Marvel Collector Corps “Deadpool” Unboxing and Review

Yay, Deadpool! You guys might not realize this as much as my YouTube subscribers, but I’m a pretty huge fan of Deadpool, and I’m also a pretty huge fan of the Marvel Collector Corps subscription box, therefore I was super excited when I first found out that MCC was going to be doing a Deadpool box. 100% Deadpool, curated by Funko? Hells yeah!

And before I even got the box I was hearing so many good things…my subscribers were teasing me, telling me how awesome it was and how they couldn’t wait to see me open it, my husband (who opened it while I was at work) was telling me that it was the best MCC box ever, and my fellow YouTubers were making their own unboxing videos with titles like, “AWESOME DEADPOOL BOX!” It almost killed me, it really did. So, of course, when I got home from my shift it was the first thing that I decided to film.

BOOM! Deadpool-gasm. Breakdown time!

“Deadpool” pin and patch:
As always, the little patch and pin come attached to the inner flap and commemorate the theme of the box. The pin has a bit of a raise-eyed, cocky-looking Deadpool, and the patch has a more “I’m about to stab you in the face”-looking Deadpool. Cute little things to start the box off with.
Approximate value: $2 for the pin, $5 for the patch

“Inverse Deadpool” Funko Pop t-shirt:
There were four different possible shirts to get, all the same design but in different colors. I got the “inverse” one that has Deadpool’s colors reversed, whereas you could have also gotten original Deadpool, yellow-and-blue Deadpool, or X-Force-coloring Deadpool. I would have been okay with any of them, but I am kinda glad I didn’t get the yellow-and-blue one because I just don’t think the design looks as nice with those colors. Anyway, long story short, it’s a cute design, nothing terribly special, but I’ll definitely wear it.
Approximate value: $15

Variant cover #001 “Deadpool” comic:
As with the patch, pin, and shirt, every Collector Corps box comes with a comic related to the theme, with a variant cover that is usually designed to reflect Funko products. This one features Deadpool with a ripped mask, standing atop a mountain of chimichangas and tacos, which is just too perfect.
Approximate value: $6

“Inverse Deadpool” Mopeez plush:
SO FRIKKIN CUTE. As I said in the video, I don’t really have any intention of collecting Mopeez, but I do think that they’re adorable, and this one especially so. He’s one of the least, well…mopey-looking Mopeez, but that’s okay because I love his big eyes and fat little body. TOO CUTE. I can’t get that across strongly enough.
Approximate value: $8

“Cowboy Deadpool” Dorbz figure:
And there’s even more adorable-ness in the box with this Dorbz figure, which is based on the Funko Pop “Cowboy Deadpool” figure. This thing is just too cute. He’s got the happy little face that all Dorbz have, a well-crafted cowboy hat, and the part that really got me: a little stick-horsey held at his side. How goddamn adorable is that? I can’t even get over it. Like Mopeez I don’t really intend to collect a large number of Dorbz, but I do think they’re awesome and I love getting them in these boxes.
Approximate value: $10

Exclusive, Leaping “Deadpool” Funko Pop! figure:
And last, but definitely not least, the best part of these boxes: an exclusive Funko Pop! figure. This one is awesome. The head and the paint job are basically the same as every other red-suited Deadpool Pop, but he’s in this great leaping-attack pose, with his legs pulled up close to his body and a sword held out in both the front of and back. A clear stand attached to his back keeps him  held aloft in “death-from-above” position. It’s just too cool; I absolutely love it and I think it might be the best Pop! to come in a Collector Corps box since the Hulkbuster.
Approximate value: $20

Approximate total value of box: $66
Approximate cost to me: $39

So, without even having to go into any real detail, I totally adored this box. I LOVE Deadpool, so I was bound to like it no matter what, but I also loved the variety of items in the box. There was the usual stuff that is (almost) always in these boxes, but there were also three separate, different types of Funko items, which really made the box feel more impressive than previous ones. Even if it hadn’t been Deadpool, just the fact that there was a Mopeez, AND a Dorbz, AND a Pop, PLUS the other stuff is awesome to me. Definitely, without a doubt, the best box yet.

