Special Excerpt Post: Nowhere to Hide

The world got a little busy this weekend and I wasn’t able to think of (never mind write) a blog post, so as penance, here’s an excerpt from my zombie apocalypse novel, tentatively titled Nowhere to Hide. Please keep in mind that this is part of the first draft, which is unrefined. Enjoy!

Nancy was only out for a few seconds, but it was enough to disorient her. All she could see was white and she felt as though she was being smothered. There was a loud, continuous honking noise somewhere nearby.

“Nancy? Nancy, are you okay?” The voice was panicked. Nancy wondered what had upset him so much.

“Are you okay?” A different voice, older, calmer, but also with a note of concern.

“I’m fine,” insisted the younger voice, though it sounded pained, “I think I bruised a few ribs flying into the back of your seat, but I’ll be okay.”

“You should wear your seat belt, you know.”

For reasons unknown to her, that statement made Nancy burst into giggles.


Her head finally started to clear. She brought both hands up and pushed back at the airbag that had nearly broken her nose. As the last of the strange bout of giggles subsided, she turned to see Marshall looking back at her with a small stream of blood running from the side of his head.

“What happened?” she asked.

He didn’t need to answer. She looked out the front window of her now-immobile car and groaned. As they’d come up over the crest of a hill there had been two vehicles – a semi and a mustang – that had crashed head-on in the middle of the road. The nose of her car was now about three feet shorter and melded sickeningly with the passenger-side door of the mustang.

“I don’t want to panic you guys,” Greg’s voice came at a squeak from the rear, “But we have a bigger problem…”

They were coming, Nancy realized with a skipped heartbeat. At least two dozen ghouls were wandering with purpose toward the car. The nearest one, a woman with the entire left side of her face missing, was only a few meters away.