Horror Block Unboxing and Review for September 2014

September’s Horror Block was designed with Halloween in mind, since October’s block isn’t likely to be at our doors until a day or two before Halloween. Check out what we got:

Not a bad box, really, but a little disappointing to me personally. Let’s check out the breakdown:

Creepy Gorey Zombie T-shirt: Unfortunately this shirt is not my style, but it’s probably worth about $15
Pennywise (“It”) T-shirt: Again, not really my style, but worth approximately $15
Iron Maiden Rubber Mask: Surprisingly, this mask goes for about $20. I wouldn’t pay that, to be honest, but there you have it.
“Savvi” Costume Temporary Tattoos: This pack of gory temporary tattoos goes for about $5
“Rue Morgue” Horror Movie Heroes book: The best item in the box, in my opinion, costs $15

Total approximate value of box: $70
Total cost to me: $33

So as you can see, the value is there. Having two t-shirts in one box really ups the value, as does the mask (which, I’ll admit, is a good quality mask, but I shudder to think of people spending that kind of money on part of a costume). Personally, though, the only item in the box that I truly like is the book. Neither of the t-shirts are something that either my husband and I will wear, so that’s like taking $30 off the value of the box right there, and the mask is something that will only be used once a year (if at all), so there goes another big chunk.

Long story short, this was probably an awesome box for some people, but for myself, it was actually a little disappointing. Here’s hoping for a better one next month!