Ipsy Unbagging and Review for April 2015

Moving from nerdy to beauty today, it’s time to talk about my Ipsy Glam Bag for April.

Let’s go right to the unbagging video:

Ipsy Unbagging for April 2015: https://youtu.be/Hy3dq8QMjPc

Wasn’t that a cute little bag? It’s really not quite my style, but I can definitely appreciate it’s cuteness.

Time for the breakdown!

“Pink Carnation” blush from Pandora’s Makeup Box: This is a very classic, pretty color for a blush, and since I’m pretty sure pink is my color when it comes to blush, I’m happy that this is the shade I got. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, because I’m still playing with the blush I got in a previous bag, but I suspect I will like it a lot. A full-sized version of this blush is 0.35 oz and retails for $14, making my 0.14 oz sample worth about $5.60.

“NUDE Dude” eyeshadow single in “Fit” by theBalm Cosmetics: These eyeshadows are funny, I have to admit that, and they come in some lovely tones. I haven’t tried this one yet either, but after browsing the other possibilities, I’m glad that I wound up with this nice, chocolatey hue. The entire pallette of 12 eyeshadows retails for $36, making my little single worth about $3.

“Lash Princess” mascara by Essence Cosmetics: Now here is one I have tried, and let me tell you, I’m loving it. If you’re looking for big, super-thick, super-black eyelashes, this is not the mascara for you, but if you’re looking for length and a bit of definition, look no further. I’ve been using this every day since I first tried it because it makes my lashes long and just black enough, without leaving any clumps or sticking my lashes together. I’m absolutely loving it, and it’s totally affordable too; this is a full-sized product that retails for about $5.

“Goat’s Milk Day Cream” by Ziaja: Other than the little dab I put on my hand during the video, I haven’t tried this stuff out yet either, but I appreciate that the smell is totally doable, since some of the other lotions I’ve gotten in these bags have been rather unpleasant, in my opinion. I’ll give it a good trial when I get home from this shift, and I suspect I’ll have mostly good things to say. A full jar of 1.7 fluid oz goes for $13, so my 0.35 fluid oz jar would be about $2.70.

“Femina” fragrance by Jor’el Parker: Right off the bat I have to admit that this doesn’t hold a whole lot of appeal for me because I don’t normally wear much (if any) fragrance. Second I have to admit that I haven’t really gotten a chance to smell it yet, since my sinuses were completely clogged from the time I did the video until I’d left for my shift out West. So there’s not really much I can say about this product right now, except for the fact that a full 50 ml bottle costs $55, making my sample size of 8.8 ml worth about $9.70

Total approximate value of bag: $26
Total cost to me: $15

So right off the bat, you can see that this bag was actually the lowest value one that I’ve gotten yet, and the only reason that it’s as high as it is, is because they included a fragrance, and smelly water always costs a fortune for some reason (call me a philistine, I don’t care). So that’s a little bit concerning, because one likes to feel that she got her money’s worth.

That said, even though the value is down for the month of April, I’m not terribly disappointed in the items I got. The mascara is awesome, at least in my opinion, and the eyeshadow and blush are lovely shades that I’m sure will look beautiful when I get a chance to try them out. The goat’s milk cream will probably be nice too, although I have no particular opinion on it right at this moment. Humorously, the only item I don’t really like is the most expensive one, the fragrance, but that’s not because it’s not nice, it’s just because I don’t wear them, so I’ll probably end up giving it away.

So I guess, all in all, it really a good bag; it’s just the overall value of the included items that is a little disappointing.

What do you think? Did you recieve an Ipsy Glam Bag for the month of April? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? What did you think of the cute little bag? Please share!