Horror Block Unboxing and Review for 2015

What is this nonsense? The first subscription box unboxing of the year is actually the last one that showed up for last year, and also the last of my personal subscription. That’s just…awful somehow. I half-feel like I should just skip it and move on to something awesome, like Pop in a Box, but I just can’t do that, so here we find ourselves.

“Freddy Krueger” plush toy:
The first item in the box is the “Nightmare on Elm Street” item that my husband was interested in, and it turns out that it’s a little plushie. I’m not horribly impressed. It’s not a bad item, and it’s actually kinda cute, but I’m not joking guys, it actually looks and feels super-cheap. The “Chucky” plush I got in another box is much nicer, and that makes this item feel even that more disappointing. I’m not going to toss it or anything; I’m just not that impressed.
Approximate value: this is an exclusive item, so it’s hard to judge, but based on the Chucky plush and the fact that this one feels way worse in quality, I’m going to go with $10, which still feels generous to me.

“Wes Craven” Tribute t-shirt:
This isn’t a bad shirt, although for a lot of people several of the characters would probably be big question marks if you’re not a huge Wes Craven fan. I still don’t know who the two at the bottom are. Still, it’s not bad at all, and an interesting idea for a shirt. I don’t know if my husband will wear it because he’s not a fan of shirts that have too much going on in them, but I can’t argue that it’s not a nice one for a horror fan.
Approximate value: $15

“Daryl Dixon” Pocket Pop keychain:
We knew this item was coming because they flat-out told us that this exact item was coming. I never actually got that much into “The Walking Dead” so this keychain doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, but it’s a cute little exclusive item that I can put with my small collection of Pocket Pops.
Approximate value: depending on where you buy these, they’re about $10

“Zombie Hula Girl” dashboard accessory:
This is definitely amusing, although not something that I’ll use for its intended purpose. A strange idea for the zombie fan, for sure. I don’t even really know what else to say about this…it’s a little hula girl as a zombie.
Approximate value: this is also an exclusive, but based on similar items I’m going with about $10

“Godzilla vs Cthulhu” art print:
Okay, this is pretty awesome. I can’t honestly say that I didn’t laugh when I saw it. Wouldn’t this just make an amazing movie? Totally loving the idea. Too bad these prints are some of the least valuable items that come in these boxes, but I still think it’s pretty amusing. ^_^
Approximate value: $5

“Rue Morgue” magazine:
And as always, a magazine that I don’t read. And as always, I’ll say that if you enjoy these magazines they definitely help make the box more worth it, but they just aren’t for me.
Approximate value: $10

Total approximate value of box: $60
Total approximate cost to me: $20

So we obviously have to address the fact that the cost to me  is significantly lower than it normally is. That’s because there happened to be a half-off sale going on, and that’s the main reason my husband resubscribed to the service for just this one month (the half-off code would only work for a single box). For that reason, the overall value of the box is significantly more impressive this month, but that just goes to show how painful the normal cost of the box really is.

That said, without even paying any attention to the cost, the value of this box isn’t half bad, but as usual with Horror Block the shirt and the magazine take up a large quantity of that value and everything is is a little junky. The Pocket Pop keychain isn’t half bad (although I would have preferred almost any other horror character in the line), but the Hula Girl and Freddy plush are pretty cheap, and the art print – while cool – isn’t exactly a high-value item either.

All in all, I have to say that it wasn’t a bad box, but I probably would have been fairly unimpressed if I had paid full price for it.

And that is to be my last Nerd Block-family box, at least until several factors change considerably. What did you think of it? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? Do you think Horror Block (or any of the Nerd Blocks) is worth it at all? Please share!

Nerd Block Unboxing and Review for December 2015

Oh, look at that! It’s an unboxing and review post that’s on time! Yes, this Nerd Block just showed up a few days ago so I’m getting this done as soon as possible for a change. Ironically, this is to be my last Nerd Block (no, really this time) so it’s a bit funny that I should actually be on the ball with this one.

Anyway, December’s box was slated to be full of Star Wars items, which is just perfect for me, so let’s have a look!