The value was also there, of course, although I do have to mention that said value is going to be a bit skewed from now on, since this was the last box that I had prepaid for, back when the Canadian dollar wasn’t in the toilet. Now it’s time for me to resubscribe, and unfortunately that will mean that the cost-per-box is going to go up considerably. Sucks, but it’s unavoidable if I want to continue subscribing, and it’s all the fault of the Canadian dollar, not the service itself.

So, all in all, I’m definitely very happy, although I little depressed about the future cost of the service. Now, excuse me while I go snuggle my Mopeez for a while.

What did you think of the “Deadpool” Collector Corps box? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? Are you even a fan of Deadpool? WHY THE HELL NOT? Please share!

Collector Corps “Guardians of the Galaxy” Unboxing and Review

If you guys watch my unboxing videos or read these review posts, you know that I’ve been calling “Collector Corps” my absolute favorite subscription box for a while now. It combines two of my things – Marvel and Funko – and I’ve never personally experienced any of the issues that other people have (like shipping problems and broken contents), so I’ve been more than happy with the service in general.

Then I started hearing stories about this particular box…nothing specific, just about how people were not impressed at all, and I began to wonder how it could possibly be that bad. So let’s go ahead and check it out together, shall we?

“Collector Corps” patch and pin:
As usual, these are the little box-specific collectibles that come in every Collector Corps. They’re always cute – this time the patch features Rocket and the pin features Groot – but not worth spending a lot of time talking about.
Approximate value: $5 for the patch, $2 for the pin

“Guardians of Infinity” comic with variant cover:
Every box includes a comic that relates to the theme of the box and has a variant cover of some kind, and as a side note I’d like to know what people are thinking about these variant covers, which more often than not feature the characters of the comic in Funko Pop form. I personally think they’re cute, but I can see how some comic collectors would dislike them. This particular comic features a chibi-Rocket decorating a chibi-Groot, and in retrospect I think that would make a really adorable Christmas decoration if it was a little statue of some kind.
Approximate value: $6

“Guardians of the Galaxy” scarf:
I know I was doing a bad job of hiding my disappointment with the fact that there was no shirt in this box, but I do, honestly, like the scarf. It was definitely a cute idea for an item for the Christmas box, and it’ll keep me nice and toasty once the really cold weather starts. I especially like the long, potted Groot on the one side.
Approximate value: this item is exclusive to the box, so I have to go with something based on the price of other scarfs…we’ll say about $15

“Star Lord” Funko Home mug:
Again, this is cute, but I just really don’t have the room to add any more enormous mugs to my collection. In fact, there are mugs I’ve gotten in other boxes that aren’t in my collection right now for that very reason. Also, as a side note, I don’t really consider the “Funko Home” stuff to be “collectibles”. They’re the kind of thing that a specific kind of person buys for themselves, whereas the people subscribing to this box are looking for collectibles. That’s just my opinion.
Approximate value: $10

“Rocket and Groot” Bobblers tree ornaments:
And finally, as I said in the video, these guys are super-cute and I do like them, but they lose points because they are NOT an exclusive Funko Pop. I do think my daughter will get a huge kick out of adding them to her tree, and they were definitely an adorable idea for an item for the Christmas-time box, but I just can’t accept the fact that they chose to not put in an exclusive Pop in favor of these two little mini-figures.
Approximate value: again, they’re exclusive, and there really isn’t anything like them for sale, so I’m guessing approximately $20…$10 per mini-fig

Approximate total value of box: $58
Approximate total cost to me: $39

So there are a couple of things to consider with this box. One thing is that although the value is pretty much on par with the other boxes we’ve gotten, this box was advertised such that I was expecting more. They kept repeating how it was the “biggest box ever” and all this nonsense, and the truth is that yes, the box itself was the biggest yet, but it didn’t have any more in it than any other box. Plus, to be honest, if you really look at the box and everything that was in it…the box didn’t actually need to be that big. They could have fit everything into a smaller box. So yeah, the whole “biggest box ever” thing feels like total BS for multiple reasons.

