Five Years and Counting (Plus: Kids are Adorable)

This past weekend was a busy one for my family because it was my daughter’s 5th birthday. Right off the bat, that entire concept just amazed me because it in no way feels like five years has passed since my little sweetheart came into this world. She has continually amazed me in so many ways, and even though she’s one of the smartest and most amazing little kids I know, it’s just so difficult to believe that she’s been around for five years already.

Five years old and totally proficient with a sword. No, seriously. *cough* >.>

And although there were moments of the party that weren’t easy – like when one kid kept insisting on climbing on the tables and another slipped and fell and started bawling – there were lots of moments that made me think about how amazing kids in general can be. Such as? Well, I’m so glad that you asked…

For one thing, there’s the little girl who my daughter considers to be her best friend. This little girl is absolutely what I would consider to be “girly”, which isn’t a bad thing, but for the purposes of this story is interesting. Because of the things she enjoys, and the fact that my daughter doe in fact enjoy some of those things too, I just figured that this little girl would pick out a present of the My Little Pony or Frozen persuasion. However, this little girl, according to her father, pointed at the Ninja Turtle invitation we’d sent out, told him how much my daughter loves Ninja Turtles, and flat-out INSISTED that she HAD to get a Ninja Turtle toy for her birthday. The fact that a five-year-old can be so thoughtful of what her best friend loves just amazed me and made me dissolve from the cuteness.

Another thing that was just beyond adorable was the reaction of two little girls who weren’t actually invited to the party. My daughter knows a lot of kids at school, but for simplicity (and the fact that I don’t actually know many of the families myself), I just invited the kids in her class plus a handful of kids we knew from outside the class. Two little girls from another class just happened to be in the same complex where the party was, and since they’d wandered by my husband invited them to come in and play. They did, for a few minutes, and then took off again, so I figured they’d left with their families. A few minutes later, however, they reappeared with messy balls of wrapping paper in their hands. One of them grabbed my arm, showed me the balls of paper, and nervously asked, “She likes rocks, right?” It turns out the two little girls had gone and gathered some pretty rocks from outside and bundled them in paper to give as a birthday gift, because they knew my daughter often picks up and keeps pretty rocks from the playground at school. Again, I almost died from the cuteness…they didn’t want to attend a birthday party without a present, and they came up with the best option they could under the circumstances. TOO ADORABLE.

And something that truly surprised me a lot was that almost every kid who attended the party (seventeen all together) signed the cards themselves, except for the ones who actually made cards. No fewer than four of my daughter’s classmates – plus the little sister of the best friend – made their own special birthday cards, with two more using the supplies I’d brought to the party to make her birthday pictures before they left. And one little boy in particular had a truly awesome message on his card: “I love you more than anything.” How freakin’ cute is that?

All in all, even though there were a few moments that made me twitch – I’m lookin’ at you, kid who dug his fingers in the cake frosting – the party just had so many adorable moments that made me want to melt, and it made me smile to know that my daughter already has lots of little friends who know her well and like her lots. At her age I was shy around other girls and fairly violent toward boys, so I think she’s got me beat so far. XD

Happy Belated Birthday, cutie. Keep up the good work. ^_^