“Kylo Ren” t-shirt:
I really like this t-shirt. At first glance I actually thought it was Darth Vader, and I hope you guys will forgive me for that because Kylo Ren actually has a bit of a similar look to him, but when I realized who it actually was I was more than happy. Kylo seems like a really cool character, and this shirt is just an awesome design that I like a lot. Two thumbs up for this one.
Approximate value: $15

“Blaster” keychain:
I’m getting a little tired of finding keychains in these boxes because I can’t possibly use them all, but this one still is pretty cute. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be Han’s blaster, which is perfect, and it’s a smaller kind of charm so I might actually be able to fit it on my current keychain without making it too bulky.
Approximate value: this is an exclusive to the box, but based on other keychains I’m going to go with about $5

“Star Trek” Captain Rank pin:
This is a neat little thing to have, and I’m certain that I’ll find somewhere to put it among the other Star Trek stuff I have, but I just don’t really get how it’s supposed to be in memory of Leonard Nimoy. You’d think if they really wanted to honor him it would be something that instantly makes you think “Spock” when you look at it. But, oh well, this is still a pretty cool little collectible.
Approximate value: $15

“Han in Carbonite” ice cube tray:
As I mentioned in the video, I already actually have a different “Han in Carbonite” ice cube tray, so it’s unfortunate that I didn’t get one of the other two trays that were being put in this month’s Nerd Block. However, I can still appreciate that it’s cute and funny and also useful. Since it’s silicone, you can also use these trays to make sweets and the like, if you’re not an ice cube kind of person.
Approximate value: $10

“Mos Eisley” mouse pad:
This is the most useless item in the box for me because, as I’ve mentioned a dozen times at this point, we don’t use mouse pads in this house. I can still appreciate that it’s a cute design, and at least it fits in with the theme of the box, but I just won’t use it.
Approximate value: $5

“Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)” Funko Pop:
And of course, you guys know that a vinyl figure always makes a box for me, and this is a great one that I didn’t have so I’m pretty excited. What’s more classic Star Wars than young Luke, still in his Tatooine outfit, holding his father’s lightsaber? Too cool, and he’s gonna look awesome on my shelf (when I get all my Star Wars Pops straightened up)!
Approximate value: $13

Total approximate value of the box: $63
Total approximate cost to me: $40

So for my last box it’s definitely nice to see that the value is there on this one. There was nothing of a super-high value, but several items of very decent value that kept the box’s total up there, so I can definitely feel like getting this last box was worth it, even though I had originally intended for the cancellation to not include December’s box.

And in general it was just a pretty cool box. I love the shirt and the Funko Pop the most, and aside from the mouse pad (which I just won’t use) all the other items are nice little additions that are pretty cute and go well with the theme (which, actually, was just “Star Wars”). It does seem funny that the one Star Trek item was thrown in there among all the Star Wars stuff, but since I’m an equal-opportunity nerd that’s just fine with me.

Two thumbs up for the last Nerd Block, and good luck to everyone who continues to subscribe to it in the New Year!

What did you guys think? Was this box a thumbs up or down? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? How do you feel about including a Star Trek item in a Star Wars box? Please share!


Nerd Block Unboxing and Review for November 2015

Okay, people… *rubs hands together*  It’s time to get through some of these subscription boxes from November before the ones for December start showing up!

First up on the block is the Nerd Block for November, sporting the very vague theme of “‘Tis the Season”. I held on to this box for an extra month because the reveals promised items from Star Wars, Sherlock, and Firefly, and also a vinyl figure of some sort. What’s not to love there, right? So on to the unboxing video!

“Nightmare Before Christmas”/”Back to the Future” mash-up t-shirt:
As mentioned in the video, I’m not a huge fan of t-shirts that mash together fandoms that don’t make any sense together. I could handle, for instance, multiple Disney characters together, or something with Star Wars and Star Trek combined, but a science-fiction movie from the 80’s mashed-up with a Tim Burton animated film about Halloween characters taking over Christmas? That’s a little bit of a stretch. That said, this shirt featuring the Delorean knocking Jack Skellington off his perch while Marty hangs on to a set of Christmas lights for dear life isn’t that bad a design. It’s actually pretty simple, with everything being a silhouette against the moon, and I have to admit that I actually like it. In fact, I’m wearing it as I write this post, so there you go.
Approximate value: $15

“Sherlock” Titan vinyl figure:
You guys know that I’m a Funko fanatic, but I’m growing ever more fond of these Titan Merchandise vinyl figures because they do such an awesome job on the faces. The bodies are a very basic flat mold that is painted to reflect the outfit of the character, but the faces are molded to look as close to the actor/character as possible, and this particular figure looks so much like Benedict Cumberbatch is almost frightening. But of course, since I love both Cumberbatch and Sherlock, this item gets two thumbs up from me.
Approximate value: $12

“Christmas Vacation” Moose Mug shot glass:
This item cracked me up more than a little bit. We watch Christmas Vacation every year around the holidays, and one of my favorite scenes is the one in which Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie are drinking eggnog from these moose mugs. This is obviously a smaller version of the mug, but it’s still just too funny. It looks just like the ones from the movie, and I’m definitely tempted to mix up some kind of eggnog shooter to enjoy out of it. Too thumbs up for this super-cute idea for the “‘Tis the Season” box!
Approximate value: $8