Second, as I mentioned several times in the video, is the fact that there was neither a shirt nor an exclusive Funko Pop in this box, which are the two things that everyone expects. Many, many people were very disappointed by this, and I’m definitely one of them. When push comes to shove I could do without one shirt, but the exclusive Pop is the main reason I subscribe to this service, and they chose not to give us one this time, which is extremely frustrating.

Then there’s the mug…as I’ve already said above, this is not a collectible, which is what subscribers are looking for. People who subscribe to this box want stuff they can put on a shelf, not housewares. And on that note, I just want to throw out there that I am not at all a fan of the “Funko Home” stuff. I could deal with the shirts because I do think some of them are really cute, but the “Home” stuff just feels like they’re pushing Pop-looking junk on us to try and cash in even more on an already-saturated craze.

So that’s my opinion. The stuff in the box was cute, but not what we’ve come to expect from a Collector Corps box, and although my daughter seems to really like the little Rocket and Groot decorations, I am not at all impressed that Collector Corps sacrificed an exclusive Pop in order to include these. For shame.

What did you guys think? Was this box a hit or a miss? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? What do you think of the fact that there was neither a shirt nor a Pop? Please share!

Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing and Review for “Villains”

Okay, after a few days away to try and catch up on my writing (Go, NaNo!), it’s time to come back and finish off the slew of geeky/nerdy subscription boxes for this month. Today is the bi-monthly box created by Marvel and Funko: “Marvel Collector Corps”. If you guys have been watching my YouTube channel or reading these reviews you know that Collector Corps has been my absolute favorite subscription box for the past few months, which is unsurprising since it’s all Marvel stuff and always includes an exclusive Funko Pop! of some kind. Every box has a theme, and this particular box’s theme was “Villains”, so I was pretty darn excited to see which Marvel villains would be featured!

First, please have a look at the unboxing video:

So, my excellent experience with Collector Corps thus far continues this month with a pretty awesome box full of villainy awesomeness. Here’s a breakdown of the goodies. **Note: all “Funko” items are valued based on

Collector Corps pin and patch:
These little items, which are prominently displayed when you first open the box, don’t add a lot of value to the box, but they’re cute little collectibles that prove you’re a Collector Corps subscriber. This month’s pin features Green Goblin, with the patch emblazoned with Red Skull. Approximate value: $2 for the pin, $5 for the patch

Marvel Villains t-shirt:
My personal opinion of the Collector Corp t-shirts thus far has been really good (even the Ant Man one that most people didn’t seem to like…I thought it was adorable), and this one is no different. It’s a little bit busy for my tastes, but it’s still a pretty cool design, and they chose some of my favorite villains to grace it, so I’m pretty happy. My only real complaint is the size; I’d reduced my shirt size from medium to small because the shirts are unisex and thus run a little big to be able to fit the average guy, and when I originally took the shirt out of the box I was certain that they’d shipped me a medium. I did turn out to be wrong, but honestly, the shirt is hardly any smaller. So take my advice, if you’re a smaller-sized collector: go for the extra small! Still, this is a pretty excellent shirt. Approximate value: $15

“Invincible Iron Man” comic with variant cover:
Every Collector Corps also comes with a comic, which they’ve recently begun backing-and-bagging so that collectors who like their stuff mint can have that option. Personally I’ll be ripping it open and reading it, but that’s just me. The variant cover is pretty sweet and I’m very interested to read about why Iron Man seems to be fighting a bunch of villainous zombies. Approximate value: $6

“Venom” Pocket Pop! keychain:
And now we’re into the Funko-powered stuff, starting out with a Pocket Pop! keychain of my very favorite Marvel villain ever: Venom. I was actually a teeny bit disappointed that the Venom item they chose was the keychain because I don’t collect these and I currently have an Iron Man Pocket Pop! taking up all the room on my key ring, but I can’t say I’m not happy to have him. And since I don’t actually have a Venom Pop!, this little guy will have to do for now. Maybe I’ll stick him to Spider-Man’s shoulder so he can be the “bad angel”. Approximate value: $6

