30 Days of Truth – Day 27

What’s the best thing going for you right now?

I’ll be honest…I’m going through a bit of a stressful time right now. My husband and I have both been out of work since October (technically earlier for my husband, who was on parental leave at the time) due to our mill being shut down. It’s in the process of being sold, but only under a number of stipulations set by the buyer, so we have no way of knowing if the sale will ever actually happen, never mind having any idea of when. In the meantime we’re living on two unemployment checks which just barely cover our bills. It could definitely be worse (it could always be worse), but knowing that doesn’t make the current situation any less stressful.

With that having been said, and given said situation, I think that the best thing I have going for me right now is my daughter. Specifically, being able to spend some extra time with her. Being unemployed is awful, that’s for sure, but because this situation occurred at this particular time in my life I’ve been able to spend extra time home watching my daughter go through all her firsts in life. In the long run it will probably just make it harder to go back to work, but I love that I got to spend so much time playing with her, helping her learn, watching her take her first steps alone, learn how to climb the stairs, and all those other things that I might have missed otherwise.

Why yes, I am extremely sappy, thank you for noticing. 🙂