“Firefly” Serenity ornament:
Okay, this super-heavy ornament will definitely not be hanging on my Christmas tree (even though the silver cast on it actually goes quite well with our color scheme…) but I do still think it’s a rather cute item. It’s large enough that I think it would look great hanging above my Firefly Funko Pops, which may be exactly what I do with it. I’m a huge fan of Firefly and this is the first Serenity item that I have, so I’m rather amused. Very cute!
Approximate value: Some sites are saying $10 and others are saying $20, so let’s split it and say $15.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” 16-month calendar:
As mentioned, this is probably the last thing I was expecting when I knew that there was going to be a Star Wars item. There were so many possible items, I just never would have thought of a calendar. That said, who couldn’t use a calendar? I probably won’t hang it up anywhere prominent in my house, but I could definitely hang it somewhere in the basement with my collectibles. I won’t say that I’m terribly excited about a calendar, but I’m not terribly disappointed about it either.
Approximate value: $13

Random, Mysterious Bill Murray mini-poster:
I’m still really confused about this poster. I’m not confused that Nerd Block would include a poster of Bill Murray in one of their boxes, because hey…Bill Murray. What confuses me is that there is absolutely no explanation for it. I have never received an item in any of my subscription boxes that is not mentioned anywhere in any of the included literature. It kinda makes me feel like someone secretly slipped it in the box without authorization. Is that weird? Absolutely.
Approximate value: I dunno…$2?

Total approximate value of box: $65
Total approximate cost to me: $40

So right off the bat, the value is pretty good with this box, which is good since the cost is a little steep, as I’ve been regularly mentioning. That’s definitely nice to see, and the value is actually spread out quite well among the items, with the unexplained Bill Murray poster being the only real cheapie item.

The items themselves? I don’t really have much bad to say, which is a change when it comes to the Nerd Block family of items. The shirt, while not usually my cup of tea, is actually pretty nice. The Sherlock figure is awesome. The moose mug is awesome squared. The Serenity item isn’t the greatest thing ever, but I still like it, and the Star Wars calendar is the last thing I would have expected but still a decent item. That just leaves the mysterious mini-poster, which…I don’t even know what to say about it. >.>

One thing I will mention is that a YouTube follower of mine asked how the hell this box even has a theme, and I half agree with him. The supposed theme was “‘Tis the Season”, but less than half of the items seem to follow that theme. Obviously the “Nightmare Before Christmas” half of the shirt, the Serenity ornament, and the moose mug all have a tie to the holidays, but you really have to stretch to add in the other stuff. I suppose you could say that the Force Awakens counts because it’s coming to theaters during the holidays, and I guess you could count Sherlock because there’s going to be a special Christmas episode released this season…but that still seems to be stretching it a bit.


Okay, okay, I’m good. We’re all good here now.

Anyway, the point is that this was actually a pretty nice box and I’m glad I ended up getting it. Is it going to convince me to keep subscribing to Nerd Block? No, because I just can’t justify the cost with the Canadian dollar right now. But I did enjoy it, and if I do end up getting the next block before my subscription is officially cancelled, I’m okay with that because, hey, Star Wars.

What did you think of the Nerd Block for November? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? Do you think the theme made sense? Please share!

Nerd Block (+ Welcome Block) Unboxing and Review for October 2015

The problem with cancelling subscription box services like Nerd Block is that they’re constantly sending out hints about what’s going to be in next month’s box. Though I’d previously cancelled Nerd Block I decided to resubscribe for one month because the promotional emails were promising two vinyl figures for the October “Tricks and Treats” box. Additionally, the Nerd Block family of subscription boxes recently began this “Welcome Block” idea, where upon signing up they send you a smaller version of the boxes with random items from previous boxes. So my husband and I thought, okay, we’ll sign up for the Nerd Block for one month under his name, and get the free Welcome Block as well.

And so we come to the first unboxing of the month. This is the Nerd Block for October, along with one of the random Welcome Block boxes. To the video!