“Loki” Dorbz figure:
Love it! Okay, I don’t really actively collect Dorbz, but I do think they’re adorable (duh), and I’m perfectly happy to get them in my subscription boxes. Plus, of all the villains they could have chosen, they sent Loki, who I love to pieces. The helmet is just awesome, and for something so small and mostly-flat, the paint job is really quite excellent as well. Very happy with this! Approximate value: $10

Exclusive “Zombie Morbius” Funko Pop! figure:
And, of course, my favorite part of these boxes: the exclusive Pop! I’m really quite happy that I got the “Zombie” version of Morbius, but I do have to mention that I’ve confirmed there were two different Morbius’ figures that subscribers could have gotten, which really bothers me. Part of the reason for subscribing tot his box is to get the exclusive Funko Pop! figures, but if they’re going to pull stunts like this it means that people are still going to have to beg, borrow, or steal to get ALL of the exclusives (if that’s your thing), even if they are subscribers. I think that’s a bit of a dirt-bag move on behalf of Collector Corps, myself, so I’m just throwing that out there. That said, I’m happy that if I could only get one of the exclusives, this is the one I ended up with. Zombie Morbius is awesome. Approximate value: $24

Total approximate value of box: $61
Total approximate cost to me: $39

So, right off the bat, the value is definitely there with this one, assuming that PopPriceGuide is accurate. Mind you, I have to mention that the cost to me is a lot lower than it could be, because I paid for a full year subscription up front when the box first came out, and back then the Canadian dollar was a lot closer to parity with the American one. Thus – and I’m just pointing this out – the value would seem quite a bit lower if I’d ordered more recently (it would cost closer to $50).

That said, I love this box, I really do. Awesome Pop!, as usual (although I will admit I’m a bit annoyed that there’s a bit of a strange smudge on his teeth), awesome choices for the Dorbz figure and the Pocket Pop! keychain, and the shirt and comic are pretty sweet as well. Other than the shirt size (which, technically, I guess is kinda my own fault), I really have nothing to complain about. As usual I love everything in the box, which is really what makes it worth it even if the price was a bit higher.

And because of my love for this particular box, I’m happy to announce that I’ve jumped on another “Powered by Funko” box that just recently shipped out for the first time: the Star Wars “Smuggler’s Bounty” box, which will also include exclusive Funko items. The first one should be arriving at my house any day now, so look forward to my unboxing! I can’t wait!

What do you guys think? Is Marvel Collector Corps worth the dough? What was your favorite item in the Villains box? Least favorite? How do you feel about there being multiple exclusives but you only get one? Please share!


Marvel Collector Corps “Secret Wars” Unboxing and Review

By now you guys are understanding what my deal is, and that two of my favorite things in the world are Funko Pops and Marvel superheroes. This means, logically, that Marvel Collector Corps is probably my favorite subscription box ever. Powered by Funko and containing only Marvel items, I have had absolutely no complaints about this box so far. I was a bit concerned about the “Secret Wars” box, because I know positively jack about the “Secret Wars” storylines, but I held out hope and I was not disappointed at all. Ladies and gents, let’s go to the video:

So the third ever Collector Corps box was not themed in a way that was terribly relevant to me, but it was still extremely awesome. It’s breakdown time:

“Collector Corps” pin and patch:
I’m going to start lumping these two items together in these reviews, because neither really needs to stand on its own. These are the first two items you see whenever opening a Collector Corps box, and though they don’t add much value to the box they’re still pretty amusing to get. The pins are much nicer than the standard circles you get in many other subscription boxes, and the patches are actually rather well-made. I’ll probably just end up displaying them somewhere among my other collectibles, but they could definitely be used to adorn a jacket or piece of luggage or something. This month’s pin features War Machine’s head, while the patch is Falcon’s, with the Captain America colors splayed across the background.
My habit, based on what other items online go for, has been to assign the pin a value of $2 and the patch a value of $5, and I’ll stick with that this month.

