Accountability Tuesdays – Week 42

I’m going to be honest right from the get-go: I have no idea what happened this week. It seems as though everything pretty much fell apart on me, or a couple of the days just vanished without me knowing. There was at least one day spent on a very long shopping trip, looking for the necessary materials for the little missy’s Halloween costume, so I know where that day went, but I’ll be damned if I can tell you what happened to the other six. So lets…let’s just go through the motions, shall we?

Health and Body Image Goal

I’ll admit right off the bat that there was no exercise done at all this week (unless you count that one day of wandering around malls for several hours straight). So I guess that completely demolishes my October mini-goal of exercising every day, hmm? I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it seems to have been a mixture of having a million other things to do and sleeping like death every night. Seriously, I’ve been sleeping about ten hours a night the last week. No idea what’s going on there, and it really cuts into the day.

Excuses, excuses, I know. But on the upside, I’ve been trying to do some little things to help myself perk back up, like forcing myself to eat something for breakfast (I am not a breakfast person; never have been, never will be), and drinking extra glasses of water throughout the day. As yet these little changes seem to be doing bugger all for me, so I’m starting to wonder if I’m not sick or something. Or maybe just stressed. Stressed is definitely a possibility.

As a side note, I bought myself two really cute, long-over-the-butt-style sweater shirts the other day…that has nothing to do with health, obviously, but I look really cute in them so I’m filing the purchase under “body image”. 😛

Editing Goal

This is my biggest disappointment this week because I was actually doing quite well and then just…crickets. Fields of chirping crickets. I did manage to get up an hour before the rest of the family yesterday and whip through a chapter, but I’m still behind if I want to finish by the end of the month. Hoping to grind through today.

The additional kick in the pants is that I’ve been sinking deeper and deeper into “evil internal editor” mode. Other writers will know this as the mode in which your internal editor starts to tell you everything that’s wrong with your novel and starts to scream obscenities about doing a complete rewrite. Successful writers will know this as the mode in which you have to grit your teeth, drown that annoying little voice in your head whatever way you can and just finish. No story is every really done, and it can always be changed, which is the kind of thing that drives an author mad, so you have to push past those impulses if you don’t want to be working on the same book for thirty years. I definitely do not want to be working on this book for the next thirty years. So I’m going to push through, throw it at my beta reader, and run away screaming. Hopefully once she’s read through it she won’t have a laundry list of items for me to change once NaNoWriMo is over.

1,000,000 Words Goal

Well I can’t say that it was my worst week, so I guess that’s something. Actually, it was quite a good week compared to some of my weeks from earlier in the year; it just wasn’t all I’d hoped for. Most of my word count came from scheduling blog posts, which hasn’t really be going as well as I’d hoped (why is it so hard to think of things to talk about in advance?), and a few are from yesterday morning when I realized I hadn’t been working on the editing and went nuts on a chapter. The grand total for the week is a respectable 7520. Respectable, but not good enough for my tastes. So here’s hoping I can get the fingers working again this week and rip through as much editing and as many blog posts as possible before month’s end. The NaNoWriMo monster is coming to steal me away, and he has chains and whips. o_o

Accountability Tuesdays: Week 41

The days are getting colder and shorter. As I type this right now it is a quarter past 9 in the morning, but it’s dark enough outside to believe that it’s late evening. It’s an icky, rainy day, the kind that makes you want to curl up indoors under a fluffy blanket and not come out for a week.

Luckily, I have no good reason to go out, and a lot of writing to do, so HA. Take that, Autumn!

Moving on thusly…

Health and Body Image Goal

I did both well and poorly this week, depending on which parts of the week you look at. At the beginning of this week I hopped on the treadmill every morning, but I ate poorly every evening. During the second half of the week I ate a little better, but didn’t make it to the treadmill. In my defense I’ve been working, writing, rampaging through the house trying to reorganize and sell off junk I don’t want. It’s rather quite exhausting. In fact, I think I might be bordering on stressed out. Deary me, this is quite the development.

