YouTube Secret Santa – Jason’s Present

It’s a bit late to be posting this now, with the holidays being over and all, but I was rather busy during the days when these videos were actually posted and I still want to share them with you now, so I’m sure you’ll forgive me. ^_~

Long story short: we participated in a Secret Santa with a bunch of fellow YouTubers! This video is the unboxing of Jason’s present, and he got some pretty sweet stuff that’s gonna make you giggle, I totally promise!

Kawaii Box Unboxing and GIVEAWAY!

Recently the little missy and I tried out a new-to-us subscription called Kawaii Box, which is aimed at kids and those who love stuff that’s adorable as a newborn kitten. The box is filled with things like stationary, treats, plushies, and other little bobbles, and missy just loved it. Better yet: Kawaii box set up a giveaway for us! They’re giving away a box absolutely FREE, and you can earn multiple entries in super-easy ways! This would be an awesome Christmas treat (or everyday treat!) for someone you love, so definitely check out the video and take a chance with the giveaway! It’s FREE! 😀