Pop in a Box #10 Unboxing

Mixed feelings about the latest Pop in a Box because they sent me some really cool stuff, but also several damaged boxes and one DESTROYED box. Luckily I was able to come to an amicable agreement with customer service, so I’m in a much better mood now. 😛 Check out the sweet Ridez!

Pop in a Box #9!

Yay! It’s finally another Pop in a Box! No exclusives this time around, but lots of cool stuff and a lot of variety! If you’re interested in trying Pop in a Box for yourself, please use one of these links to get 20% off your first order! —>
https://popinabox.us/?a=TobinHood (For US Subscribers)
https://popinabox.co.uk/?a=TobinHood (For UK Subscribers)
https://popinabox.ca/?a=TobinHood (For CAN Subscribers)

“Pop in a Box” Unboxing and Review

I’ve been subscribing to Pop in a Box for a few months now, but I haven’t been doing “unboxing and review” posts (except for this comparison post), which is actually a bit unfair to the service since I do a post for every other subscription box I receive. So, okay, no sense in talking about it…let’s just start doing it! I’m not going to go back and do the previous boxes I’ve received, but I’ll start with the most recent one and go from there.

So, first of all, since this is the first of this kind of post that I’m doing for this service, what is Pop in a Box? Well, as the name suggests, it’s a service that sends you Funko Pop figures…in a box (presumably). The service originated in the UK, but has also been running out of the US for several months now, which makes it significantly more affordable for Canadians. You can choose the number of Pops you want to receive each month – from one to twelve – and there are methods to ensure that you don’t get anything you already have, or don’t want. First, you build your collection on their site so they know what you already have. Then you give a “thumbs down” to anything you do not want, which creates a “graveyard” list of Pops that they’ll never send you. Finally, you give a “thumbs up” to things you want, which creates a “wishlist” that they’ll attempt to pick from if those Pops are available at the time. Anything that you haven’t given a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” is considered fair game; you’re basically saying that you don’t mind if they send you those Pops. Keep up with this easy system and you should always be happy with whatever comes in your box.

So, on to the actual fun bits! Here’s the unboxing video from my most recent Pop in a Box:

So, I like to be able to give you a sense of the value of the box, so for the sake of these posts I’m going to set the “value” of each Pop based on the value that is currently listed on Pop Price Guide. Keep in mind, of course, that these values are based on what kinds of selling prices are currently occurring around the internet, and are therefore subject to change. They also don’t reflect retail value, which is normally between $12 and $25 depending on the type of Pop and where it was purchased. At the end of the list I’ll give you the total based on Pop Price Guide, as well as the approximate retail value.

Luke Skywalker (Hoth) – Star Wars line #34
I love Star Wars, and I love Star Wars Pops, which is quite convenient since Pop in a Box seems to love sending them to me. This one particularly amuses me because it adds to an awesome little “Hoth” collection that I’ve got going on. Although when he’s standing alone you might not immediately realize that this is Luke, I’m certain that he’ll look perfect  standing next to my flocked, 6″ Wampa. Definitely an awesome start to the box!
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $10

First Order Stormtrooper – Star Wars line #66
And another Star Wars Pop comes out on the heels of the first, this one from the newest movie, The Force Awakens. I’ve collected several Imperial and First Order soldiers at this point and there’s not too much that I can say since they’re so similar, but I’m quite happy to be able to add another one of the “bad guys” to the collection.
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $10

C-3P0 – Star Wars line #64
Aaaaand, one more Star Wars Pop just for good measure. This version of our favorite golden protocol droid is almost identical to the original versions, but he’s sporting his snazzy red arm from The Force Awakens. Unfortunately, this also happens to be a Pop that I picked up in stores recently, which is one of the hazards of continuing to purchase Pops while waiting for your Pop in a Box shipment to arrive. That’s my bad though, and not something I can really fault the service for. It would have been a good pick if I hadn’t bollocksed up.
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $9

Agent Coulson – Marvel line #53
This is definitely one of the plainer Pops in the Marvel line. To be honest, if you didn’t already know who he was you probably wouldn’t be able to guess, and that’s why I never picked him up…there’s just nothing special about him, other than the teeny badge on his coat. That said, I’m perfectly happy to have him because I do actually love Phil, and he’s part of the Marvel Universe, which is my jam.
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $6

Mulan – Disney line #166
I may not have gotten this across in the video, but I really like this Pop. I think her hair and outfit are very nicely done, and I love that she’s holding Shan Yu’s sword instead of just standing there looking pretty like most of the princesses. She makes an excellent addition to my growing Disney collection.
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $8