Editing Goal

I’ve been away from editing the past two days because life intruded quite a bit, but the upside is that I did very well for most of the week. I am now officially halfway through. The downside is that I’ve been starting to develop the evil inner editor that many writers often speak about. She fills my head with doubts and insists on adding new information that would make the editing process last much longer. I still plan to have this bloody manuscript off my desk by the end of October, but again that stress thing rears its ugly head. I keep thinking of things I missed, ways I could have made the story more realistic, more interesting, but to work with all these new thoughts would make the process take much, much longer than I’m planning to devote to it. This…this is why writers hate editing…because there’s always this little voice in the back of the writer’s head trying to make them rewrite the entire story instead of just shining it up enough to be published. It’s like a violent schizophrenia that exists entirely within the writer’s subconscious.

1,000,000 Word Goal

I did a little worse this week than last week, but still rounded out on a decent number considering that I’m doing more editing than new writing. I rounded out on 11604 words written. That brings me up past 350,000 for my yearly total thus far. Obviously it’s looking very unlikely that I’ll ever get anywhere close to a million words, but there is still a very good chance that I’ll make it to half a mill, which is wonderful in its own right, so wish me luck!


Accountability Tuesdays – Week 40

We’re officially one week into October. Halloween and NaNoWriMo grow closer as the days get colder. And I have several dozen things to be dealt with, so let’s just jump right into it this week, shall we? 🙂

Health and Body Image Goal

As per my mini-goal, I’ve been getting a bit of exercise in each day, which has been a half hour on the treadmill. There were two days in the past week that I didn’t hop on the treadmill, but one of those days was spent shopping, so I got the exercise in by doing a lot of walking around and running after the baby, so really I just missed the one.

The treadmill-ing has been going well, and I can honestly say that I feel good after doing a half-hour program on it, but I can’t say the same about the whole “eating better” thing. For one thing, exercise makes me hungry. There’s no denying that, and I refuse to go around all day feeling like there’s a ravenous little beast in my stomach clawing to get out. For another thing, the hubby and I have been taking part in our annual October tradition of watching a horror movie every night, and watching movies late at night inevitably leads to snacking. True, I could be snacking on healthier things than chips and ice cream, but…yeah.

Feel free to yell at me for having no food-related willpower.


I can’t honestly say that the editing process has been going as quickly as I had hoped it would, but I can still say that it’s going pretty well. I’ve “finished” four chapters and am currently working on the fifth. I say “finished” with quotation marks because there are a couple of small details that might have to be changed once I’ve asked a few people a few questions of a few more knowledgeable people (mostly involving info on guns, of which I know positively jack). That’s the kind of thing that will only take a few minutes though, so I’m calling the editing process approximately 30% done. Ten and a half chapters left to do in 24 days, which is two and a quarter days per chapter. Think I can do it? @_@

1,000,000 Word Goal

Writing a blog post a day even on my off-days is going quite well. I already have a couple of posts scheduled in advance, and it’s my hope that I’m able to get ahead enough to have a good number of posts scheduled for during NaNoWriMo. Also, since a lot of the editing process has involved complete rewordings of key scenes, I’ve managed to rack up a word count over the past week of 11684 words. A little more would have been nice, but still very good considering that most of my time is being spent on editing old words rather than writing new ones.

All in all the mini-goals are going fairly well (aside from that whole eating better thing), so I’m happy so far. Now if I can work in a little extra time with the editing and also find time to start (and finish) missy’s Halloween costume, I’d be really kicking ass. Anyone have a time machine I could borrow?

Accountability Tuesdays – Week 39

Since I did a brain dump yesterday, I don’t really have anything to start off this post with. But, I do have a number of October-based mini-goals to share as part of my accountability this week, so let’s just get on with it, shall we?

Health and Body Image Goal

This past week was no better than the last several weeks of reported nothingness. If anything, it’s been worse because I’ve been having some pretty strong and continuous cravings for all the bad things ever made; chips and pop are a particularly strong one. In fact, the bad habits of the past couple of weeks have caught up to me and I’ve actually gained a couple of pounds. I’m not absolutely certain, but I think I might have officially broken my highest ever weight, and I’m not happy about it.

Cue October Mini-Goal Numbers 1 and 2:

#1. Focus on eating better, including eating some kind of (half-decent) breakfast each morning, abstaining from pop, drinking more water, and making healthier suppers.

#2. Do some kind of exercise every day. This is probably going to mostly be going down on my treadmill for a while because I’ve reached a point of being so out of shape that most forms of exercise make me gasp and feel like I’m going to throw up, which I believe is counter-productive.

I’ll try my damnedest to do each of these for 31 straight days and see if it makes some kind of difference for me.

