Flash Fiction Fridays: Deadly Addiction

For the past while – in fact, quite a while – I’ve kind of lost my way a little when it comes to this blog. I enjoy sharing stuff like subscription box reviews, Daily Post prompts, and random thoughts about my life, and I have no intention of stopping any of that, but someone going through my posts for the past several months would hardly even know that this is a writer’s blog.

I plan to correct this issue with a couple of new “features”, and the first will be to reinstate a previous method of sharing fiction writing on Fridays. When I used to do this before I called it “Fiction Fragment Fridays”, and I would usually share something that I had previously written at some point in the past. This time I’ve tweaked things a bit. I am calling this polished version of the feature “Flash Fiction Fridays”, and there will be nothing old hastily thrown in at the last minute here. Fridays, from here on out, will be about sharing new writing, a drabble or short-story or what-have-you that I wrote that week. Everything will be fresh, and in this way I’ll be forcing myself to write something – anything – in a fiction genre every week.

Since I had to go through the whole explanation this time I’ll be sharing a quick drabble today. For those of you who don’t know, a drabble is a super-short story of exactly 100 words, and they’re a lot harder to write than they sound! Check mine out and then try writing one for yourself!

Today’s drabble is called: Deadly Addiction

She woke with a soft sigh. The sun was warm on her skin, the scent of wildflowers sweet to her nose. Bluebirds chirped happily nearby. For a moment she was calm, quiet, enjoying the nature around her.

But eventually she had to turn and face the man she’d picked up at the bar – her most recent victim. It was a simple thing to convince him to follow her through the woods; simpler yet was slitting his throat and letting his life pour past her lips.

Dead eyes met hers, accusatory.

Next one, she thought, I won’t kill the next one.

Fiction Fragment Fridays: Heat


Continuing on with my series of drabbles today. A reminder that if anyone would like to use any of these drabbles as a prompt, feel free but please thank me by giving a shout-out to the blog if you post the results anywhere. To check out past drabbles click on the “Categories” drop-down on my sidebar and select “Drabbles”.

For today’s drabble I thought I’d take a break from all the creepy, scary, and just plain weird stuff that I usually go in for, and try out some good old fashioned romance.


Eric’s fingers trailed along the back of Sylvia’s hand. The light touch sent shivers down her spine.

“You’re gorgeous,” Eric said. “You know that, right?”

Sylvia began to shake her head, but the movement was cut short as Eric pulled her close and leaned down to press his lips to hers. The kiss was exactly as she’d imagined it would be. Her whole body flushed as she leaned her chest into his and wrapped her arms around his neck.

A long, wonderful moment later, they pulled apart. Sylvia looked up, a powerful burn in her stomach.

“Your place or mine?”

Fiction Fragment Fridays: The Bus


How would you like another drabble today? Yeah, you know you want one. As a side note, I’d like to mention that if anyone would like to use any of my drabbles as a prompt, feel free! I only ask that if you post the result anywhere you give a shout-out to my blog. And if you’d like to check out previous drabbles, use the “Categories” drop-down on my sidebar and choose “Drabbles”.

The following drabble came to me as a result of a desperate attempt to get some sleep on the bus to and from work, and the weird little snippets of dreams that ensued.

I knew something was wrong when I realized that the bus wasn’t moving. We hadn’t been driving for more than ten minutes; I was sure of it because I hadn’t even managed to drift off yet. I opened my eyes.

The bus was completely empty – even the driver and her backpack were missing – and it was stopped in the middle of a dark highway that seemed to go on for miles in either direction.

Tentative, I leaned forward into the aisle and called, “Hello?”

And from right behind my ear, too close to be possible, came the reply: “Hello, sweetie.”

Fiction Fragment Fridays: Losers


Another drabble for you on this fine Friday, courtesy of the WTF-ness of my dreaming brain. Feel free to assume that I have deep, deep problems.


She wondered how she’d come to find herself in such an odd situation, sharing this enormous old mansion with all of her coworkers. It didn’t seem…proper. And yet, here they all were, rearranging furniture to give everyone their own space.

The men shifted an old couch and out skittered a tiny white mouse, and suddenly all was pandemonium. The men jumped and shouted and panicked, but not her. She grabbed a poker from the fireplace and – in a single movement – skewered the rodent through the belly.

“Man up, you losers,” she growled, and stalked off to hunt for more prey.

Fiction Fragment Fridays: Buried


As I mentioned last week, I’m giving myself a little bit of neccesary relief by way of drabbles on Fridays for a little while. This one is something I whipped up while telling drinking stories with the boys at work (don’t worry…this exact story did not actually happen to any of us!)


The first thing I noticed was the pounding headache. The second was that the air I was breathing was awfully stale and dusty-tasting. I tried to sit up, but my head immediately cracked off of something extremely solid.