Princess Celestia – My Little Pony line #8
I’ll be totally honest: I was a little disappointed to pull this one out of the box, not because I don’t like it, but because it’s basically a lesser version of a Pop I already have – the Hot Topic exclusive with sparkly hair. I didn’t want to give this one a “thumbs down” on the website though, because it would be nice to actually complete the entire line, although it’s not really a big deal to me to have both. I’ll probably let my daughter add it to the mini-collection she’s been gathering. 🙂
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $10

Petyr Baelish – Game of Thrones line #29
This was an unexpected (but not unpleasant) Pop to pull out of the box. I haven’t been actively looking for Game of Thrones Pops – simply because there are so many other lines that I’m focusing on – but this is an awesome one to add to the group. I love the character on the show, and although his Pop is one of the more plain, human ones that I tend not to like, it’s also one that is extremely well done. All the little details of his hair and outfit are spot on, making him instantly recognizable to any Game of Thrones fan.
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $8

Lumpy Space Princess – Television (Adventure Time) line #30
Adventure Time is one of the oddest shows I’ve ever watched, but also tons of fun, and the Pops are excellently done. This particular one doesn’t have a huge amount of detail because the character is basically a purple blob with arms, but she’s also very unique-looking in the world of Pops. Personally, I think she’s adorable, and she’s definitely going to look great with the rest of the crew from the show.
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $9

Capt. Apollo – Television (Battlestar Galactica) line #228
This is the first Pop that I’ve gotten from this service that means absolutely nothing to me, but I am hoping that won’t be the case for too long. I purposely left the Battlestar Galactica Pops open-ended on the Pop in a Box website because I’ve never actually watched the show, but I believe that I will probably love it when I do eventually get around to it. In the meantime, this little guy will have to hang out by himself, being under-appreciated.
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $6

Mushu and Cricket – Disney line #167
I’m really glad that these two little guys came in the same box as Mulan, because all three are going to look so cute together on the shelf. Mushu is an adorable little mini-dragon whose design is very loyal to the movie, and I just love that he came with a teeny Cricket Pop. Funny add-on in case you didn’t watch the unboxing video: there was an actual dead but in the Pop box when I opened it up. Maybe he was trying to rescue his buddy from the plastic.
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $10

Cogsworth – Disney line #91
Okay, I have to admit that I was pretty excited to see this Pop because, although I haven’t been actively collecting them, I think the Beauty and the Beast Pops are super-cute. I loved the movie as a kid, and I think they did a really great job on Cogsworth’s mold and paint. Now if I could only find a Beast to stand him with!
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $7

Ariel – Disney line #27
And last, but certainly not least, we have the princess of the sea. I feel like I didn’t express nearly enough joy when I pulled out this Pop (I think I was having an off-day during filming) but believe me, I was super happy to see this little mermaid. Ariel was my princess when I was growing up, so if I was going to collect any Disney Pop, she is definitely the must-have. I had previously gotten the human Ariel and the hipster Ariel Pops, but this is one I hadn’t seen around and I absolutely love her. I especially love that her fin is covered in pretty green sparkles. Magical!  ^_^
Pop Price Guide Value as of March 3 2016: $10

Total approximate value on Pop Price Guide: $103 (US) / $140
Total approximate retail value: $156 (CAD)
Total cost to me: $154 (CAD)

So, that was the whole box, and although there were a few negative points, I thought it was pretty great. I’m always happy to get Star Wars Pops, and I’ve been enjoying getting the random Disney Pops that I don’t normally look out for. I was a little disappointed in the MLP Pop since I much prefer the version I already had, and I don’t really have any feelings either way about the Battlestar Galactica one yet, plus there’s the accidental C-3P0 double, but the awesomeness of the Petyr, Lumpy Space Princess, and Cogsworth make up for those three. I also absolutely love the Luke Skywalker, Mulan, and Mushu and Cricket. And, of course, there’s Ariel, my all-time favorite princess in the history of Disney princesses.

The value is a little bit subjective, depending on how you look at it. I provided the Pop Price Guide values mainly because it gives you an idea of whether the Pops are common or rare, but personally I prefer to think about it in the sense of how much I would have paid for them if I’d bought them in store. Either way, the numbers work out so that I’m basically paying almost exactly the same amount of money, without having to actually go out and search for these Pops, some of which are impossible to find in Nova Scotia. So in that sense, the cost is definitely worth it; otherwise I’d have to order some of these Pops online and pay individual shipping costs every time. Plus, if the Canadian dollar ever does go back up, I’ll actually be paying a good bit less than retail value for each Pop, which would be awesome (fingers crossed).

There are downsides to Pop in a Box that I should mention. For one, their shipping to Canada is painfully slow (although half of that might be the idiocy of customs in recent months). In addition to that, their shipping is very basic, so for people who are very concerned with pristine packaging, you have to realize that your Pops may not come in perfect condition. And finally, while it is possible to receive exclusives in your box, there is no guarantee that they will come with the sticker that proves the exclusive status.

