March 2017 Geek Fuel Unboxing

This is our third and final Geek Fuel – at least for the time being – as it is the end of the three-month gift subscription that my cousin-in-law sent to us. Thanks again, Justin and Kate! 😀

It was a pretty cool one to go off on, including a really nice shirt (that I’m totally jealous is in Jason’s size) and a wicked-cool gaming item that has me completely and utterly mesmerized. XD

A to Z Challenge: (C)hrono Trigger

ChronoTriggerI’ve mentioned before that Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite video games of all time, and that still holds true to this day. I discovered the game through a friend and our local rental joint, and since the day I first rented it I’ve sunk countless hours into it over the years.

Chrono Trigger is a classic RPG-style video game published by Square (known as SquareSoft at the time) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was initially released for the SNES on March 11, 1995 in Japan, followed shortly after by a North American release of August 22 of the same year. A few years later the game was re-released for the Playstation One, and then in 2008 it was re-designed and re-released with brand new content for the Nintendo DS handheld console. These days you can also download the full game onto your iOS or Android devices.

The story of the game begins with a young name named Crono meeting a young woman named Marle at the local fair. Crono’s inventor friend, Lucca, is demonstrating her new amazing teleportation machine when something goes wrong and Marle is dragged into a portal that sends her back in time. Crono follows to rescue her, and thus the adventure begins. Through the series of events that follow, our heroes discover that the world is going to be destroyed by an evil creature named Lavos in the future, so they set off on a journey through time to stop that future from happening.

The first time I rented Chrono Trigger I had no idea what the game was about. At the risk of making myself sound foolish, I actually spent close to two hours just playing the little mini-games at the fair before I realized there was more game to the game. And then my world flipped upside-down, because the story that unfolded was one of the greatest that I’d ever encountered. I fell in love with all of the playable characters, and I was entranced by all the different eras that they traveled to, from 65,000,000 BC, all the way up to 2300 AD.

Who doesn't love a game where you get to fight talking dinosaurs?
Who doesn’t love a game where you get to fight talking dinosaurs?

But one of the aspects of the game that truly amazed me was that it was the first game I’d ever played that had multiple endings. Depending on when and where in the game you chose to challenge Lavos, there were a dozen unique endings that you could receive, and some of those would change slightly depending on different choices you could make during the game. There was also a thirteenth possible ending added to the Nintendo DS version.

Some of my favorite memories of Chrono Trigger? Well, back in the SNES days, somewhere along the line I got this idea to use Chrono Trigger as a way to ease my Christmas Eve torment. See, instead of staring at the clock all night and trying to will myself to sleep so present time would come faster, I’d start up a new game of Chrono Trigger and see how fast i could get through the game without skipping any of the events. The game would distract my mind and eventually I’d get sleepy enough to be able to doze off.

Even with hundreds of other games at my disposal, I still regularly get the urge to play this old favorite, and I’ve even played my hand at writing the game’s story in  novel form; that’s how much I love this RPG classic from the SNES era.

Any other Chrono Trigger fans out there? Which system did you first play it on? Do you have a favorite character? Era? Ending? Please share!

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A Regular Little Mini-Me

Children are funny little creatures. They’re little miniature copies of ourselves, and how we interact with them affects who they will become, how they will grow and act. And sometimes, despite the choices we make and the actions we take, they grow and learn in a way that takes us completely off guard.

My daughter is inadvertantly causing me to relive my childhood, and it genuinely cracks me up every time I think about it. It started with little things that my husband and I fostered without thinking about it. She loves books because we encourage her to explore them and we taught her the alphabet earlier than might be usual. She loves being outside because we made sure to allow her plenty of time to explore and enjoy the outdoors. She loves to talk and sing because we always made sure to speak to her in proper English and I would sing to her whenever I got the chance.

Then, as she moved on into toddlerdom, other interests began cropping up that continually amazed me because they mirror my childhood so closely, despite the fact that I have in no way attempted to push these things on her. One of the first thing that caught my eye was when I noticed how much she loves playing with the dinky cars at her playgroup. When she first took interest with these she had no toy cars of her own at home, and I never specifically attempted to get her to play with any of the toy cars at playgroup. It made me smile because I used to love playing with my cousin’s dinky cars when I was young, and it seemed funny that she would take a shine to them as well. A small thing, to be sure, but funny. Then, one day as my husband was flipping through some movies, she caught sight of the dvd cover for the original live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. “Wassat?” she asked. So my husband put the movie on for her, and lo and behold, she fell in love with it. She took to all of the movies, the original cartoon, and especially the new cartoon. These days she doesn’t go one day without watching at least one episode, and most nights she wants the show on her tv when she goes to bed. She even has the new action figures, which she recieved for Christmas, and they’re some of her favorite toys. This makes me chuckle on a regular basis because, not only is it odd that a 2-year-old girl would fall in love with a show marketed toward 10-year-old boys, but I also loved the Ninja Turtles when I was young. My cousin and I would watch it every day while we ate lunch at my grandmother’s house, and he and I would act out many a battle with his cache of action figures.

And then, before you start declaring my daughter a full-on tomboy, along came My Little Pony. I’ll confess to this one: I looked up the show myself. I loved My Little Pony when I was young and I had tons of the little toy ponies, so I was interested to see what the new show was all about (the appearance of the word “brony” all over the net may have prompted my curiosity as well). So it was that I found a few episodes of the new show and introduced it to my daughter. The discovery was not at the same level as the Turtles, but over the past few months her delight with them has become nearly as strong. She now has a small collection of miniature ponies, as well as a few of the hair-styling variety, and on a regular basis she will request ponies for her bedtime show instead of Turtles. 

These things, along with several others, have made me seriously wonder about the idea of genetic memory. It just baffles me to no end that, with very little proding from my husband or I, my daughter has somehow come to fall in love with so many of the things that I loved as a child. She loves sitting and playing with the loose strings on her pillow (I did the same thing with a particular towel), she has a strange love for robots (I loved Transformers), and (perhaps as a result of watching Ninja Turtles) her favorite food is pizza (I ate so many mini pizzas as a child that my parents should have purchased stock in McCain). I’m sure I could come up with at least a dozen more similarities that seem to have sprung up from nowhere as well. It makes me wonder what other striking similarities may pop up in the future. Will she enjoy writing? Drawing? Will her favorite subject in school be math? Will she prefer RPG-style video games? Nothing is certain except for this: despite any similarities or dissimilarties her childhood may have to mine, at two years old I already think she’s the coolest little kid in the world, and I know that she’s only going to become more and more amazing in my eyes. Whatever interests you adopt as you grow up, baby girl, mama thinks you’re just the awesomest kid ever.