Arcade Block Unboxing and Review for November 2015

Moving on, we have my last Arcade Block ever. I have no intentions on resubscribing any time in the future because I just haven’t felt that it’s worth the cost, so let’s take a look at this last one before it gets shuffled away for bigger and better things.

“Yoshi’s Wooly World” Ugly Christmas shirt:I say “ugly” because I believe that’s what they were trying to go for, but this shirt is actually pretty cute. It may not be for everyone because of the Christmas-shirt-esque design, but I actually like it and I’ll definitely wear it, at least through the holidays. I find the design isn’t actually that Christmasy, so you could probably get away with wearing it at any time of the year, but we’ll just have to see about that.
Approximate value: $15

Nathan Drake “Uncharted” vinyl figure from Titan Merchandise:
I’m getting more and more fond of the Titan vinyl figures (don’t worry, I’m not hoping on another collection; I waste enough money as it is), and this Nathan Drake is a nice addition to our collection of video game icons. My husband loved the games, and I had a blast playing the PS Vita one, so Nathan is definitely welcome in our household.Approximate value: $12

K’NEX Angry Birds mini-fig blind bag:
My daughter likes both Angry Birds and blind bags, so those are the pros of this item. The cons are that I don’t really like seeing mobile game stuff in my gamer box. Say what you will, but even though I do occasionally play mobile games, I don’t feel like they have a place among the likes of big, classic video games. Just my opinion!
Approximate value: $5

“Mansion Key” aka Roundabout way of including a Resident Evil item:
This item bugs me more than it probably should, but I don’t care. I think it’s dumb. Specifically, it annoys me because the Arcade Block team made a point of advertising that there was going to be a Resident Evil item in this box, but it’s not…it has no actual affiliating with Resident Evil at all, thus I feel like it’s an out-and-out lie. Again, just my opinion.
Approximate value: I dunno…maybe $2?

“Halo 5” Calendar:
This would be a cool item if I was still into Halo. Unfortunately it hasn’t been on my gaming list for quite a while, and since I’ve already got a Star Wars calendar from the Nerd Block I definitely won’t be using it, but I also can’t call it a bad item because it’s not really. Cheers to those who will be enjoying it throughout 2016.
Approximate value: $8

“The Master Cork”:
I might be being a little hypocritical here because I don’t think this is an official Legend of Zelda item, but this one I love because it’s just too funny. A wine cork that looks like the Master Sword is in the bottle…that’s awesome. Even if I have to preemptively open a bottle in order to use it, I am definitely going to stick this in something for my mother to come across when she’s visiting for Christmas. XD
Approximate value: this is an exclusive, but based on other wine corks I’m going to go with about $8

Total approximate value of box: $50
Total approximate cost to me: $40

So the first thing you might notice is that the value of this box is actually down from usual, but that’s actually proof that sometimes the retail value isn’t what matters, because there were some decent and fun items in this box. I still look closely at the value just because the cost of these boxes is so much right now and I want to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth, but it’s just something to think about.

Personally I’m on the fence about this last box. I think the shirt is pretty cute, I got a huge kick out the “Master Cork”, and Nathan Drake will look awesome among our other video game collectibles, while I feel pretty strongly that the mansion key and the Angry Birds blind bag are stupid, cheap filler, and the Halo calendar is just not for me. So I guess it’s an even keel: three good items, three bad ones. And that’s actually not that bad, considering that I’ve been mostly disappointed with Arcade Block in general.

So there you go, my last ever Arcade Block. What did you guys think? Was it a good one? What did you like the most? What did you hate? Please share!