Gingerbread Newbies

I have to make a Christmas Eve confession… I am 30 years old, married, with a child of my own, and until this year I had never made a gingerbread house before. I think, maybe, once or twice when I was really small, I may have helped stick a couple of decorations on one of my cousins’ or friends’ gingerbread houses, but I never made one of my own.

But this year, as part of my daughter’s birthday gift, my mother added a gingerbread house kit. It was a pre-made house (which is pretty much my style, because just imagining trying to stick all the walls and roof together makes me shudder), and my daughter was super-excited to decorate it when I hauled it out last night.

Photo 2014-12-23, 8 36 24 PMIt’s not the prettiest gingerbread house in the world; the icing on the roof is a mess, and the door and windows I drew on are crooked and have little peaks of icing sticking out everywhere, and of course my four-year-old didn’t exactly plan out a masterful design for the little candies and gumdrops. But it’s perfect because it’s ours.

Photo 2014-12-23, 10 29 49 PMMerry Christmas everyone. ^_^