Editing Goal

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve been at a bit of a standstill the past week as far as my zombie manuscript goes. Much of this can be attributed to being busy working on the daughter’s room and a variety of other things, but a good bit of it is good old fashioned “I don’t wanna!”ness.

I’m not a fan of editing. I pretty much hate it with a fiery passion. But it has to be done, and I would like to have it done before NaNo starts so I’ll be distraction free for starting something brand new.

Enter October Mini-Goal #3: Work on editing for at least one solid hour a day. Lock myself in a room where the hubby and bubby can’t get at me if I have to. Think about nothing but the story for that hour. Go longer if possible and/or if my head hasn’t exploded by the end of the hour.

1,000,000 Word Goal

This past week has been pretty shabby. It’s been the worst week in quite a while, actually. Since I didn’t really do any editing stuff at all, and since I’m not currently working on anything new while I’m trying to deal with all the editing, the only actual writing I did was blogging, which only came to a total of 3433 words. I’m terribly disappointed in this. Terribly disappointed.

Enter October Mini-Goal #4: I don’t want to dedicate too much time to writing new stuff because what I really want to be focusing on is finishing up my zombie manuscript, but I also don’t want to completely demolish my word count in the process. Thus, for the 31 days of October, I’m going to try and write one blog post every day. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to post a blog post every single day this month; my posting schedule will remain as is, but the posts I write on off-days will help me keep ahead of myself moving into NaNo month. See? Sometimes I can plan ahead!

And now that I’ve written these four mini-goals down, hopefully I’ll be able to hold to them. I want you all to yell at me if I don’t, okay? Okay. 🙂

Accountability Tuesdays – Week 38

Have you ever noticed that in life there occasionally come these little moments – moments that don’t mean a hill of beans to most people, but which affect you in a way that you can’t really explain (or wouldn’t want to)?

Last night was one of those moments for me as I began to tear apart my daughter’s room. She’s going to be 3 years old in December and we’ve been thinking for a while that the nursery theme (two shades of yellow, plus white, and a bunch of Winnie the Pooh decorations) don’t really suit her. She never got into Winnie and half of what she owns is pink, so we finally sucked it up and bought the paint to redo her room. I’m excited to make the room more “her”, but it was also very sad and strange to tear down the Winnie border and the wall decal quote that I spent months trying to find, and to toss aside the pictures my husband make in Photoshop specifically for that room.

Moments in time, hmm?

And while you’re feeling a little bit of empathy for me, try to skim past the following segment:

Health and Body Image Goal

I refuse to comment this week, other than to say that I’ve felt like crap so I haven’t been doing anything, and I feel like crap for having not done anything.

Editing Goal

I’m about two thirds of the way through the third chapter of my zombie apocalypse, which puts me almost a fifth of the way through the whole thing. It’s been a little slower going than I was hoping because I keep getting distracted by a million other things (see daughter’s room, above), but I can’t complain too much. As mentioned in yesterday’s post I’m a little more than frightened about how happy I’ve been with the story thus far…as insane as it seems, thinking that my story is actually good sets off warning bells in my head. Ah, the brain of a writer.

1,000,000 Word Goal

A lot of my words this week have been based on the editing I’ve been doing, but I’m okay with that. Some of it has been blogging as well, so that’s fine, right? Right. All total I wound up with 13054 words for the past week, and I also surpassed another milestone, bringing my yearly total up to 330121 words. I’m definitely confident that I’ll at least hit half a mill before the end of the year, which is still way more than what I expected to wind up with when I made the goal. XD

And now that that is over with for another week, it’s time to go prepare to paint. Wish me luck in keeping the tears back!

Accountability Tuesdays – Week 37

Before I get down to business this morning (business meaning typing out my accountability post as fast as possible so I can clean my house because oh-my-god-what-have-I-been-doing-the-past-few-weeks-it’s-so-messy-in-here!) I wanted to mention something. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting an unusual (for me) number of likes, follows, and comments on my posts. By comparison my blog is still pretty weak in that department, but it gives me a little thrill of cheer every time I see one of these notices pop up on my phone, because it lets me know that people are reading. And there is nothing more frustrating for a writer than thinking that she’s talking to herself. So a big “HIYA!” to everyone who has been stopping by the blog lately, and I hope you keep stopping by and giving me those little like/follow/comment thrills. They keep me alive…you want to keep me alive, right? 🙂

Health and Body Image Goal

Words can not describe what a piece of crap I feel like when writing about this every week. I keep coming up with excuses (although I still stand by my convictions the week my back felt broken), but in reality they’re just excuses. I could set an alarm every morning and abide by it whether the baby kept me up all night or not. I could force myself to go down to the basement and give my all to an exercise video. I could drag myself outside with the baby and go for walks or something else otherwise more physical than sitting at my computer most of the day every day.

