Marvel Collector Corps: Ant Man – Unboxing and Review

Though I’ve been hearing a wide variety of complaints regarding such things as super-late shipping, broken items, and just plain not getting the box at all, I personally have been having no trouble with the subscription box created by Marvel and Funko, and in fact, Collector Corps is shaping up to be my favorite subscription box of all. Two months ago we unboxed the first ever box – the ‘Age of Ultron’ box – so now it’s time for number two: the ‘Ant Man’ box.

Now, if I’m totally honest, until recently I didn’t know a whole hell of a lot about Ant Man. What little I did know made me think he was a pretty lame superhero, but I’ve slowly gained a bit more respect for him and I’m actually pretty excited to see the movie now, so I was not at all disappointed with this box. Time for a breakdown:

“Collector Corps” Ant Man pin: As mentioned in the video, when I opened the first Collector Corps box I didn’t know if the pin was a one-time deal or something that would be a regular part of the box. Now I’m pretty confident that there is going to be a pin in every box, featuring the head of the main focus character for the box. This month’s pin, of course, shows Ant Man’s head, with the words “Collector Corps” written around it. Last time I put a value of about $2 on the pin because, while exclusive, it’s not exactly a big expensive item, and I’m going to continue to assign that value to these pins unless someone wants to correct me as to approximately how much they might be worth.

“Collector Corps” Ant Man patch: As with the pins, the patches look like they’re going to be in every box, and are basically the same as the pins, but with a different background color and, obviously, in patch form. For the last patch I gave it a value of about $5 because that’s what I’ve seen patches go for in stores, and as with the pin I’m going to continue to assign that value until someone gives me a reason to change it.

Exclusive Unmasked Ant Man Funko Pop (plus “Funko’s Smallest Bobblehead”): One of the reason that I’m quickly falling in unconditional love with Collector Corps is because it seems that one of their big things is going to be to include an exclusive Funko Pop collectible in each box, and you guys all know how much I love me some Funko Pops. For the Ant Man box they gave us an exclusive unmasked Ant Man. Now, my husband isn’t a fan of the unmasked superhero Pops, and I kinda get his point because they’re a lot more recognizable with their masks on, and the masked ones just tend to look cooler in general. But even so, I’m okay with this exclusive, and I’m actually doubly-happy because it came with an addition: Funko’s smallest bobblehead ever, in the form of a tiny little masked Ant Man. It may seem silly to some because it’s this itty-bitty teeny-weeny little thing that could just as easily as not get sucked up by a vacuum, but I think it’s adorable and an awesome idea, given the character that we’re talking about. This is a regular-sized Pop, which makes him not worth as much as the 6″ Hulkbuster that we got last month, but as an exclusive he’s still worth a bit more than a regular Pop. Based on prices that I’ve seen (and paid) for exclusive Pops, I’m going to go with about a $15 value for this one.

Ant Man Mystery Minis x2: Mystery Minis are one of those items that I actually really love – mainly because it’s fun to open them and see what you get – but I never buy because I feel like they’re overpriced. However, getting them in a box like this is definitely totally acceptable and makes the super-nerd in me super-happy. For the Ant Man box the Collector Corps crew included two of the new Ant Man Mystery Minis blind boxes. There are four different figures to collect, and the ones I got were unmasked Ant Man and Yellowjacket. I wasn’t terribly excited about the unmasked Ant Man, since the Funko was unmasked as well, but I was definitely super excited to get Yellowjacket, so this addition gets two thumbs up from me. The price of Mystery Minis varies depending on where you get them from, but I find them around home all the time for about $11, so we’ll say $22 for the pair.

Ant Man “Actual Size” t-shirt: I am genuinely mad at myself for forgetting to get the shirt size changed on my account, because I think this is a really cute shirt but it’s going to look enormous on me when I wear it. I can’t fault Collector Corps for that in any way though; it’s my own poor memory that caused this frustration. Regardless, I do find this shirt quite adorable. I know that some people thought it was a little dumb, because the image is so small that someone would have to come right up against you to get the joke, but I think it’s cute. It’s also a lot less busy than the Age of Ultron shirt, which is what I prefer. As with all subscription box t-shirts, I’ll be assigning this one a value of $15.

#001 Ant Man comic with variant cover: This is, of course, one of the other things that the Collector Corps crew seems to be doing with their box: including a special variant cover comic with each box. Though I don’t normally collect loose comics (I prefer omnibuses so I can read entire story arcs at once), I do think it’s pretty neat that they seem to be including #001 variants in the boxes. They’re definitely cool collectibles to have, and I’ve been wondering how I can go about displaying them…maybe I can get some sleeves for them and hang them up behind their respective Funko Pops. What do you guys think? A standard single-issue comic is about $6, so that’s what I’m assigning to this item.

Total approximate value of box: $65
Total cost to me: $39

So the second Collector Corp box had almost the same value as the first, which is a good sign that they’re looking to be consistent. The Ant Man Pop wasn’t as big a value as the Hulkbuster Pop, but whereas the Age of Ultron box had the one Dorb figure, the Ant Man box included two Mystery Minis, thus evening out the value. The shirt was adorable, in my opinion, and the comic is pretty cool, and of course I’ll always be happy with a Funko Pop. All in all, I have to say that I’m just as happy with the second Collector Corps box as I was with the first one. Though other people seem to be having a variety of problems with the subscription, I’ve had pretty good luck so far so I can’t really complain about anything. I’m definitely looking forward to the Secret Wars box, shipping in August!

What do you think about Marvel Collector Corps? Do you subscribe to the service? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? What would you like to see in the Secret Wars box? Please share!