So first we have the Welcome Block. I wasn’t expecting much from this box because it hadn’t been very long since I’d actually been a full-time subscriber of Nerd Block, so I was very confident that everything in the Welcome Block would be something I’d already previously gotten. I was 100% correct, but actually even more disappointed in the box because of the particular items I received…

“Saul Goodman” Titan vinyl figure:
Normally I wouldn’t be too upset with any vinyl figure, even if it’s from a show that I never finished (don’t kill me!) but this one definitely made me twitch a little because it is not only the second one of these figures I’ve gotten…it’s the third. I received one in the Vinylpalooza box as well, which makes me seriously wonder, how damn many of these did Nerd Block buy?! They’re still trying to get rid of them a year later and in multiple boxes! What the hell?! Approximate value: $10

“Cliccors” desk toy:
We received two of this little bracelet-esque desk toys several months back, and though my daughter enjoys them I wasn’t terribly impressed to see another one because they’re probably one of the cheaper things Nerd Block could have chosen to put in the Welcome Block. Approximate value: $3

“Ghostbusters” wallet:
This one is, at least, a decent item; it’s just unfortunately that it’s both something I’ve gotten before and something that I would never have use for two of. In fact, I haven’t even used the first one because it’s just too small of a wallet for me. But there you have it. Approximate value: $10

“Coin Op Crush” CD:
And this one just made me vibrate. You guys know how I feel about CDs in my subscription boxes, so the fact that I now have two copies of this disk of video game music is just…flabbergasting. Approximate value: $5

Total approximate value of box: $28
Total cost to me: $0

So here’s the thing about the Welcome Block: I can’t really complain about it because it was free. So, considering that I paid exactly $0 for it, I have to admit that $28 worth of stuff is pretty good. It’s just unfortunate that one of the items is my THIRD copy, and another of the items is a copy of one of the worst items I’ve ever gotten (in my opinion).

So now on to the actual Nerd Block, which had a “Tricks and Treats” theme for the month of October. I subscribed specifically for the “two vinyl figures”, but I was keeping my fingers crossed for a good box overall.

“Gremlins” t-shirt:
I have found Nerd Block’s t-shirts to be hit or miss, but this is one that was a hit for me. This Gremlins shirt features a happy-looking Gizmo, who transforms into an angry-looking Spike in the dark via glow-in-the-dark paint. It’s pretty cute, if not very colorful, and definitely something I’ll be willing to wear because Gremlins is an awesome movie (which I totally have to watch again sometime soon…). Approximate value: $15

“Moe” coaster:
In my personal opinion, way too many of these boxes end up having coasters in them. I mean, how many coasters can a person use? That said, at least this one is actually a well-made coaster. Usually we get these cardboard-like things that seem like they would melt with a little moisture, but this is actually a tin-topped coaster with a cork bottom, like something you might actually find in a bar. It also commands you to “Put your mug on my mug”, which is pretty amusing. I’m not into collecting Simpsons stuff, but at least this is actually a usable item. Approximate value: this seems to be an exclusive to the box, but based on similar items I’d say it’s worth about $5

“Zombie Hunter” dog tags:
Unattached to any particular fandom, these dog tags are designed to look like they’re for a tactical zombie-fighting team. They’re pretty neat and actually seem to be quite well made. Although not really for me I can definitely appreciate them, and they won’t look too shabby hanging up with some of my other horror-and-zombie items. Approximate value: $10

“Bob’s Burgers” mad libs:
It’s been a while, so you guys might not know exactly how I feel about books of mad libs, but I’ll give you a hint: they suck. Okay, that was a bit more than a hint. Let me rephrase slightly: they don’t totally suck, but they are absolutely not the kind of thing that I want showing up in my subscription boxes. Even if they’re fandom-based, they’re still cheap little books of nonsense that seem like something you would find tons of at the Dollar Store. Approximate value: $4 (although I personally think they’re worth $1, tops)

“Jem and the Holograms” comic book:
Okay, I said this in the video, but I’ll say it again now: totally not the item I was expecting. I don’t know what I was expecting when I heard there was going to be a Jem item in this box, but it definitely wasn’t a comic. Honestly, it didn’t really matter what the item was because Jem is one of those things that was awesome in my childhood but holds little sway for me now, but regardless I will still totally wind up reading this some night. Approximate value: the regular comics are $4 each, but this seems to be one of those thicker volumes that includes a couple of issues, so we’ll say about $10.

“Alien and Ripley” vinyl figures two-pack:
Now, my feelings on this item are conflicted. One the one hand, this is an awesome little set. I LOVE the Alien, and Ripley isn’t too bad herself. They’re super-cute and the Alien in particular is really well done, plus I love that they come together as a set. However, I’m pretty annoyed with the fact that Nerd Block pumped up this box by telling us that there would be “two vinyl figures” in it. Yeah, technically these are two vinyl figures…but they’re one item, since they’re packaged together, and they’re also the miniature Titan figures rather than the full-sized ones. So, basically, it just feels like they tricked us. That said, I do still love these little guys so I’m kinda willing to overlook it, but I’m going to do so with a stern glare in Nerd Block’s general direction. Approximate value: these little guys normally go for about $10 each, so although I feel they’re not worth that for their size, I have to suck it up and say the two-pack is worth about $20

Total approximate value of box: $64
Total approximate cost to me: $40

So, as I’ve mentioned many times before, one of the big reasons that I stopped getting Nerd Block is that the value just hasn’t been worth it for what it’s been costing me since the Canadian dollar has been down. Luckily this particular box had a pretty decent value, so that wasn’t a huge issue, but I have to keep mentioning it because it does make a huge difference in whether or not it’s worthwhile to subscribe to these boxes.

