A Suggestion to WordPress

In response to the extremely frustrating experience I just endured, I would like to take this opportunity to make a suggestion to WordPress, and you all can back me up if you like.

Dear WordPress:

I understand that you probably think that your Autosave feature is the bee’s knees. I agree that in most cases it is a genuinely helpful feature. But occasionally it is itself the cause of great misery and misfortune.

I just spent almost an hour typing up what I thought was a fairly excellent blog post. It was well over 1000 words. All I had to do before posting it was to enter a title. Somehow, when I moved to do that (I still don’t know what the hell happened), the cursor jumped back down from the title space into the post space, and approximately 800 of my words got overwritten by one letter stroke.

Guess what happened then? Yup…Autosave chose that exact moment to kick in, saving the “change” to my post and thus completely destroying it. There is absolutely no way that I’m going to recreate that post exactly as it was, nor do I have the time to try and figure out precisely what I had written and in what order. That post is, as far as I’m concerned, gone forever. Because of your Autosave feature.

I understand that most people probably love this feature. I myself have been saved by it a few times when my computer decided to crash in the middle of the post. But if I may make a suggestion…there should be an option to have Autosave save two or three different files, one at a time. Save in file 1, then file 2, then file 3, and when you come around for Autosave number 4, save over file 1 again. This simple addition would have allowed me to quickly close out of the post, load up the file from before my post was destroyed, and save my hard-written post.

Just a suggestion. Just a suggestion.

Sincerely,An Extremely Frustrated Blogger