“Secret Wars” Funko Pop t-shirt:
Along the same vein as the Ant Man t-shirt from the last box, this shirt features cartoon versions of Funko Pop figures in heroic poses. I foresee this trend continuing in the future, since Funko makes tons of their own shirts these days. I’m not sure how I feel about having an entire collection of Funko Pop shirts, but I do like this one in particular. I would probably like it even more if I really knew anything about “Secret Wars”, but that’s okay for now. The four cuties on the shirt are Thor (Jane Foster version), War Machine, Spider-Man (Miles Morales version), and Falcon as the new Captain America. They’re all bursting forth in true superhero fashion, and honestly I just think it’s a pretty adorable shirt.
Going with my standard shirt value of $15 for this item.

“Secret Wars” backed-and-packed #001 comic with variant cover:
Well here’s a way for me to learn a little something about the “Secret Wars”; I can just rip open this comic! Ha ha…I’m sure there are at least a couple of nerds out there who are, like, “Noooooooooo, you’ll ruin its collector value!!!”, but I scoff in the face of collector value. SCOFF!
Anyway, point being, this may be the silliest variant cover I’ve seen for a comic yet, with the Funko Pop version of lady Thor on it. Obviously I see where they were going with that; I just think it’s funny-looking. What I really like, however, is the fact that this #001 comic is backed-and-packed, like a true collectible. I very well may end up ripping it open so I can actually read and enjoy it, but since so many people were having trouble with their Collector Corps stuff getting beat up it’s nice to see that Funko and Marvel decided to up the ante a little and make sure these comics are properly protected.
Once again I’m going to assign this comic the standard value of a single-issue comic: about $6.

“Miles Morales” version “Spider-Man” exclusive Funko Pop:
Now, unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about Miles Morales and his version of Spider-Man. In fact, I didn’t even know that there ever was another version of Spider-Man besides Peter Parker, although I suppose I should have since it seems like EVERY major superhero passes his mantel along at some point or another. Long story short, it doesn’t really matter too much because I think this Pop is pretty awesome. I’ll definitely have to look into Morales, but for now I’m just happy that this Pop has an awesome paint job and is a pretty sweet exclusive to have.
Side note: my daughter, upon seeing him on the t-shirt, immediately dubbed him, “Black Spider-Man”, because she’s awesome and adorable.
It’s always difficult to put a price on an exclusive item, but I’m going to go ahead and set a standard for these review posts. From here on out any regular-sized exclusive Funko Pop will be assigned a value of $15. They’re probably really worth more than that since you can only get them through the subscription box, but I don’t want to go too overboard, so we’ll stick with the $15

“Jane Foster” version “Thor” exclusive Funko Pop:
And what really made this month’s box amazing: a second exclusive Funko Pop! How awesome is that! These two are kind of like a set, it would seem from the back of each of the boxes, so it’s pretty neat that Collector Corps included both of them in the same box. This one is, of course, “Lady” Thor; I know some people get super-annoyed by her being called that, but I’m going to keep doing it because, dammit, she’s not THOR. I already ranted about this in the video, but Thor is the GUY, not the superhero, therefore she cannot simply BE Thor. That’s my final decision. I shall accept no arguments.
In all seriousness though, although I’m pretty iffy on the general idea of a new Thor (not just the fact that she’s a woman, but the fact that she’s anyone other than the guy who was born Thor), I do really like this Pop. It’s beautifully done, and she definitely looks like an avenging hero. There are a couple of little paint imperfections, which is something I haven’t really had to deal with when it came to Collector Corps exclusives, but they aren’t so bad that they ruin the figure for me or anything like that.
We’ll go ahead and assign her a value of $15 as well.

