

Future Replicant Corporate Logo Patch: Okay, I feel bad about myself now, because I just looked it up and this is a Blade Runner reference. But I feel less bad about myself because my husband didn’t get it either, so there. I don’t really have any feelings one way or the other about this item; I don’t use patches, so it’s just kinda there. What could this possibly be valued at? I feel I can’t give it more than $2.

Battlestar Galactica target set: I do like the way that this item was packaged in its own little envelope with special stamps and stuff on the outside. That was pretty cute and neat. On the other hand, I still haven’t watched Battlestar Galactica (I know, I know, for shame), and this is not something I will use. Maybe I can set one up and give my daughter a Nerf gun, but that will probably be the extent. This particular item can actually be purchased as a full-sized poster. Based on the price of that poster and the fact that Loot Crate gave us two of these smaller-sized targets, I’m granting about $5 for these.

Glow in the Dark gadget pouch: I’m going to go right ahead and say it: this is a pencil case. It’s kinda cute with the glowing and all, but it is really just a plastic pencil case. It feels and looks cheap. I can’t really say much more than that. It’s also another exclusive (ha), and because of that I get to say what I think it’s worth. I’m feeling about $2, to be honest, but I’ll be super-nice and give it $5 since it glows in the dark.

Borderlands 0 game mat: I’ll grant that this item is actually pretty decent…if you’re a PC gamer. That’s what makes it useless to me. Sorry comp gamers, but I’m a console girl, and thus will never get any use out of this huge game mat. The design is pretty cool, but it’s not like I’m going to hang it on my wall or anything. This is yet another exclusive item, and I can’t really find anything similar online, but based on the price of mouse pads I’m going to say it’s approximately $10.

Nerd HQ stickers: There’s not much to say about these, obviously, because they’re just stickers. A little addition from the Nerd HQ team over at Comic Con, worth maybe $1

Total approximate value of box: $58
Total cost to me: $36

So here’s the thing: this box had a lot of stuff in it, which is pretty nice because sometimesĀ  you get these subscription boxes and they only have, like, four items in them. However, many of the items in the box were kind of junky and cheap, like the pencil case. That said, the shirt is pretty cool and the Terminator skull is awesome. The brain chip key ring is pretty cool as well, and the game mat would be cool if I were a PC gamer, but that’s probably not going to happen any time soon. Everything else is just kind of filler.

So in the end, I still feel on the fence, even thought my husband was pretty happy with this box. The first two items were awesome, the third was okay, and everything else was filler.

What do you think? Did you receive a Loot Crate for June? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? Please share!