For this box I was fairly happy overall. I LOVE the two little vinyl figures, even if I feel that we were tricked into expecting bigger items, and I’m quite happy with the Gremlins t-shirt as well. The other items are not big things, but they do flesh out the box a bit, and if I’m honest the only item that I genuinely do not like at all is the book of mad libs because I feel they’re silly and cheap. All around I felt that it wasn’t the greatest box, but it was decent, and good enough that I’m not disappointed that I subscribed to get it.

I will be holding on to the subscription for this coming month because literally everything that’s supposed to be in it is from a fandom that I love (yeah, yeah, they hooked me again), but after that I do plan to cancel again, based solely on the fact that it just costs way too much with the state of the dollar right now…plus I have way too many subscription boxes right now and I’ve recently subscribed to another. >.>

So there you go: that was the Nerd Block for October 2015. What did you guys think? Did you get a box for October? Did you enjoy what you got? How did you feel about the “two vinyl figures”? Will you wear those dog tags? Please share!

Nerd Block Unboxing and Review for July 2015

This week I have a series of late unboxing videos, owing to the fact that precisely nothing came before I left for out West last month. Starting out of the gates we have the Nerd Block for July 2015, for which the theme was “Humanity’s Last Hope”. Check out the unboxing video:

Right off the bat I’ll go ahead and admit that this was actually a half-decent Nerd Block, as compared to previous boxes. I was not disappointed, is what I’m saying. So let’s go ahead and look at the breakdown:

“Sweep the Leg” t-shirt:
So, I totally didn’t get this, but this shirt is supposed to be a G.I. Joe/Karate Kid mash-up. I figured that it was Cobra Commander, but I really wouldn’t have guessed that it was also supposed to be a Karate Kid reference as well. It’s not really very clever at all, honestly. That said, it’s not a terrible shirt, and I will wear it. One thumb up and one thumb down for this one, and a standard shirt value of $15.

Transformers dangler:
As I said in the video, it’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these things, and honestly I’m not a big fan of them. I already have a couple from previous boxes and I’ve never used them because, a) my phone doesn’t have a spot to dangle anything from, and b) even if it did I’m pretty sure a dangler would just end up scratching my screen since I keep my phone in my pocket most of the time. These go for about $5.

Iron Man Pocket Pop keychain:
Okay, I’m definitely happy with this particular item. I love Pops, and though I do think that some of their expanded line of products are a little silly, I do like the keychains and will be happy to use this one. It’s Mark 43 Iron Man! I love him! He’s so cute! Okay, okay, hold it together Tracey. It’s all good. These Pocket Pops are a little overpriced, in my opinion; on average they seem to go for about $10 wherever I’ve found them.

Ghostbusters TYVEK wallet:
This item is very deceptive; it honestly feels like you could easily rip it into a million pieces with your bare hands, but it is, in fact, made of TYVEK, which is supposed to be practically indestructible. This is a pretty neat thing to have, although it’s not exactly huge, so you couldn’t fit all too much in it. My husband gave me the idea of using this wallet specifically for nerdy cards and the like (such as our EB Games discount card, for instance), so I’ll definitely consider that. This wallet is a Nerd Block exclusive, but I’ve found similar wallets going for $15.

“Spike” Titan vinyl figure:
Here’s another one that I can definitely say I love. You guys know that I prefer Pops to Titans, but some of the Titans are pretty cool, and the Buffy line falls amongst those. I also love how this little Spike figure comes with Giles’ mug filled with blood; that’s a cute little addition that makes him even more recognizable. Two thumbs up for this one! Similarly to Pops, these Titan figures go for an average of about $12, depending on where you get them.

Mad Max: Fury Road comic:
My brain totally turned off when I came around to this item. As my husband so kindly pointed out, I really could have talked about the movie a bit when this comic came out of the box, but it was like a switch turned off in my brain and I was just done. Anyway, we watched Fury Road not that long ago and I really enjoyed it a lot. It’s definitely over-the-top and pretty silly, but it was tons of fun, so go watch it right now! As far as the comic is concerned, it’s another one to add to the collection, but I don’t have much more to say than that. I’ll give this one a standard comic issue value of about $5.