Total approximate value of box: $58
Total approximate cost to me: $39

So the first thing I have to point out is that this was the lowest value box so far; however, we have to remember that this is based entirely on my estimations of what things are worth. Some other subscription box reviewers might say that the exclusive Funkos are worth $20 each, or they might say that the shirt is only worth $10, or that the comic is worth more, or whatever. So it’s difficult to really say exactly what the value of the box is, and I can only go with my own feelings and estimations since the overwhelming majority of what is in the boxes is exclusive and therefore not for retail sale.

That said, the value is definitely still there, and luckily I decided to pay for a full year of Collector Corps long before the Canadian dollar went to hell. This means that I’m still only paying about $39 per box, whereas if I had decided to pay monthly that cost would be up around $50 by now.

Moving away from concerns about pricing and value, I really enjoyed this box. As I said in the video I liked in the other two boxes how there was one big exclusive figure and a couple of little extras like Mystery Minis and Dorbz, but I really can’t complain at all about the fact that there were TWO Funko Pop figures in this box, because you all know that I’m sickeningly obsessed with Pops. And, of course, the shirt was cute and the comic, pin, and patch are always nice little additions to each box.

Long story short, I’m definitely still enamored with the Marvel Collector Corps box. It makes me smile ear-to-ear, contains some of my very favorite things, and they’re even taking it upon themselves to fix up things that people have been complaining about, so two thumbs up for that! I definitely can’t wait for the next box, which is going to be a “Villains” box featuring one of my favorite Marvel bad-guys, Venom.

What do you think about Marvel Collector Corps? Did you receive a “Secret Wars” box? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? Were you happy to find two Pops in the box? What are you feelings about “lady” Thor? Please share!

Marvel Collector Corps: Ant Man – Unboxing and Review

Though I’ve been hearing a wide variety of complaints regarding such things as super-late shipping, broken items, and just plain not getting the box at all, I personally have been having no trouble with the subscription box created by Marvel and Funko, and in fact, Collector Corps is shaping up to be my favorite subscription box of all. Two months ago we unboxed the first ever box – the ‘Age of Ultron’ box – so now it’s time for number two: the ‘Ant Man’ box.

Now, if I’m totally honest, until recently I didn’t know a whole hell of a lot about Ant Man. What little I did know made me think he was a pretty lame superhero, but I’ve slowly gained a bit more respect for him and I’m actually pretty excited to see the movie now, so I was not at all disappointed with this box. Time for a breakdown:

“Collector Corps” Ant Man pin: As mentioned in the video, when I opened the first Collector Corps box I didn’t know if the pin was a one-time deal or something that would be a regular part of the box. Now I’m pretty confident that there is going to be a pin in every box, featuring the head of the main focus character for the box. This month’s pin, of course, shows Ant Man’s head, with the words “Collector Corps” written around it. Last time I put a value of about $2 on the pin because, while exclusive, it’s not exactly a big expensive item, and I’m going to continue to assign that value to these pins unless someone wants to correct me as to approximately how much they might be worth.

“Collector Corps” Ant Man patch: As with the pins, the patches look like they’re going to be in every box, and are basically the same as the pins, but with a different background color and, obviously, in patch form. For the last patch I gave it a value of about $5 because that’s what I’ve seen patches go for in stores, and as with the pin I’m going to continue to assign that value until someone gives me a reason to change it.

Exclusive Unmasked Ant Man Funko Pop (plus “Funko’s Smallest Bobblehead”): One of the reason that I’m quickly falling in unconditional love with Collector Corps is because it seems that one of their big things is going to be to include an exclusive Funko Pop collectible in each box, and you guys all know how much I love me some Funko Pops. For the Ant Man box they gave us an exclusive unmasked Ant Man. Now, my husband isn’t a fan of the unmasked superhero Pops, and I kinda get his point because they’re a lot more recognizable with their masks on, and the masked ones just tend to look cooler in general. But even so, I’m okay with this exclusive, and I’m actually doubly-happy because it came with an addition: Funko’s smallest bobblehead ever, in the form of a tiny little masked Ant Man. It may seem silly to some because it’s this itty-bitty teeny-weeny little thing that could just as easily as not get sucked up by a vacuum, but I think it’s adorable and an awesome idea, given the character that we’re talking about. This is a regular-sized Pop, which makes him not worth as much as the 6″ Hulkbuster that we got last month, but as an exclusive he’s still worth a bit more than a regular Pop. Based on prices that I’ve seen (and paid) for exclusive Pops, I’m going to go with about a $15 value for this one.