Frustrated, and hungover as hell, I shifted around in the pitch-black, tight space in order to wiggle my BIC lighter out of my jeans pocket and into my hand. Lacking back and holding the BIC near my face, I flicked the little wheel to bring forth a flame.

I was inside a cheap wooden coffin.

“Ah shit. Not this again.”

Fiction Fragment Friday’s: From the Cat’s Eye


Since I’ve been working my butt off to get lots of blog posts scheduled over the past while, I’m going to returning to posting quick, glorious little drabbles on Friday’s for a few weeks. Are we all okay with that? Of course we are! See, I knew you loved me.

This is a little something I came up with based on how I think cats genuinely feel about kids. Not my cats though. My cats are abnormal.


I awake to the sound of small humans laughing. I open my eyes just wide enough to sneak a peek of the two of them playing on the floor with those ridiculous pony toys. Humans are so stupid. The little ones doubly so.

I stand and stretch, yawn and dig my claws into the fabric of the couch. The little ones see my movement and spring to high alert. I feel my hackles go up and ready to swipe, but their own attack was pets and coos and ear rubs.

Humans are stupid, but the little ones are acceptable.

Fiction Fragment Fridays: Planning for the Future


Since I’m a bit pressed for time these days, and I have to get to work scheduling posts for my next two weeks of work out West, today you get a fanfiction drabble from a short series of drabbles that I did relating to Harry Potter characters. This one is about the Weasley twins, who I loved for their tenacity. Enjoy!

Planning for the Future

Fred and George sat next to each other on George’s bed, each a perfect mirror image of the other. In each of their hands they clutched a list of grades, recently delivered to them from Hogwarts. The results were…less than satisfactory.

“Mum’s gonna kill us, you realize?” Fred pointed out.

“If we’re lucky,” George replied.

They stared at the papers in dread for a long time, until eventually they turned to each other with identical grins on their faces.

“Well, we knew it would happen,” said Fred.

“I guess it’s time,” answered George, “to start planning our real futures.”

Fiction Fragment Fridays: Misogynist

A drabble for you, on this fine Friday morning. This one, I think, could be an excellent prompt for someone looking to write a creepy psychological thriller. I’m just saying. πŸ™‚


β€œIt’s not that I have anything against you in particular,” Roger explained as gently as he could. β€œIn fact, you seem to be a perfectly lovely lady.”

Alaina glared silently, tears brimming in the corners of her eyes.

β€œIt’s just women in general,” Roger continued, examining his knife with a strange fondness. β€œYou’re all cruel, loud, psychotic, evil bitches.” He smiled as though it was the most pleasant of conversations. β€œI just hate the lot of you, see?”

Alaina moaned through her gag and struggled, sobbing, against her bonds.

Roger grinned. β€œI just don’t think any of you deserve to live.”

Fiction Fragment Fridays: No Freakin’ Way

**As first mentioned on March 21st**
For the next little while I’m going to be busy building up a new backlog of material to post on Fridays, amidst the other stuff I’m working on, so for the next few weeks I’m going to satisfy myself to simply post a drabble a week. For you writers out there, feel free to use these drabbles as prompts toward writing something bigger and better, and if you care to share what you’ve written, please send me a link so I can check it out. πŸ™‚


No Freakin’ Way

His breath hoarse through the overused oxygen filters of his spacesuit, Jeremy stepped with caution into the enormous superstation. It was quiet…he wasn’t sure if that was because there was no one left, or that the station’s atmosphere generator had failed and so there was no air here.

Spying a splatter of blood on the wall, he guessed the former.

“Hello?” he called, his voice mechanical through the suit, though audibly frightened. “Anyone there?”

A high-pitched, sickeningly inhuman shriek replied from one corridor over.

Jeremy turned and sprinted to his ship as fast as his cowardly legs would take him.

Fiction Fragment Fridays: Fight Back!

**As first mentioned on March 21st**
For the next little while I’m going to be busy building up a new backlog of material to post on Fridays, amidst the other stuff I’m working on, so for the next few weeks I’m going to satisfy myself to simply post a drabble a week. For you writers out there, feel free to use these drabbles as prompts toward writing something bigger and better, and if you care to share what you’ve written, please send me a link so I can check it out. πŸ™‚


Fight Back!

She wasn’t gliding towards me the way you imagine ghosts should. Her movements were jerky, twitchy…somehow insane. Perhaps she wasn’t a ghost at all, but more of a ghoul. She certainly looked solid enough.

As she shambled terrifyingly close, her slimy hair hanging across huge, saucer-like white eyes, I thought irresistibly of all the horror movies I’d seen. In those movies the actors always stared stupidly and let the monster get them. I didn’t want to end up like those characters. I wanted to at least make an effort at fighting back.

So I punched the bitch in the face.