Total approximate value of box: $62
Total cost to me: $41

So there you go… Honestly this box was pretty good, especially compared to other recent boxes. The big problem with Nerd Block is that the cost is way too much considering that you’re not likely to be happy with every single item, and the reason the cost is too much is because of the shipping. The base price of $20 for a Nerd Block is completely acceptable, but you end up doubling that price by the time the shipping is added. Comparatively, Loot Crate is a base $30, with the shipping automatically worked in there, so it ends up being cheaper than Nerd Block by a few dollars and is consistently more enjoyable.

So that’s the main reason why I’ve decided to finally cancel Nerd Block. Perhaps I might consider resubscribing in the future, but I don’t think it’s very likely any time soon, unless the Canadian dollar comes back up considerably.

What did you think of Nerd Block for July 2015? Did you receive one? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? What do you think of the cost issue? Please share!

Vinylpalooza! Unboxing and Review

You all know that I love subscription boxes, especially the nerdy ones. And if you’ve been paying any attention at all, you know that my favorite things to receive in these boxes are Funko Pops. With those tidbits of knowledge in mind, you are probably going to be unsurprised that I took a chance on something called Vinylpalooza.

Vinylpalooza is a one-time box purchase event that is occasionally put on by Nerd Block. Basically it is a $20 box with four vinyl collectible figures in it, and this most recent event also had 50 random “Golden Ticket” boxes, for which the purchasers received four Funko Pops. Obviously, for a vinyl figure collector, this box sounds pretty awesome. With a little gentle prodding from my husband I decided to give it a try and see what I got; after all, it’s only a one-time purchase, not an entire subscription. So was I happy with it? Well, here’s the unboxing video:

So if you didn’t watch the video, here’s the thing: this box is not for someone who is already a subscriber to Nerd Block. I suspected ahead of time that this would be the case, but the box is basically an excuse for Nerd Block to get rid of overstocked items from previous boxes. As such, if you’ve been subscribing to Nerd Block itself for at least a little while, the chances that you’re going to get all double items is pretty damn good. Let’s take a quick look at the breakdown of what I got in my box.

Ecto-1 Ghostbusters vehicle from Titan Merchandise:
As explained in the video, this is an item that was included in both Nerd Block and Horror Block only a couple of months ago. For subscribers of both services they gave the option to trade out the Horror Block figure for a Funko instead. As a result they clearly wound up with tons of leftover Ecto-1’s, because this figure seems to have been in every Vinylpalooza box. It’s a cute little figure, but I traded out my Horror Block one for a Funko a couple of months ago and now I’ve ended up with two of them anyway. The value of this item is approximately $15

Saul Goodman figure from Titan Merchandise:
I originally got this Titan figure several months ago in a Nerd Block. At the time I didn’t care much for it because I hadn’t watched Breaking Bad yet, and it’s still not a huge deal to me because I’ve only managed to watch the first season so far. My husband is a big fan, so that’s okay, but of course we don’t need two of the identical figure. This item also seems to be in every single Vinylpalooza box, as far as I can tell from the unboxing videos, and it’s worth about $10

10th Doctor 4.5” figure from Titan Merchandise:
This was probably the item that annoyed me the most because I literally just got this in last month’s Nerd Block. So even if you’ve only been a subscriber for one month before deciding to try the Vinylpalooza box, you’d have a double here. I was doubly frustrated because according to the card from last month’s Nerd Block you could have gotten any of three different versions of this figure with the Doctor wearing different clothes, but I got the identical one that I already had. That’s just my luck, I guess. Believe it or not, this figure also seems to be in every Vinylpalooza box, meaning that not only is everyone winding up with tons of doubles, but the box is significantly less random than the advertisements would have led you to believe. This one is worth about $15

Dr Raymond Stantz figure from Funko Pop:
This is the only item I got that wasn’t a double for me, and as mentioned in the video it’s still kind of a double because I have the marshmallow-fluffed Comic Con versions of the four Ghostbusters. However, of the options I’ve seen, I’m glad I ended up getting this figure because there only seems to have been a handful of Funko Pop options, and the other ones would have been exact doubles for me. At the very least this one gives me the opportunity to check another dude off my Funko Pop list. He’s worth about $12.

Total approximate value of box: $52
Total cost to me: $36

So, as you can see, the long and short of it is that this purchase was pretty much a bust for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to either sell or trade the three doubles, but as it stands I effectively paid $36 to gain a $12 Pop. If you weren’t already a subscriber to Nerd Block, this single-shot purchase had the opportunity to be a pretty awesome deal, but here’s the thing: if you weren’t already a subscriber to Nerd Block, you probably would never have heard about this box, because you get ads for things like Vinylpalooza by being a subscriber (or doing business with their affiliate, Shirt Punch). In this way, I’m betting that the overwhelming majority of people who bought this box were Nerd Block subscribers and thus ended up with a bunch of doubles in their collection like I did.