Ant Man Mystery Minis x2: Mystery Minis are one of those items that I actually really love – mainly because it’s fun to open them and see what you get – but I never buy because I feel like they’re overpriced. However, getting them in a box like this is definitely totally acceptable and makes the super-nerd in me super-happy. For the Ant Man box the Collector Corps crew included two of the new Ant Man Mystery Minis blind boxes. There are four different figures to collect, and the ones I got were unmasked Ant Man and Yellowjacket. I wasn’t terribly excited about the unmasked Ant Man, since the Funko was unmasked as well, but I was definitely super excited to get Yellowjacket, so this addition gets two thumbs up from me. The price of Mystery Minis varies depending on where you get them from, but I find them around home all the time for about $11, so we’ll say $22 for the pair.

Ant Man “Actual Size” t-shirt: I am genuinely mad at myself for forgetting to get the shirt size changed on my account, because I think this is a really cute shirt but it’s going to look enormous on me when I wear it. I can’t fault Collector Corps for that in any way though; it’s my own poor memory that caused this frustration. Regardless, I do find this shirt quite adorable. I know that some people thought it was a little dumb, because the image is so small that someone would have to come right up against you to get the joke, but I think it’s cute. It’s also a lot less busy than the Age of Ultron shirt, which is what I prefer. As with all subscription box t-shirts, I’ll be assigning this one a value of $15.

#001 Ant Man comic with variant cover: This is, of course, one of the other things that the Collector Corps crew seems to be doing with their box: including a special variant cover comic with each box. Though I don’t normally collect loose comics (I prefer omnibuses so I can read entire story arcs at once), I do think it’s pretty neat that they seem to be including #001 variants in the boxes. They’re definitely cool collectibles to have, and I’ve been wondering how I can go about displaying them…maybe I can get some sleeves for them and hang them up behind their respective Funko Pops. What do you guys think? A standard single-issue comic is about $6, so that’s what I’m assigning to this item.

Total approximate value of box: $65
Total cost to me: $39

So the second Collector Corp box had almost the same value as the first, which is a good sign that they’re looking to be consistent. The Ant Man Pop wasn’t as big a value as the Hulkbuster Pop, but whereas the Age of Ultron box had the one Dorb figure, the Ant Man box included two Mystery Minis, thus evening out the value. The shirt was adorable, in my opinion, and the comic is pretty cool, and of course I’ll always be happy with a Funko Pop. All in all, I have to say that I’m just as happy with the second Collector Corps box as I was with the first one. Though other people seem to be having a variety of problems with the subscription, I’ve had pretty good luck so far so I can’t really complain about anything. I’m definitely looking forward to the Secret Wars box, shipping in August!

What do you think about Marvel Collector Corps? Do you subscribe to the service? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? What would you like to see in the Secret Wars box? Please share!

Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing and Review for April/May 2015

Ladies and gents, fellow nerds and geeks, this is the box that I have been waiting for. In the past year I’ve become a little more than obsessed with subscription boxes, but this is the one that I’ve been most excited about because it seems like it was designed for me. This 6-boxes-a-year box is co-founded by Marvel and Funko – two of my favorite things – and is full of Marvel-themed awesomeness. The boxes are also themed, and the very first theme was “Age of Ultron”, which corresponded with the movie, which I was also super-excited for. Can you feel the joy through my words? Then imagine the joy you’ll feel through the video:

I will readily state right now that I was more than happy with this, the first ever Marvel Collector Corps box. Let’s go right ahead and check out the breakdown:

“Collector Corps” pin: This little pin features an old-school-looking Captain America’s head with the words “Collector Corps” written around it. I’m thinking that this is a “first ever box” kind of addition, and I’m okay with that. It’s a cute little badge to commemorate being one of the first ever subscribers to this brand new box. It’s difficult to put a value on such a thing, especially given that it’s obviously an exclusive item, but since it’s just a little pin I’m going to say it’s maybe worth about $2.