But I don’t. And I feel like a lazy bum because of it. I need some motivation badly. For some reason just wanting to feel better about myself doesn’t seem to be cutting it. I need to, like, post pictures of myself when I was at my best all over the house or something, but I don’t think that would amuse my husband very much. Heh…any ideas, people? My lazy-ass self is at your mercy!


I have something to report! I have something to report! Ha!

So I finally, finally have been getting back to work on my zombie apocalypse novel. This week I mostly went back over what I had already done earlier in the year, but I still feel like I got something done because it had to be transferred over into a Scrivener file, and I also made a fairly significant change to part of the opening that I feel makes it work a little better. As per yesterday’s post I’ve also been going through and researching some things that I believe will make the story feel more realistic to knowledgeable readers. I’ve been lucky enough to have been offered assistance by two awesome people who have experience in the fields I need help with, so I think I’m going to be able to make some great changes that will make the story all that much better. Onward and upward!

1,000,000 Word Goal

I mentioned that my word count would probably go down a bit, what with focusing more on the editing aspect, and it did, but I still managed to eek out a reasonable 13526 words. Over the following weeks of editing I’m going to be counting some of my edited words since I’ll be taking a lot of time to transfer them to a Scrivener count, and will be changing and adding stuff as I go along. Hopefully those words will help keep me going at a decent speed throughout the following couple of months.

And that’s my report for today! Now, off to rampage through my disgusting domicile!

Accountability Tuesdays – Week 36

Does anyone else have as much trouble with sleep as I do? Last night was a doozy. I wasn’t actually asleep until about 1 am, but I woke up when my husband came to bed around 3 am. I fell back down pretty quickly after that, but the baby woke me up at 4 am. I took her to the bathroom and tucked her all in, but then I lay in bed for over an hour, somehow exhausted but unable to sleep at the same time. I finally drifted off around 5:30 am…only to have the baby wake me up again at 6. So I lay in bed for another hour or so, unable to sleep again, and the neighbors chose that moment to get up super early and, like, pack their entire home into their vehicles or something… I don’t know what they were doing, but I heard car doors opening and shutting over and over again for almost half an hour.

To make a long story short, I’m a little dozy this morning, so cut me some slack, okay?

Health and Body Image Goal

I swear, I’m trying. I’ve decided that I’m going to do Turbo Jam – at least for a little while – because it kicks my ass but is also pretty fun. Unfortunately I have to admit that I haven’t actually done it since I made that decision. After my back finally healed last week, I decided to officially start the program this Monday…then I promptly woke up feeling as though my sinuses were crammed full of every allergen ever conceived. Then last night happened as explained above, and here I am only getting started with the day around 11 am. It’s possible that I will get around to the program sometime today, but I wouldn’t hold my breath too long.

That said, a piece of advice for anyone trying to lose weight: if you come across a recipe for a drink that helps stave off hunger and reduce fat intake, you may want to skip it. It involves oranges, lemons, and limes, plus cucumber and mint, and it tastes like the bowels of a sewer. I had really expected it would taste like a citrus drink of some kind, but all you can taste is the cucumber and mint, which does not a lovely combination make. You’ve been warned.

Editing Goal

As mentioned last week, I planned to start focusing on my zombie apocalypse once I had all my notebooks transcribed. That’s still the plan, and though I got slowed down some this week, I’m almost to that point now. I have three or four scenes left to transcribe out of the last notebook, and I should be able to finish that today if I put a bit of a drive on. Go me!

1,000,000 Word Goal

This week was a bit of a disappointment compared to previous weeks, but a lot of the reason is because I took a trip down home for a “Girl’s Night” party for my mother’s birthday, so there’s no regrets. Even taking that into consideration, I put a bit of a drive on yesterday evening and managed to bring my weekly total up to 15042 words. Nothing to sneeze at.