Long story short, I did not feel that picking up this box was worth it. I wanted to give it a try just in case (and on the off-chance that I might have wound up getting a “Golden Ticket” box), but I now know for the future that if I’ve been receiving Nerd Blocks for a while, I probably won’t want the next Vinylpalooza box.

What did you think? Did you purchase a Vinylpalooza box? Were your items almost identical to mine? Did you get anything different? Please share!

Nerd Block Unboxing and Review for June 2015

Though Loot Crate and Horror Block continue to frustrate me with this constant showing up while I’m on the other side of the country, Nerd Block was kind enough to show up before I left for this most recent shift. So, lucky you, you get an unboxing video today!

So you may have gotten the impression from the video that I was happy, but not overwhelmed. Does that make sense? In all honestly I was expecting to be a little more impressed with the box that was going to include Doctor Who and Sherlock items, but it was still quite enjoyable overall. Let’s have a look at the breakdown.

Sherlock “Bored” t-shirt
When I heard that there was going to be a Sherlock item in June’s Block, I guessed that it would probably be a shirt, but I can honestly say that I wasn’t expecting this kind of design. The pattern is, of course, the wallpaper from Baker Street, with “Bored” painted across it to represent Sherlock’s tendency to get bored when he’s not obsessing over a case. It’s an interesting – and different – design, and it grew on me the more I looked at it. My only complaint is that it’s in a medium unisex when I had requested to have my shirt size changed to a medium women’s, but that’s a frustration with Nerd Block itself, not the item in particular. As always, we’ll assign this item the standard $15 shirt value.

Tenth Doctor vinyl from Titan Merchandise
I much prefer Funko Pop vinyls to Titan vinyls, but not everything can be a Funko all the time, and this 4.5″ Tenth Doctor is pretty sweet, especially with his little sonic screwdriver. I’m definitely quite satisfied with their choice of Doctor Who item, and I’m glad it was the Tenth Doctor, since David Tennant is thus far my favorite version of the Doctor. I couldn’t find an exact price for this exact item, so you guys can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this size Titan figure goes for about $15.

Mr Bean’s Teddy-bear
While it’s a bit of a silly item that doesn’t really have much in the way of collector’s value, I am pretty amused by this little guy. I used to watch Mr Bean all the time with my parents when I was a kid, and the hubby and I watch the Christmas episode every year, so this is an adorable little collectible from one of the funniest shows of my childhood. Double-props for the fact that he really looks identical to the teddy in the show. This little guy can be purchased for about $8.

Mr Bean “Bendable”
And here’s where things get funny. I didn’t mention this in the video because I was in a bit of a rush to finish it and my brain didn’t formulate the story fast enough, but a while back my husband came across this product in a store down home. I was at work at the time, so he texted me a picture of it, and I told him it was creepy as hell (come on, look at it!) Later he lamented that he should have picked it up because it was funny, but he didn’t, and now here it is, in all its creepy glory. Okay, okay, it’s kind of funny, I’ll admit that, but in a creepy way. ^_~ This weirdo item can be found for around $10.

Monty’s Multiple Message Magnets
I have a few friends who have these types of magnets on their fridges; if you don’t know, you’re meant to create your own sentences with the words, as kind of a fridge-game. I never picked up any of these magnets myself, but now that I’ve got a set I’m super-amused that they’re Monty Python-related. This item seems to have been designed specifically for Nerd Block, so it’s difficult to put a value on it, but based on similar magnet sets I’m going to go with about $5

Doctor Who Foes poster
This is the most recent in a slew of mini-posters that I’ve received through subscription boxes, and I think it might be my favorite. It’s an interesting design that makes it seem like the three foes are being illuminated by The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, and though I may have made a fool out of myself by not knowing the name of the third foe, I definitely appreciate the poster as a whole. These are also notoriously difficult to put a value on; I’ve valued other mini-posters at $1, but since this one is a sturdier poster board type, I’ll grant it $2.

Total approximate value of box: $55
Total cost to me: $37

So, as usual, I have to mention that the overall value of the box bothers me because of the exorbitant cost of shipping to get the box to me in the first place. If I were only paying the $20 cost of the Block, it would absolutely be 100% worth it, but because it costs me almost that again in shipping, it makes it a little harder to swallow.

That said, I did rather enjoy this box. The two Mr Bean items I could have done without (even though the teddy is pretty cute), but the Doctor vinyl, poster, and magnets are pretty awesome, and the shirt has grown on me even if it’s not the size I wanted it in. All said and done, it was an enjoyable box, and I’m glad that I stuck it out for the “British Invasion”. But will I stick around any further? Well, you’ll just have to wait and find out!

