Loot Crate Unboxing and Review for May 2015

Continuing on with the super-late unboxings, today we have the Loot Crate box for May, for which the theme was “Unite”. Take a look at the unboxing video first:

So you can see that my reaction to this particular box was a little bit mixed. But is the value there? Let’s take a look:

“Power Rangers” Green/White Ranger t-shirt: Easily my favorite thing in the box, right here. I’m totally in love with it because not only is it something different, but it’s something that totally harkens back to my childhood. This is definitely a shirt that I will have no problem at all wearing. Like all Loot Crate’s shirts this one is exclusive to the box, but we’ll still give it the standard shirt value of $15.

“Rick and Morty” 300-piece puzzle: Well this is something different, at least. A puzzle! The only thing is I wish it was of something I enjoy more. I’m sure Loot Crate was trying to get more different things in the box, but I would have preferred an Avengers puzzle, or a Power Rangers one, or really anything a little more mainstream. Still, it’s kind of a cute idea. I believe this is an exclusive item to Loot Crate, but similar-sized puzzles go for about $10.

“Team Fortress 2” 4-piece button set: These buttons don’t do it for me at all because I haven’t played Team Fortress 2 and, as mentioned in the video, I’m getting a bit sick of getting buttons in my subscription boxes. Sometimes they’re cute, but we just have so many of them now, and I’m not the kind of person who, like, decorates their clothes and stuff with things like this, so they’re basically just sitting around the house. I believe this is an exclusive to Loot Crate as well, but similar button sets go for about $6.

Marvel Comics shoelaces: Now here’s something else a little different; decorate your shoes with Marvel comics! I’m fairly amused by these, although the images on them are actually really hard to see, so from a distance they’d basically just look like a funny black and grey design. It’s too bad they aren’t a little more colorful, but at least this color scheme will go with everything. As near as I can tell this particular design is exclusive, but there are tons of other Marvel shoelaces you can get and they retail for about $9.

Marvel Ice Cube Tray: Okay, I’m pretty amused by this one, mostly because it’s the fourth in my small collection of nerdy ice cube trays, and it would be pretty cool to have Cap’s shield floating around in my whiskey. I found this particular item on a number of different websites, but the average cost of it seems to be about $12.

Marvel Avengers car decal: Now this is pretty amusing, and the more that I think about it, the more I think it would be pretty amusing to have it in the driver’s side window of my car. I might wait until we get a new vehicle though, because the rapidly-falling-apart-piece-of-junk we have does not deserve to be adorned with the Avengers’ visage. I couldn’t find this particular design online, but similar car decals go for about $5.

Mini-Mad magazine: This is a cute idea, though not terribly interesting to me, as I’m pretty certain Mad won’t hold the same sway as it did when I was a kid. A regular issue of Mad goes for $6, but this is a kind of mini-issue, so we’ll go ahead and say $3.

“Bravest Warriors” comic: I’m amassing quite a little collection of loose comics because of Loot Crate, but that’s quite alright. This one doesn’t exactly thrill me because I know nothing about Bravest Warriors, but it’s still pretty cool all the same and I will accept it. These single-issue comics go for about $5.

Total approximate value of box: $65
Total cost to me: $37

So again we have a subscription box that seems to have stepped up its game as far as value goes. There were actually a lot of items in this month’s Loot Crate, and many of them were of a good value, which is very nice to see. By far my favorite item is the Green/White Ranger t-shirt, but the Marvel ice cube tray is a close second. I don’t really care about the puzzle, the pins, or the magazine, but I’m okay with the shoelaces, the decal, and the comic. Mainly I’m just amazed that there were so many separate items in this month’s box, as most of the subscription boxes tend to come with an average of 5-6 items. Nice job on that one, Loot Crate; I’m looking forward to June’s “Cyber” box.

What did you think? Did you receive a Loot Crate for May? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? Please share!