Now that I have all that out of the way, it’s nearly noon so I really feel I ought to get some work done. Wish me luck!

Accountability Tuesdays – Week 33

I’ve recently coined a new phrase that I think will catch on: “Trying to write with a toddler around is like trying to do complex mathematics while covered in puppies.”

Okay, so it’s not terribly clever, but it’s true. For all the parents out there who are trying to take their writing seriously but have young children in the house with you at the same time that you’re trying to work…you’re not alone.

I love my daughter beyond words, but no one with kids can argue with me that trying to work from home with little kids around isn’t like climbing uphill, backwards, wearing four hundred pounds of gear. It’s a little difficult, is what I’m trying to get at.

And with that said, let’s move on to the accountability, shall we?

Health and Body Image Goal

Last week I laughed (digitally) at this one. This week I am in so many stitches that I’m turning blue. I’ve been battling with some major sugar cravings that seem constant and unyielding, and no, I haven’t done any “real” exercise. That said, I’m in the process of cleaning up the basement so that I can start doing my workout videos ago. The only problem with this is that my cats have recently decided that they don’t much care for their litter box. The entire basement smells like cat pee, and I’m at a loss to figure out exactly where the smell is coming from. Pray for me, my friends. I’m gonna need it.

Editing Goal

I haven’t done any editing in the traditional sense, but I have been doing something that I think is just as important. With the hell of several great blogs and some interesting articles on the Writer’s Digest website, I’ve been making some important notes about changes I want to make in my zombie apocalypse novel. I think these changes will really improve the flow of the story and the believability of the characters, so I’d say that’s as good as actually doing some editing, right? Damn right!

1,000,000 Word Goal

Again, this week I didn’t get as much writing in as I was hoping, but my total turned out to be surprisingly high. Between blogging, transcribing, morning pages, and other Artist’s Way exercises, I managed to wrack up a total of 24263 words, which if I’m not mistaken, is my best week yet. I may not reach a million words this year, but I am definitely destroying my previous years’ records.

And that’s that for this week. Ciao!

Accountability Tuesdays – Week 32

As mentioned yesterday before my little excerpt, this weekend has been more than a little busy. We spent the entire weekend visiting family and taking part in various events. We even spent a chunk of time just shopping around with the baby in tow. It was all a good time, and we ended it off with the baby’s first trip to a super-wavy beach (which was a blast), but it finalized in the most exhausted me you could imagine. I slept approximately ten hours last night, and I swear I could sleep at least ten more. But the world moves on, there are more things to do, and so I’ll have to just pretend that I slept twenty hours, okay? Okay.

Health and Body Image Goal

*insert slightly insane laughter here*

I actually probably lost a pound or two over the past four days, because that seems to happen whenever we spend a chunk of time visiting down home, but for the most part I can honestly say that this goal did not even exist in my mind this week. The only exercise I did was dragging the baby around, and the only non-fatty food I ate was the vegetables that we had with our steak on Sunday. And that trend isn’t likely to end for a little while yet because I have a children’s birthday party to go to this evening (sugar sugar sugar), and then sometime over the next week and a half we are planning on a shopping trip to New Brunswick (fast food, fast food, fast food). Wish me luck in not actually gaining a bunch more weight!

Editing Goal

I’m a bit up in the air on this one. I didn’t technically do any editing for my zombie apocalypse novel, since I’m focusing on trying to transcribe my notebooks right now. But then again, I’m technically editing as I’m transcribing. The transcribed stuff will likely still be revised and edited further once I’ve gotten everything properly organized into Scrivener, but I am editing bits and pieces as I’m typing them up, so I guess you could say I’ve been doing mini-edits? Yeah, let’s go with “mini-edits”.

1,000,000 Word Goal

I didn’t get as much writing in as I was hoping, because I grossly overestimated how much time I would be able to spend on my laptop while down home visiting people, but I still managed a chunk. By counting my transcribed words (which, I have to be honest, I still feel a little skeezy about, but whatever), I managed to eek out 17166 words. A fair bit of that is also The Artist’s Way exercises and tasks, of which I have many more to do this week, so hopefully next week’s word count will be as good as this one was!

And speaking of The Artist’s Way, I’d better go work on a bit of that while I’ve got a chance, before that children’s party I mentioned earlier. Later!