“Collector Coprs” Ultron patch: Okay, so I’m not the kind of person who puts patches on, well…anything, but I’m telling you right now that I will find a use for this patch. It features Ultron’s snarling face, also surrounded by the words “Collector Corps”, and it’s just a nice-looking little addition as well. I’m wondering if each box is going to include a similar item with an image that refers to the theme. If so, I’ll be okay with that. If not, I’ll treasure this one because Ultron is awesome. Patches aren’t exactly a big ticket item either, but I’m guessing a value of about $5 for this one.

“Iron Man VS Ultron” t-shirt: Every Collector Corps box is going to include a t-shirt, and what was cool about this first one was that you actually could have gotten one of four different designs. They all look like old-school fight promotion posters, and each one features one of the four main Avengers – Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, or Hulk – against Ultron. It’s a bit of a busy design for my liking, but still pretty cool, and I’m happy to have gotten the Iron Man version because I think it’s the nicest-looking, myself. As with other subscription boxes, I’m going to assign the shirt a standard value of about $15.

Exlusive “Ultron” Dorbz figure: So far, everything in the box was made specifically for the box, and this item is no different. Dorbz – super-cute characters with adorably happy expressions on their faces – are one of the newest items from Funko. The one included in this box is an exclusive super-happy little Ultron figure, which I just love to bits. I don’t see me actively collecting Dorbz because they’re less than half the size of a Funko Pop for the same amount of money, but I’ll definitely accept them as part of my Collector Corps because they’re SO CUTE. Dorbz retail at about $9.

Avengers “Guardians Team-Up” #1 comic with Exclusive Variant Cover: As I said in the unboxing video, I would have prefered a comic of the classic Avengers rather than the new ones with Falcon as Captain America and the female version of Thor, but I’ll accept it none-the-less. It’s a neat item to have in the box because it features so many amazing Marvel characters, and though I don’t normally collect single-issue comics, it’ll still look pretty awesome on my shelf. Giving this a standard comic issue value of about $6.

“Hulkbuster” 6″ Exlusive Funko Pop Vinyl: And I save the best for last, because he is awesome and he makes me so happy that I decided to sign up for this box. The Collector Corps exclusive Hulkbuster Pop is an amazing collectible, especially if you’re obsessed with Pops like me. It’s a beautiful mold with tons of detail, a gorgeous shiny paint job, and the thing weighs a ton compared to other 6″ Pops. He is officially one of my favorite things ever, and I’m super-excited to be able to add him to my collection. As a 6″ Pop, my Hulkbuster is worth about $25.

Total approximate value of box: $62
Total cost to me: $39

So right off the bat, what I have to mention is that this box costs me approximately the same per box as a Nerd Block or Loot Crate subscription. It actually starts at $25, but once you add in the (ridiculous) shipping to get it to Nova Scotia, the cost explodes a bit. However, the value of the box is definitely there, which softens the blow of the cost a little. Plus, since this box only comes every two months, the cost is softened further because I’m not paying it every 30 days.

As for the box itself, in case you hadn’t guessed I was more than happy with it. The Hulkbuster was, of course, the big thing for me, and the box would have been worth it for him alone, but I enjoyed the other items as well. The exclusive Dorbz was a pleasant surprise that I rather love, the shirt is quite nice, if not a little busy, and the comic is a cool item to have. The pin and badge aren’t exactly gamechangers, but they’re both cute and enjoyable none-the-less. Plus, every single item it the box was exlusive to subscribers, which is pretty amazing, honestly.

All in all, I’m very happy with the entire thing, and if this first box was any indication I’m sure I’m going to be enjoying this particular subscription box for quite a while.

What do you think of Marvel Collector Corps? Did you sign up yourself? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? Did you sign up for the “Founders” program, in which you recieve a special gift after a year of subscribing? Please share!