Accountability Tuesdays – Week 6

Excuse me for a moment while I get something out of the way:

*does a little song and dance* I’m going home today, I’m going home today~!

Okay, now that I’ve got that out, it looks like its time for another round of accountability. [whine] Do I have to? [/whine] Yes, yes I do. Shut up, me! Do better and you won’t dread these posts!

Health and Body Image Goal
I’m not really sure if I should report a good week or a bad week for this one. I didn’t eat particularly well (although I did have some pretty healthy breakfasts) but I ate less and I actually took it upon myself to get up early Sunday morning and squeeze in a P90X video. It was only one day yes, but I know it was a good one because I was too sore Monday morning to do another one. The plan is to check out some Jillian Michaels vids when I get home, so look forward to hearing about that venture.

Editing Goal
Remember two weeks ago when I said I was taking my manuscript out to work with me and that I would find the time to look at it at some point? Well I finally looked at it…last night…for about five minutes…while I was packing.

It’s not that I don’t want to get the damn thing edited, it’s just that I’m so thoroughly obsessed with the writing aspect that I’m having a really hard time convincing myself to go back over to editing. Writing is fun and joyful. Editing is pain and misery. Okay, some parts of writing are pain and misery too, but all of editing is pain and misery.

No excuse, I know. Feel free to flog me now. ~_~

1,000,000 Word Goal
It wasn’t an excellent week because work got really busy in the second half, but I still feel I did pretty decently, all things considered. I wrote a measly 404 words toward blogging, 4585 words toward my current work in progress, and another little grouping of 286 toward a new mini-project that might end up as a contest entry. So that’s a total of 5275 words for the week. Nothing to turn up your nose at!

As an add-on to this Tuesday post I would like to announce that I’m going to simplify my blogging “schedule” a bit. From now on I’m only going to blog through the weekdays and give myself the weekends off (unless there’s some specific reason I wish to blog on a particular weekend), and from now on Fridays will be Fiction Fragment Fridays. On this last day of the weekdays I will share a fragment of my written fiction, whether it be a drabble, part of one of my fanfictions, or a scene from my manuscript or current work in progress. It’s time to start sharing my actual work rather than just my personal thoughts and feelings. Look forward to it!

Upholding a Proud Tradition of Stolen Ideas…

Well the New Year has come and gone. I had a nice quiet night with my husband, our daughter, and my inlaws, sitting at home watching ridiculous shows and having a few drinks. My daughter ran around like a maniac until a few minutes before the ball dropped, at which point she cheered with the rest of us – despite having no idea what was happening – and then promptly conked out while snuggled up over my shoulder. It was a pretty good night.

But since then I’ve been think about resolutions. I’m not a big resolution person because I don’t see why January deserves to see us pronounce to change ourselves for the better any more than any other month does. It’s no easier to lose weight in January than in July, so what’s the big deal about “New Years” resolutions?

Then I stumbled across dianemackinnon‘s post, Wildly Improbable Goals 2013, in which Diane lists her goals for 2013, which are (did you guess?) wildly improbable. Not impossible, you’ll notice, but improbable. Wildly improbable.

Her vein of thinking, it seems, is, “How awesome would it feel to make a wildly improbable goal and actually achieve it?” And here I sit, finding myself nodding in agreement. It would feel awesome. What is there to lose? Failing at a wildly improbable goal would be no more frustrating than failing at an entirely probable goal, but succeeding…now that would really be something.

So here we go…Tracey’s wildly improbable goals for 2013:

1. Get into some kind of shape that makes me feel good about my body again…I’m not looking at a particular amount of weight-loss or anything specific, just a state of physical being that I feel good about. I slate this as a wildly improbable goal because, as I’ve mentioned before, my work schedule makes devoting time to such a thing particularly difficult.

2. Finish editing my zombie apocalypse novel, Nowhere to Hide. It’s time to get this f’er on the shelves, damn it!

3. Write 1,000,000 words in 2013. This is the big one. Where am I going to find the time? I have no idea. But between blog posts, drabbles, new stories, and new scenes added to NtH during editing, I want to accomplish a total word count of ONE MILLION words by the end of 2013. Wouldn’t that be something? I think it would.

So there you have it. I’m putting myself at the mercy of a trio of wildly improbable goals and I’m putting them right out here for everyone to see and hold me accountable. Hold me accountable, damn it!

When I get around to it (ie: when I get enough sleep at this godforsaken camp to be able to think about such things) I’ll make up a couple of progress bars for my goals so you can all watch me probably fail but maybe succeed.

Here’s to the wildly improbable hopes of 2013!

I’m here, I promise

I don’t attract many visitors to this blog, so I’m sure no one has actually noticed, but on the off-chance that someone has…yes, I know there hasn’t been any “101 Blog Post Ideas” posts in the past two days. I had so much to do on my days home that I couldn’t find the time to write the posts in advance. I had hoped to pluck a couple out at the airports during my layovers, but as luck would have it I took sick and spend my layovers hacking my lungs out and trying to stem the flow of my nose. On top of all that I was sent to a different camp than usual on my first night, only to be sent back to the usual one tonight. As I type this I should really be in bed, but I’m just so annoyed with the entire situation that I feel like staying up and watching as much True Blood as I can before my eyelids give out. So here I am, explaining this all, for the two or three people who will actually stumble across this post.

In conclusion, the “101” posts will continue tomorrow, for as long as the camp internet continues being less terrible than usual.