Fiction Fragment Fridays: Chrono Trigger Timeless (Execution)


Since I’m currently attempting to catch up on my Final Fantasy novelization, I thought I’d share another scene from the Chrono Trigger novelization this week. This scene pairs with the last one as the scene in which Chrono is dragged off to the guillotine. In the game I always preferred to ensure that Chrono was found guilty so that I could skip trying to escape the jail. 😛


Crono (Front)*Spites via

Chrono stared up at the ceiling of his tiny, windowless jail cell, wondering what time of day it was. How much time had passed? What was going on in the outside world? Did his mother know what had happened yet? What about Lucca? Did any of the people he’d lived his entire life with have any idea what had happened to him, or more importantly, what was soon to happen to him? How was Marle reacting? He wished he could see her again. The image of her tear-stained face being pulled away from him in the courtroom had haunted him since he’d been thrown in this light-free cell.Read More »