That said, if you’re not terribly concerned about a dent or two or a missing sticker, and you’re patient enough to not get upset with the slow shipping, it’s an awesome service.

So yeah, basically, long-story-short, I love this service. 🙂 And if you’re interested, please use this link, which gives you 20% off your first order, whilst also giving me a percentage toward a free Pop. Win-win!

US vs UK: Funko Pop Insanity!

A quick post for today, because sometimes you’re just too busy, am I right? Of course I am. And besides, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share this video with my loyal readers because I’m sure at least a few of you are unrepentant nerds, so you should get a kick out of “Pop in a Box” and my comparison of the US and UK services! So please, check it out, and if “Pop in a Box” sounds interesting to you, please be sure to click on the link in the description of the video to get 20% off your order (for a limited time, so hurry!) whilst also helping me to earn free pops. 🙂 Cheers!

My First Ever “Pop in a Box” Unboxing and Review

Okay, so there’s this awesome service called “Pop in a Box”; I’ve known about it for a while because some of my fellow YouTubers subscribe to it, but when I discovered it the service was only based out of the UK, which meant that shipping and currency exchange made it just plain not worth it at all. But recently the service expanded, and they are now shipping out of the US as well. This is big news.

What “Pop in a Box” is, is a service in which you get Funko Pop vinyl figures in the mail every month. You can get between 1 and 12 Pops each month, depending on the subscription you choose, and that right off the bat is awesome. But it gets better. When you first sign up you build your collection to show “Pop in a Box” exactly what you already have so that they never send you anything you’ve already gotten. Then you go through their list again, and you can assign a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’ to any Pops you wish. Pops that receive a ‘thumbs up’ are added to your ‘Wishlist’, which the “Pop in a Box” people refer to when deciding which Pops will go in your box. Anything that receives a ‘thumbs down’ is added to a ‘Graveyard’; everything in there is basically blacklisted from your subscription and will never be sent to you in any of your boxes. Any Pops that haven’t gotten a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’ are basically up for grabs…you’re saying, “I don’t specifically want these, but I wouldn’t mind if you sent them to me”. If, on any given month, “Pop in a Box” isn’t able to find any Pops that suit your specifications, they simply won’t send you any and you won’t be charged for that month.

I thought it sounded like an awesome service the first time I saw it, but the shipping and conversion from the UK were just too outrageous to justify it, especially since you’re mostly going to be getting common Pops. But when my husband pointed out that they were shipping out of the US now I did some math and discovered that if we went with the 12-Pop-a-Month option we’d be paying basically the same price as buying them in store, but with the possibility of getting Pops that aren’t available around here, or even occasionally something rare or exclusive. I thought that sounded like an awesome deal (especially since, if the Canadian dollar goes up, we’ll actually paying less than retail on the Pops), and my hubby decided to get me the subscription as a Christmas present.

The first box took a while to get here – we’re assuming there are some growing pains with the US service, not to mention the holidays and border patrol – but I just recently got the first box and was super-excited to open it up. Want to have a look? Here it is!

I won’t go through each individual Pop in this post because there’s nothing specific to talk about, as all the Pops I received were common ones. However, I will say that I am quite satisfied with the service so far. I had a ton of fun opening up the first box and seeing which 12 Pops were curated for me, and I was more than happy with the results as well. Though each of the Pops were common (which you have to expect, because obviously they aren’t going to be sending exclusives out all over the place), every one of them was a Pop that I’d given a ‘thumbs up’ too, so that just goes to prove that the curators do actually look at that information when deciding what to send you. I also got Pops from some of my absolute favorite things – Star Wars, Disney, Supernatural, and Doctor Who – so that really makes it a fun and exciting experience.

If there was one thing I’d complain about at all (and honestly, it’s hardly a complaint) it’s that there was too much Star Wars in this box! I’m not really complaining because I love Star Wars, and of course I’m always looking to expand that collection, but it definitely would have been nice if my box had a bit more variety. I was certainly not expecting half of the first box to be nothing but Star Wars!

But that said, thus far I LOVE this service, and I definitely can’t wait for the next one. It’s the subscription that was designed for me, for sure, and I had to share it with you guys! In fact, if you’re interested in giving it a try yourself (remember, you can subscribe for only 1 Pop a month if you want!), I’ve got a link right here that will give you 5% off your first order:

So if you’re interested, definitely check it out, because for every four people who use that link to sign up I get an extra free Pop in my next box, and that’s just awesome. XD

What do you think of “Pop in a Box”? Would you consider signing up? What does your Pop collection look like so far? Please share!