Almost Like Watching A Sporting Event, I Swear

I didn’t prepare a post for you guys today, and the main reason is that I spent the entire evening yesterday watching the live reports on the federal election. And I can’t even believe I just wrote that sentence.

I’m 31 years old, and this was the first time I have ever voted. The reason isn’t because I’m lazy or don’t care about the government. The reason is basically that I’ve never felt that any candidateĀ deservedĀ my vote. I am not a fan of politics in the first place, but in all the elections that have come since I was old enough to vote I’ve never felt that any of the folks running were doing what I personally felt was important, so why support any of them?

This year my attitude changed. It’s not so much that I thought any one candidate was the crowning jewel who would bring our country back into glory; it’s that I knew something had to change. I know there are people out there who support Harper and believe he was the best we’ve ever had, but that’s your opinion and I’ve got mine…and mine is that he is a fool who tried (and failed) to turn Canada into the USA, and in the process destroyed some of the best things about our country. And I wanted him out.

Clearly I wasn’t alone. I was up half the night watching the live coverage, and I cheered with glee as I saw the Liberals completely overtake the election, winning twice as many seats as the Conservatives.

I keep grinning like a fool whenever I look at this chart.
I keep grinning like a fool whenever I look at this chart.

Again, it’s not so much that I believe the Trudeau and the Liberals will fix the country; I just honestly believe that Harper would only continue to destroy it.

And I’ve got hope. The last time we had a Liberal majority the country was actually looking pretty damn good. Maybe that will happen again. Maybe not…but maybe so.

So for the millions of people who agree with me: let’s have a day to sit back and smile and hope, shall we? Grab a “Tim’s” and settle into your chair and justĀ hope…maybe they’ll get it right this time.

You never know. It could happen.