What did you think? Did you receive a Nerd Block for June? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? Can you name all three Doctor Who foes in the poster? Please share!

Nerd Block Unboxing and Review for May 2015

Okay, so we’re well into the fifth month that I’ve claimed I was going to cancel Nerd Block and then didn’t. The problem is that they keep throwing out themes that sound interesting, and I’m weak! So with that thought in mind, check out the unboxing video for the “Ani-May” Nerd Block:

What did you think? Let’s just say that I’m not terribly disappointed that I stayed on for yet another month. Let’s look at the breakdown:

Mobile Suit Gundam t-shirt: Though I didn’t get this shirt in my size, I’m still pretty impressed with it. It’s a nice, standard design without a bunch of useless flair, and the fact that it’s an older show that I actually used to watch is definitely a plus. My hubby will be the one wearing it, but even so I’m pretty happy with the shirt this month. Giving this item the standard t-shirt value of $15.

“Freiza” Funko Pop: It is terribly unfortunate that they chose to send a Dragonball Z Pop in the anime-themed box, since I already have almost all of them. I can appreciate the fact that it was a good choice for the anime-themed box, but it’s just too bad that they didn’t send something from one of the lines I don’t have. Regardless, I’ll give this item the average value that Funko Pops tend to cost around my neck of the woods, which is approximately $13.

“Cowboy Bebop” Convertible Bandana: Although I’m not really sure how I’m going to use it, I have to admit that this item amuses me a bit, because it’s something different. The fact that it’s Cowboy Bebop helps, because that is definitely one of the greatest anime shows of all time. Maybe I’ll use it to keep my hair back when I’m gardening. 😛 Regardless, based on similar bandana products, this item is worth about $10.

“Neon Genesis Evangeleon” manga #1: Now we’re talking. Although I don’t read manga nearly as much these days, I still appreciate it, and it’s awesome that this is the anime they chose. NGE was one of my favorite ones when I was younger, and yet I don’t have a single one of their manga, so this is a nice book to get for sure. I definitely approve of the choice for this item, and since manga go for about $12 each, it’s a nice value to the box as well.

“My Neighbor Totoro” pins: Yeah yeah, I’ve never seen it. I’m sure there are lots of nerds out there right now screaming internally, because Totoro is supposed to be a classic. Despite my ignorance on these matters, I can appreciate these cute little pins, especially the one with Catbus on it, because I find that ridiculous and funny. Based on similar pins this four-pin set would go for about $6.

“Attack on Titan” drawstring bag: This is another show I haven’t seen, although I’ve heard lots and lots of good things. It’s also an item that I’m not terribly fond of, because I find these vinyl drawstring bags look pretty cheap. That said, it is a bag, and everyone sometimes needs a bag, so I’ll take it. These types of bags retail in at about $10, which – just for the record – I would never pay for one of these.

Total approximate value of box: $66
Total cost to me: $37

So right off the bat, the first thing that I want to point out is that this is the first themed Nerd Block for which every item in the box worked perfectly with the theme. In the previous themed boxes there was at least one item in every one that had absolutely nothing to do with the theme, but for this month’s box every item was definitely anime-themed. That makes me like it automatically, because what’s the point of a theme if you don’t stick to it, right?

The second thing I have to mention, of course, is the fact that the Funko Pop was one that I already have. That sucks – it really does – but it was bound to happen eventually and I can’t really down-rate the box because of it.

The third thingI want to mention is that while I’m not on the up-and-up with Nerd Block’s new desire to put books in all their boxes, I do appreciate the manga that was in this one. For one thing, it’s an excellent story. For another thing, it adheres to the theme, which is something the previous books didn’t really do. So two thumbs up for that one.

In conclusion, it was actually quite a good box. The shirt was a good one, the Funko would have been awesome if I didn’t already have it, the manga was a perfect choice, and the other two little items were cute additions. All in all, I have to say that I was pretty impressed. The overall cost to have a Nerd Block shipped to me is still pretty painful and makes it less worth getting, but it’s nice to see a box that was straight-up good.

The question now, of course – as I mentioend in the video – is whether or not I’m going to continue on for next month. I had planned on cancelling after May’s box anyway, because the cost of it is just not okay with me, but then they threw out that “British Invasion” theme, and I’m torn. What if there’s a super-cool Doctor Who item in there and I miss it because I cancelled? Rawr. This is the problem with these subscription boxes!

So, as I said in the vid, I’m looking to you guys for advice. Do you think I should hold on for another month, or should I finally do what I’ve been saying I was going to do since Christmas and cancel my Nerd Block subscription? There’s only four days left to decide, so vote quick!